Welcome to Bulliscoming Zepe.io Token review, there have been varied discussions about the Zepe.io token that’s been airdropped to people crypto wallets and they’ve been wondering if it’s not a phishing attack to access their wallet to wipe out their funds in the wallet.

I will be unveiling the honest review about the Zepe.io token in this article.

Firstly, I would like to provide you with insights into what Zepe.io claim to offer in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

Without further ado, let’s dives in.

What Is Zepe.io?

Zepe.io claim that it is a real revolution in the DeFi world – at least for investors.

Its claim that it’s the perfect program to estimate the risk of scam: it analyzes, of course, all possible mathematical factors (holder distribution, dev wallet transactions, liquidity lock, ownership, contract code), but also and above all informs investors about the quality of the dev team that handles the token, allowing for increased reliability regarding the risk of fraud.

Zepe.io Token

Zepe.io token is the token that crypto enthusiasts have been receiving in their wallets without knowing where it was emanated.

Crypto enthusiasts that have received this token have been inquiring, if they can swap this token to a real asset like BNB or BUSD on pancakeswap.

Unfortunately, some crypto enthusiasts have attempted in any way to swap this token to a liquid asset, thus, it has caused a pathetic situation for them as their wallets are been wiped out during the process.

According to our research, this phishing attack has caused various disgusting circumstances in the crypto space, that most crypto enthusiasts are now afraid to leave funds in their crypto wallet, especially the Zepe.io token victims.

Now, is this token a scam? or those that received this token in their wallets are getting things wrong in the process of swapping the token?.

We have made a thorough research on this token and the website, thus we discovered that this token is a scam, it’s a fraudulent way of accessing crypto enthusiast wallets and withdraw all the valuable coins/tokens in that wallet (we’ve made reference to the fact and claim below).

Now, what you should know is that your wallet can’t be wiped out if the token was sent to your wallet but only if you attempt to swap the token.

Below is how the process of wiping out victims’ wallets was done and why the Zepe.io token is a scam.

Zepe.io Token Is A Scam! Don’t Swap!

Now that we have known that the Zepe.io token is nothing but a scam, let’s take a look at where the scammer (that’s who’s behind this fraudulent), is coming from and what the contract is doing.

However, this is been operate on blockchain thus, we can not be able to trace the identity of who is behind this scam.

But thank blockchain technology, as we can track every record, transaction, process, and happening in the blockchain network explorer, let’s go ahead and do the deep dive of this token.

If you or any of your friends have received this token in your wallet and you’re stuck on what next to do, whether to leave it idle in the wallet or swap it.

If you have received this token, telling you that you received an airdrop worth $36,000, just know that it’s useless as you cannot sell them

So, let’s assume you’re probably trying to swap this Zepe.io token on Pancakeswap, when you’re trying to do that, the approval method is just not working for you, which mean nobody can approve their tokens and when you attempt to approve it on the Pancakeswap, then you get a message that you have to claim the tokens on Zapper.io.

Now when you navigate to Zepe.io, you will be asked to connect your wallet. If you connect, that’s where they have access to and steal all your funds.

According to our thorough research, we discover that it’s the same person who created the vera.io, so this year the vera.io has been rug pulled which is fine and nobody had that token and this is the latest scam that they are concentrating on so it’s done by the same people.

The website (Zepe.io) is a copy of another website, the website is almost a carbon copy

Zepe.io token is a scam because of the variety of information of victims’ wallets fund that’s being wiped out when the wallet owner attempt to swap this token to a liquid asset (i.e BNB, Busd) as in the case of innocent crypto enthusiast in the image below.

IMG 20210918 005020 456

It has also been informed on the official polygon blockchain explorer that it will lead to loss of funds if you attempt to withdraw or move the token through their website.

IMG 20210918 005036 051

Final Verdict

Zepe.io is a scam and you should be cautious of how you interact with any website link.

If you receive a token that’s similar to the Zepe.io token, kindly ignore it

If you receive the Zepe.io token in your wallet, you should not even make any attempt to swap this token. Don’t move or send this, just leave it there, then your wallet is safe from attack

Lest I forget, always keep your wallet safe by enabling “Passcode”, “Transaction Signing” and “2FA Authentication”

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