Youholder review: Is Youholder Safe or Not?

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Welcome to the bulliscoming Youholder review. In this article, you’re going to learn if Youholder is safe for a cryptocurrency transaction, crypto loans, exchange, or not. Without further ado let get started.

What is Youholder?

youholder review

Youholder is a residual cryptocurrency financial platform that offers its clients crypto loans, and other crypto monetary services.

This guide would detail Youholder’s essential services and others. Youholder platform provides offers monetary support for its reputable clients regardless.

Youholder operates digital centralized offers for cryptocurrency assets. The site enables its clients to maximize the profit potential of their cryptocurrencies portfolios, including crypto-backed cash loans and interest-generating crypto savings accounts.

Youholder is accessible around the globe and has competitive interest rates necessary to put their rivals at a disadvantage. We would be covering more details about the usability of the Youholder platform subsequently.

What you have up there is just a basic introduction to Youholder functionality. Continue following this post and find out more details about the platform.

Youholder Review – Is Youholder Safe

is youholder safe

Youholder has established a presence in Cyprus and Switzerland although its offerings are much incentivized to those in the European Union.

That isn’t a disadvantage because anyone around the globe can still tap into the benefits and services provided by the platform. Youholder is a member of the Blockchain Association of Financial Commission and Crypto Valley Association.

The Financial Commission gives users a second line of protection if they need to resolve a dispute. That simply means you have a resort to fall back to if things go sideways.

YouHodler is governed by the Chief executive officer of a former head of marketing at Eurokommerz and Forex Club. He is also the Western Chapter Chair of the Crypto Valley Association, a non-profit position that aims to push blockchain innovation in Western Europe.

This simply means this company isn’t out there for some shady deals but rather to make its presence known in the upcoming crypto sphere.

YouHodler also provides its users with some juicy incentives such as interest-earning savings accounts for cryptocurrency holdings, which can earn up to 12% APR.

Through compounding, you can maximize your profit potential in no time. Although this fully depends on your personality and money management tolerance. Alternatively, you can check other services provided by the platform.

Youholder’s clients can deposit into any of the platform’s supported cryptocurrencies to earn weekly interest payments in the form of Bitcoin, Pax Gold, or stable coins.

Interest accrued can be monitored in real-time using the “earned” counter in the YouHodler dashboard. Your earnings are automatically credited into your account without any iota of delay or fraudulent practices.

YouHodler is one out of the many platforms which provide fiat currency loans, secured with cryptocurrency as collateral. This is generally a great way to get quick access to fiat currency, without having to liquidate your crypto assets.

This option isn’t provided by a lot of platforms that offer the same service so it’s a plus for them. These loans are over collateralized, meaning you’ll have to lock up cryptocurrency that is higher in value than what you are borrowing. This is a standard practice in the industry.

For whatever reasons responsible, it’s meant to secure your portfolios.

YouHodler claims to have the highest loan-to-value (LTV) ratio in the sector, with a maximum of 90%. This information is provided on their website.

Loans can also be at the barest minimum with several cryptocurrencies being accepted as collateral. Users can choose a loan term of 30 days, 60 days, or 180 days depending on their preference.

How to Use Youholder Wallet

YouHodler provides all its customers with their own wallets. What makes YouHodler wallet unique is that it provides a full range of essential features, such as:

  • simple deposits and withdrawals;
  • easy conversion/exchange (crypto-crypto/crypto-fiat)any of cryptos, stablecoins, and fiat;
  • simple monitoring of the transaction history and status;
  • using the mix of hot and cold storage to provide top-notch security for customers funds;
  • all wallet holders are protected by the Blockchain Association.

Get wallet

Wallets will be created right after you sign-up and go to Wallet page of your account. There you will see three sections with fiat, crypto, and stablecoins wallets.



To deposit your crypto, fiat or stable coins use the Deposit/Receive button on the left side panel.


For more details please explore these articles about how to deposit Fiat or Crypto.


You can convert crypto or fiat with just one click using the Exchange button.



To simply withdraw (transfer), Crypto, or Stablecoins to another wallet use the Withdraw button on the panel. To withdraw fiat you canuse a bank wire.


Transaction History

You can view all the operations statuses and transaction history with your funds in the Transaction History section of your account.


Final Verdict

YouHodler creates its features in order to unlock the value of crypto assets:

Crypto-backed loans helps one get cash for regular needs and keep hodling at the same time. As spending crypto assets today prevents cryptocurrency holders from gaining from any future growth in asset value, investors who buy low need to hold onto their assets in order to benefit from selling high.

Integration of all payment solutions – stable coins, bank wires, credit cards – opens up connections to the real world and enables usage of crypto to “buy groceries, book flights, and pay bills”.

Trading solutions helps users to play with their assets and multiply it.

Web and mobile wallets are a safe and easy-to-use alternative to senseless crypto wallets.

Saving accounts are simply about earning a high interest on deposits.

With this review, we believe you’ve been able to understand what Youholder is about and the services they offer. Do keep in touch as we unveil various platforms and guide you to make the best choices.

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