Wowdoge claims that they are a team of crypto enthusiasts working on crypto investment to let them be more fun and affordable for investors. And that they are here especially for you, just try and you will enjoy the world of cryptocurrencies.

Since the rise of Dogecoin they came so many dogecoin mining platforms (like Richdoge and wow doge). Now, the question is, ARE THEY LEGIT?

You will find out if Wowdoge is legit or not when you read to the end, meanwhile to find out if Richdoge is legit read here Rich doge review.

How Does Wowdoge Dogecoin Mining Works

Step1. Registration

Wowdoge has prepared various Doge Workers for you. Sign up and start mining for Dogecoin, playing games, and go through different challenges to earn even more right now.

Step2. Choose worker

Five different dogs are waiting for you. Buy your first Doge Worker and start mining coins.

Wowdoge Review: Is Wowdoge Legit

Step3. Follow the quests!

Perform daily quests and regular tasks and get a reward Dogecoin or a Doge Workers. Don’t miss an chance to earn more.

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Step4. Play Dice game

You have the opportunity to try your luck, play dice and make a million, or lose everything! Playing is not for the weak, learn to take risks.

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Step5. Withdrawal of funds

Withdraw your earned money to your wallet with a minimum commission of 2 coins. It’s as quick and easy as going for bread.

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Step6. Referral program

Invite your friends by referral link and get coins for it. Earn your own money and help your friends. 7% for each purchase of friends and 0.5% for playing Dice and 1% for playing Roulette!

step6 1

WoWDoge.io team propose you competitive referral system in which you will earn 7% of worker cost that will be bought by your referral using your private link.

This funds will be available for reinvestment and withdrawal from your account.

You are not permitted to create fake (referral) accounts using your referral link. This will cause us to block both accounts – parent and fake with no deposit return.

Wowdoge Pricing


  • Cost 500 Dogecoin
  • 14.5 doge/day
  • 38 working days
  • 110% ROI


  • Cost 3k Dogecoin
  • 96 doge/day
  • 36 working days
  • 115% ROI


  • Cost 10k Dogecoin
  • 352 doge/day
  • 34 working days
  • 120% ROi


  • Cost 50k Doge
  • 2k doge/day
  • 32 work days
  • 125% ROi


  • 500k dogecoin
  • 21.6k doge/day
  • 30 work days
  • 130% ROI

Is Wowdoge Legit

No. Wowdoge is a scam and if you buy any package you are at a high risk of loosing your dogecoin. There’s no Dogecoin mining platform that’s officially recognized.

What they do is hire developers to develop a site (like wowdoge) and lure people into buying packages and then they run away with their funds.

They have no products, hence they have no source of income, so if they happen to pay some members they are doing so with the payment from another member, and that’s only to lure people into believing in their project.

The best way not to loose your dogecoin is to abstain from all this acclaim dogecoin mining platforms.

Final Verdict

The world of crypto is filled with great opportunities and in them lies great scams too, the best way to safeguard your coins is to trade them and not to invest them in any platform.

If you want to mine cryptocurrency then go and build a mining team, buy the required equipment and more.

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