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Hatoken: African Meme Token Claimed To Be World Biggest Meme Token

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HATOKEN successfully held its fair launch on December 14, 2021, introducing the world’s biggest meme coin that champions the cause of humanity. HATOKEN (Human Asset Token) aims to empower and celebrate humans as the universe’s greatest asset.

The token surpassed 20,000 holders just days after launch and entered the list in less than 24 hours of listing on Pancakeswap. This impressive market acceptance is attributable to the guiding values and philosophy at HATOKEN, which is centered on the development and betterment of the human race.

$HATOK seeks to set the bar for what a meme coin should be by focusing on human asset development through charities and other endeavors. The project also aims to promote peace, love, unity, oneness, and equitable distribution of wealth worldwide.

Another reason for the rapid growth of the $HATOK community is that the token isn’t entirely new. The new meme coin derives from the INKSNATION DAO initiative, Africa’s biggest blockchain community with 23+ million members.

The INKSNATION DAO team has decided to launch HATOKEN on Binance Smart Chain to have a publicly listed token and extend their initial initiative to help humanity.

Why Get On Board The HATOKEN Train?


The HATOKEN backers created a token that rewards holders who support their community-powered charities. Giving to charity is at the core of the project tokenomics, with 10.1% of the token supply channeled to various donation packages across all six continents.

The project also allows holders to become rich forever as they evolve with their superheroes, General Hatok and Pink Duchess, who protect humanity. To perpetually increase the value of each community member’s wallet, the HATOKEN protocol utilizes a burning system that will destroy 800 Trillion $HATOKs for 20 weeks.

The founding team is gearing up for its first burn day scheduled for January 1, 2022, which will take out 40 Trillion $HATOKs from circulation. Early Investors who buy now and bag more coins before each burning day can achieve long-term wealth by HODLing till the 20 weeks burn day. The meme token began as a logo and has evolved into a meme and will further evolve into NFT, Animation, Movie, and the MetaVerse.

Crypto enthusiasts looking to bag $HATOKs are advised not to buy them from p2p platforms for now. Instead, they should purchase the coins directly from Pancakeswap or Poocoin and HODL to enjoy x200- x2000 returns. We are also open to humanitarian partnerships all towards making humanity the biggest asset on earth.

A Look At The HATOKEN Guiding Values

HATOKEN is built to celebrate, empower and develop humanity, and these values are reflected in the planned developments on the roadmap. Besides the charity packages that will help uplift people, especially those in underdeveloped regions, the team also has some other ideas.

For one, they are working to set up a DAO2DAO Valley (Silicon Valley for Blockchain) to help solve humanity’s housing deficit challenge. The housing scheme will kick off in Wyoming, USA, and over time expand to provide affordable housing to other underdeveloped parts of the world. The project is part of INKSNATION DAO’s ambition to become the New Digitised United Nations headquartered in the upcoming DAO2DAO Valley.

The HATOKEN founders are also developing the world’s first DAO2DAO Chain and DAO2DAO Digital Governance Social Network which aims to digitize the world by representing the Globe-As-A-DAO, Continents-As-A-DAO, Nations-As-A-DAO, States-As-A-DAO, Cities-As-A-DAO, Private Entities-As-A-DAO and Everything-As-A-DAO.

The team is also looking to create a play-2-earn game that serves as a learning tool while allowing humanity to earn an income. The token developers also plan to launch a HATOK NFT marketplace that will provide a platform for digital artwork creators in third-world countries to showcase their talent to a global audience.

Finally, the project has locked 78 Trillion tokens to help alleviate the debt of most governments that are trapped in the global debt-based system.

Final Verdict

Buying and HODLing $HATOK offers investors a chance to be part of an initiative to develop, empower and celebrate the universe’s greatest asset and meme.

The token already has proven viability and will appreciate each Burn day, offering early holders long-term wealth. HATOKEN is headed to the moon and can become a x2000 gem by 2022.

Join the HATOKEN team as they celebrate the launch of their meme coin that puts humankind first.

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