WIN NFT HORSE Review – How to play Win NFT Horse

WIN NFT HORSE Review - How to play Win NFT Horse

Welcome to the bulliscoming WIN NFT Horse review. In the blockchain space, GameFi, and NFT continue to take the world by storm. There is no doubt that non-Fungible tokens (NFT) have come a long way since their inception.

NFT came into the spotlight with the launch of CryptoPunks, the world’s first “digital art marketplace”. At the time, NFT received little attention outside of the blockchain enthusiast community. Now, NFT is hot.

However, Why is this dramatic change happening?

One of the main reasons for the growth of NFT games (GameFi) is that the blockchain industry offers the ability to create value for players.

GameFi is a combination of decentralized finance (DeFi) and game theory, and it operates on a play-to-earn model rather than pay-to-win.

The real difference between these two game models is the distribution of economic rewards through gameplay and game progression.

Players can earn by investing their time to participate in this game. All data is stored in the blockchain, and for this reason, players have the added benefit that they personally own all game assets, not the game operator or developer.

So, even if the servers are shut down, they still own all the assets in the game.

Taken together, GameFi games don’t just entertain people, they even allow players to make money while playing the game.

What is WIN NFT Horse

WIN NFT HORSE Review - How to play Win NFT Horse

WIN NFT HORSE is a “DeFi + NFT” horse racing game created by TRON in collaboration with APENFT and Winklink. In many games, gamers are still unable to trade and cash in-game items, which leads to huge losses. We are working hard to solve this pain point.

Unlike many other NFT games, WIN NFT HORSE is designed to allow all players to gain financially from the game, without gaining anything themselves.

Anyone can enjoy the WIN NFT HORSE through fun gameplay, as well as earn token rewards for their contributions to the ecosystem. Players can breed, race, collect and buy and sell for their horses.

NFT is the new vehicle for the future of the game industry, and DeFi is the new economy in the future game system, providing trusted and intelligent tools for the game ecosystem.

WIN NFT HORSE combines itself with “NFT + DeFi” through blockchain technology. Ultimately, the WIN NFT HORSE ecosystem is created through the combination of playable games and “NFT + DeFi”.

This is a phenomenal GameFi product that has the potential to surpass Axie Infinity. If you missed Axie Infinity, please don’t miss WIN NFT HORSE.

How Does WIN NFT Horse Work


Challenge (PVE) is human-versus-machine gameplay, similar to pushing, breaking, and climbing towers in RPGs.

In PVE mode, players’ horses will gain experience based on the levels they successfully pass. The experience can be used to upgrade the horse to level up to four-dimensional attributes.

As the experience value increases, the player’s horse will be upgraded, thus enhancing the overall strength in PVE mode and subsequently making it easier to pass higher levels, as well as receiving more NFT tokens as rewards.

By rewarding winners with rich NFT tokens, effectively encourages all players to complete the PVE daily tasks and actively participate in the PVE game.

It should be reminded that only if a player wins the current level can the next level be opened.

Players should then select the appropriate horse to race based on the terrain and weather conditions of that level.

After the selection of horses, race strategies are selected according to the characteristics of horses and venues.


Match Play (1v1 PVP) is where players choose a single horse and strategy, and then play against each other, with a maximum of 15 horses playing against each other in a single match.

The final winner will receive NFT tokens as a reward; no tokens or points will be deducted from the loser.

The PVP random match mode encourages players to compete through generous NFT tokens as rewards, with the expectation of raising players’ expectations for in-game revenue.

The PVP mode is relatively straightforward compared to several other types of games, and PVP is the main way to demonstrate the playability of the entire WIN NFT HORSE, as well as to give players a sense of superiority and satisfaction.

Competition(3v3 PVP)

Unlike Match Play (1v1 PVP) which is a single horse battle, Competition Play (3v3 PVP) requires setting up your own lineup of horses. Players need to choose 3 horses from their own horses to play offline PVP with other players’ lineups.(Note: If players have less than 3 horses, they will not be able to play against others)

Competition Play determines points based on wins and losses, and the fighting mechanism is KOF mode.

Regarding the order of the horse appearance, players need to select the specific horse appearance order and save the setting, because the next time you enter the horse selection interface will keep the last selection.

If players do not set the order of appearance, the default order of appearance in the game will be the 3 horses with the highest combat power in the warehouse, ranked from the highest to the lowest.

In addition, if a horse with saved settings has been sold, the remaining horse with the strongest battle power will be used to fill the position.

WIN NFT HORSE will give out rich WIN token rewards for the top point ranking players in each season. This is an important channel for the horse racing system to generate value.


Invitational Play is divided into three levels according to the level of the registration fee. Different levels of the tournament will use different tournament scenes, and the more advanced the tournament scenes are, the more gorgeous they are.

 Registration fee of 1000NFT and below for ordinary ring.

 Registration fee of 1001~5000NFT for master duels.

 Registration fee of 5001NFT and above for grand duels.

The competition level is judged according to the registration fee, and different levels use different venues.

 Ordinary ring using the ordinary venue with 1000M course.

 Master duels use the intermediate venue of the 2200M course.

 Grand duels using the advanced venue of 3000M course.

The maximum number of participants in an Invitational Play is 15, and the minimum number is 2. All competitions will be held within one hour of the start of the registration period, during which all players can be invited or directly open the Invitational Play list to participate in the competition.

Registration will be completed within 1 hour after the initiation. Before the end of registration, the sponsor must choose to start or cancel the competition. If there is no choice, the ring will be canceled and the sponsor and all the participants will be refunded the entry fee by mail.

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