Wikibit (WKB) is a project that establishes an authentic and reliable credit database system with wide coverage by connecting various credit data in series based on big-data multidimensional risk assessment and blockchain technology.

Credit data was shared through a blockchain alliance to create an intelligent digital credit platform.

Meanwhile, the WKB project team promises to reverse repurchase coins globally to make WKB the preferred credit currency in the world.

What is WikiBit (WKB)

Wikibits is a blockchain-based, community-driven wiki where users can receive direct rewards for their contributions.

Wikibits is founded with the mission to help transform the way evidence is found and applied to enhance the quality of life for individuals and propel innovations forward.

They have set a goal that, by the year 2022, the majority of solutions for daily tasks will be supported by accurate, timely, and up-to-date information, and will be directly linked to products and services nearby and on the web.

Wikibits will marshal the resources to address the issues presented by the community and to materialize a solution-driven wiki for the blockchain

Wikibit Review

Wikibit Token (WKB) Price: Is Wikibit A Good Coin?

Wikibits have been created to help transform the way evidence is generated and used to improve individuals’ quality of life and propel innovations forward.

They seek the development of a solution-driven wiki that is designed to generate solutions based on community input and connect users to the best solutions; to drive the process of discovery as a natural outgrowth of information; and to ensure innovation, quality, safety, and value in novel discoveries.

Their vision is for a community-based information knowledge base that is solution orientated that draws on the best evidence to provide the most up-to-date relationships most appropriate to each circumstance, emphasizes innovations, causal relationships, and solutions, adds to learning throughout the propagation of information, and leads to improvements that will reduce information fatigue and propel innovations forward. 

By the year 2022, the majority of solutions for daily tasks will be supported by accurate, timely, and up-to-date information, and will reflect the best available evidence.

They feel that this presents a tangible focus for progress toward our vision, that the world ought to expect at least this level of performance, that it should be feasible with existing resources and emerging tools, and that measures can be developed to track and stimulate progress.

Features Wikibit

  • Bulky platform info: Covering regulators of more than 30 countries and regions around the world including FCA, ASIC, NFA, etc., and thousands of exchanges. No matter where you are, you can easily search with one click.
  • In-depth unearthing of exchange information: basic information such as regulators, transaction data, social media, affiliated companies, affiliated projects, and related applications at a glance.
  • WikiBit Forum: Infinitely connect various needs in the blockchain field, and strive to create a one-stop blockchain community platform including fraud platform exposure, license circulation, platform solution, technical cooperation, exhibition release, team recruitment, market information, etc.
  • Exposure: Here are many losses and traps that the blockchain flocks have experienced, as well as the risk exposure of exchanges/projects and inside stories, all of which are personal experiences of those who have witnessed them.
  • WikiBit Field Survey: an investigation of global exchanges, direct access to offices, on-site surveys, and live shooting, allowing users to see the most authentic content, making scam and clone exchanges visible, and creating a safer and more justified investment environment.
  • WikiBit Score: Driven by technology and authoritative data being the basis, multi-dimensional risk assessment.
  • Scam platform blacklist: They specially launched the list of scam exchanges, clones, and frauds in the blockchain field while withstanding the huge pressure of the industry, which is fair and unrelenting, and points to problematic platforms.
  • Official and authoritative: The blockchain platform data is synchronized with major regulatory institutions around the world, which is definitive and reliable.
  • Industry News: Provides content including news, exposure of fake exchanges/projects, official news of WikiBit, etc., and real-time trends of industry and exchanges.

Wikibit (WKB) Token Details

  • Ticker: WKB
  • Total Volume: 100,000,000 WKBs
  • Total Supply:  300 million WKBs

Wikibit (WKB) Token Airdrop

There are a total of 300 million WKBs. of which 100 million are for this campaign.

The organizer will end the WKB point-collecting campaign on Feb. 28th, 2021.

The WKB project team promises it will repurchase WKB globally with a price no lower than (100WKB=1USDT) if WKB doesn’t present its market application value till February 28th,2021.

Participating the activity: You’ll get 100WKB points.

Successful Sharing: The inviter will get 50WKB points in return.

If the number of invitees reaches 20, an extra 500WKB will be awarded.

One can invite 20 people at most.

One user can use only one ETH address for the campaign.; Collective transferring of WKB Token will be regarded as invalid.

Participation Method

  • To participate in the campaign by entering your ETH address.
  • Share your referral link and get more WKBs.
  • Download WikiBit APP, receive WKB to the wallet, and the project holder will make the repo directly from the wallet.
  • Machine Learning will be applied to cheating detection. WKB reserves the right to disqualify participants that are deemed to be cheaters.

Final Verdict

WikiBit supports different industries on the base of compatibility support of different types of global data exchange protocols and provides a series of data and privacy protection with cryptographic components.

At the same time, data exchange protocol and distributed ledger are combined to form a distributed data exchange.

Aiming at the digital characteristics of data, WikiBit provides data storage and life cycle management functions and has designed a life cycle traceability mechanism of related data.

First, digital identity is established to track the whole process of registration, request, authorization, transaction and so on.

Second, the copyright protection of data. Data transactions are recorded in the distributed ledger.

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