Where you live now, is largely irrelevant to your investments. Sure, some things make a difference. For example, if you live in the US as an ex-pat, there are tax implications.

But in general, there are loads of expat-focused accounts, which are designed to be flexible, that are portable, and move with you when you move to another location.

Often all you need to do is update your credit/debit card payment or just send it from a new bank account.

What matters is what you invest in, as well.

Why are big companies and well-known businessmen investing in Bitcoin?

The best way to invest, according to a lot of academic research is:

  • Investing 80% in long-term assets and 20% in something “sexier”.
  • Long-term beats market timing
  • Low-cost diversified index funds beat over-diversification
  • Markets beat property long-term
  • Never think “now isn’t the right time to invest”. There will always be elections, unexpected events, and various crises.
  • For expats there are other considerations such as port

Most DIY investors, whether ex-pats or non-expats fail for the same reasons.

They don’t understand risk – they either take none and lose to inflation in the bank or get seduced by getting rich quick scheme.

One of the key changes these days is the “death” of the lifetime ex-pat.

No longer are ex-pats having just one assignment. Often ex-pats are being moved around every 3–4 years.

The coronavirus has only exaggerated that process, with many ex-pats being unexpectedly moved on.

So an online solution that is portable and can be “taken with you” when you move is essential.


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  1. The reason why businesses are investing in Bitcoin is because of the numerous financial benefits it offers.

  2. They are alot of reasons dear but the number reason is that they believe in Bitcoin that it will do well

    Another is they are investing in it because of it popularity among other crypto currency.

  3. The big companies know that no amount of legislation will bring down crypto currency though there may be some setback hence their investment to position themselves for the next move which is going to bring massive profit for them that their conventional business can’t bring in.

  4. Bitcoin is practically becoming an acceptable payment mode which has come to stay, hence the acceptance by big companies.

  5. The potential of Bitcoin is yet to be quantified. The big companies are investing in it because of these potentials.


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