Since Bitcoin fell from its all-time high of $60k unto $28k – $40k region, the market seems to want to take off again. So the question now is “What Altcoin should we be watching Now?”.

What Altcoin Should We Be Watching Now? Before the Next Bull Market

  • Should we focus on BNB, that it all time high was $600+ and now within $300 -330
  • Should we focus on CAKE that it all time high was $40+ and now $13 – $14
  • Should we focus on WAVES that it all time high was $30+ and now $11 – $13
  • And the list goes on and on.

I would recommend that if you want to start investing in crypto, invest your time rather than your money. There are many ways to earn cryptocurrencies.

Below I have attached some article that points out some ways you can earn crypto without investing your money or buying mining equipment.

Once you know the crypto sphere, you can invest ICOs. You can find ICOs on Bitcoin Forum – Index (as every ICO is pretty much listed there and has a thread where you can ask questions), here and also can use ICO rating websites (although only use this as a way to find new ICOs, don’t take the ratings too seriously).

And also if you’re willing to invest in altcoins that is already trading in the market, check out our recommended best penny cryptocurrency to buy in anticipation for the next bullrun here

I hope this helps and good luck out there! There are tons of potential in crypto, it’s just getting your head around it.

Do use the comment section to air your opinion on what altcoin should we be watching Now.

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  1. This is informative to be honest, I’ll follow through with the links included in the article to broaden my knowledge.

  2. Audio and Auto have done tremendously well too but think it’s retracement time from which we shall know the next move.


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