UNIA Token Price, Airdrop; Everything You Need to Know

UNIA Token Price, Airdrop; Everything You Need to Know


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ERC-20 based tokens running in the Ethereum blockchain

UNIA Token is a fork of UNI. The core development team comes from the United States, China, and South Korea. Its purpose is to improve some of the shortcomings of UNI. UNIA aims to improve the design of the AMM mechanism in terms of price curve and contributor rewards.

UNIA, the full name UNIASWAP.COM, is the forerunner of the permanent liquidity of the DEFI governance token UNI and the offsetting of impermanent losses.

It is an inflation token based on liquidity and at the same time through permanent liquidity governance to offset impermanent losses, the next generation of intelligent aggregator. 

The Jurong Finance platform, which supports multiple DeFi protocols, is based on the UNI fork, which simplifies the user threshold, provides lower rates and promotes the DEFI ecosystem. 

UNIA Token pools the different tokens deposited by users into different pools, and then mobilizes the funds of a certain token pool to participate in different liquidity mining according to the strategy, so as to achieve higher returns. 

UNIA Token has a total circulation of 500,000, which is only one-300th of UNI. It is intended to create high-priced coins to attract popularity after it goes online!

Uniaswap (UNIA) Airdrop Participation

The total amount of UNIA is only 500,000, and the number of UNIA airdrops is 100,000. In order to thank the UNI technical team for their technical support, they donated 10,000 UNIA Token to UNI officials, and 290,000 UNIA was recognized online.

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UNIA will end the airdrop on April 10, 2021, and issue tokens. At the same time, it will be listed on the Uniswap decentralized exchange, Binance, Huobi, and other mainstream exchanges.

>>>>>> Join UNIA Airdrop

UNIA Token Crowdfunding Rules

• Total crowdfunding: 290,000 UNIA, crowdfunding time: 2021-03-10 to 2021-04-10 (UTC+8)

• Crowdfunding price 1 ETH = 1000 UNIA (each person is limited to 10 ETH, the extra part will be returned to ETH)

• The quota is sorted by time, and the tokens are issued, the earlier the participation, the greater the success rate. If the crowdfunding is completed, the original way will be automatically refunded if the purchase is not successful

Crowdfunding Method

  • Use your wallet to send ETH to the crowdfunding address (after participating in the airdrop, the crowdfunding address page will appear)
  • After the airdrop is over, the UNIA will be automatically sent to your source address according to the source address of your ETH
  • Can transfer multiple ETHs, automatically aggregate
  • This airdrop enables machine learning to identify cheating. Those who are identified as cheating will cancel the airdrop, and those who participate in the recognition will return ETH to the original way

How to obtain UNIA?

  • UNIA contract address: 0xf3fd2ff0b30151529e26bc5ce86714f97aad6a58
  • Crowdfunding address: 0x9e41Fbd48E4447fDB30B5E67c59aA0fB43565f61

The total amount of UNIA is only 500,000, and the number of UNIA airdrops is 100,000. In order to thank the UNI technical team for our technical support, we donated 10,000 UNIA to the UNI official, 290,000 UNIA online recognition, and later liquid mining 100,000. , There are only 400,000 pieces in circulation now.

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