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Twortex Review: Why We think Twortex Is a Pure Scam..

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Hi, and welcome to bulliscoming Twortex Scam Alert.

What is Twortex

Twortex review

Twortex claims to be the next generation cryptocurrency wallet for staking, exchanging, earning and to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and thousands of other assets.

The Twortex team has chosen a new format as an incentive for TWX holders and claims they will distribute 70% of the clear profit from the Twortex Platform and the D-Fex decentralized exchange.

Each holder receives BNB to the address where he holds TWX tokens in proportion to the amount of ownership of the total number of tokens. BNB will be distributed for holding TWX every Sunday.

Twortex Tokensale

The TWX team has chosen a new format as an incentive for TWX holders and payout every sunday 5$ in BNB each 100 TWX Token on your balance


If you have 100 TWX tokens in your account, you will receive every Sunday 5$ in BNB to the address form where you purchased the tokens

If you have 1000 TWX tokens on your account, you will receive every Sunday 50$ in BNB to the address from where you purchased the tokens

If you have 2,000 TWX tokens on your account, you will be invited as an advisor to promote the TWX project

The TWX token will be listed on exchanges after receiving a license for purchase and sale of digital assets throught the Platform and the launch of the TWEX exchange. Estimated listing time August 2021

Twortex Tokenomics

  • Total supply – 1,000,000 TWX
  • Public sale – 950,000 TWX
  • Marketing – 50,000 TWX
  • Fixed price for 1 TWX – 0.0005 BNB
  • The minimum purchase amount is 100 TWX tokens
  • Public Sale June 20 – July 30, 2021

4 Reasons We Think Twortex is a Scam?

Here’s our analyst that have made us to believe that Twortex is a scam.

P.S This is our finding/research and not a general advice endeavor to do your own research.

1. Twortex is Not Decentralized

When we check on the Twortex platform we discovered that with just a click, anyone can create an account without even verifying

This is another red flag which means your tokens aren’t secured with Twortex.

They can control your assest, and clear your wallet anytime, which can never happen in Trustwallet or Safepal.

On the other hand they said.

We are creating a new generation exchange. Decentralization, fast order execution, instant withdrawal processing and various promotions this is D-Fex Exchange

That is a great deal, but we can’t tell if they aren’t just sweet mouthing the public to buy their token, and later they will run away with investors money.

2. Twortex Team is Anonymous

Another red flag is the team or company behind Twortex is anonymous.

That means they can decide to run away anytime, any day.

The risk margin for a crypto project to rug pull is 90% when the team behind the project is anonymous.

3. Twortex Platform interface

The interface of Twortex is of low budget, we could tell that because this is our field.

4. Tokenomic Gone Wrong

Twortex Team said they are going to share revenue from their income, and if you hold 2000 Twortex you will get $50 every Sunday .

From Calculation and Analysis, there’s no possibility to that, whereas they are selling their token for 0.0005 BNB

From raw fact, their aim is to sell off their minted 1million supply and run off.

Even a standard crypto project cannot offer such high incentive..

Final Verdict

This post isn’t aim at rubbishing Twortex but an honest opinion from the publishing team.

We have seen way far organized project rug pull, dump their Token and rub their investors Frequently, and they all came with similar characteristics like Twortex.

The major goal is to lure investors with mouth watering tokenomics, their target are basically the newbies investor.

Endeavor to do your due diligence

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