Truzact Crypto App Review. Your Personal Crypto Bank

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Truzact app is a secure crypto wallet that allows you to store, HODL and transact your favorite crypto assets. Just like other regular crypto wallets, you can deposit to hold or carry out your transactions using Truzact. Launched on 1st March, 2022, the Truzact is available for download HERE  for both Android and IOS devices from their respective app stores.

The app supports deposit and withdrawal of popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin (BNB), USDT, with more BEP20, ERC20 tokens listing soon as well as support for holding NFTs. Truzact app represents a bold and innovative step to integrate DeFi features with regular commercial bank services such as savings, loans and more.

In this review, we will cover specific aspects of the Truzact app and highlight how these features make it stand out among similar apps. These include;

  1. User Interface
  2. Features

User Interface 

Kudos to the Design and Development team of Truzact, the app’s user interface is a beauty to behold. Buttons are conveniently sized and properly labeled for easy identification. The simple and minimalistic interface makes the user experience both smooth and responsive. I

t has a nice navigation menu at the bottom to make switching between pages seamless, especially for phones with tall displays. The interface also comes in light and dark mode for users to choose which is most comfortable for them.

The interface also receives regular updates based on user feedback to improve the overall experience. With most Defi apps having very clunky interfaces, Truzact brings a breath of fresh air to the space. 


The Truzact is packed with a lot of amazing features aimed at bridging the gap between DeFi services and regular bank services for a truly all-in-one financial experience. Some of these features include:

Auto Save: This feature allows you to set a specific amount of money or asset that you want to automatically move to a savings wallet. This to encourage a saving culture among crypto holders and traders so that there’s always some spare cash around. With this feature, you select the amount you want to save and the frequency with which the amount is deducted from the main balance. The frequency can be set to either daily, weekly or monthly, as well as the time of the day when the amount will be taken from the main balance. You can read more about this feature HERE.

Investment (Hedge Fund): This feature allows you to make passive income on your crypto assets by investing a given amount into Truzact’s secure hedge fund.  It basically works like a fixed deposit in commercial banks. The funds can be accessed after a specified maturity period along with interests earned. Truzact has three (3) hedge fund packages:

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  • Satoshi Fund: Let’s you invest between $100 – $4,999 for a 10% profit per year.
  • HODL Fund:  Let’s you invest between $5,000 – $49,999 for a 15% profit per year.
  • HeavyBag Fund: Let’s you invest between $50K – $10M for a 20% profit per year

Next of Kin: This one of the most innovative features from Truzact and a Truzact first. This feature answers the question “What happens to all my hard earned money when I’m no more?”. There has been news around the crypto space about millions of dollars worth in crypto assets which have been lost because the original owner is deceased and thus no one can claim the funds. Truzact aims to solve this problem with this feature. It allows you to set a number of people (like relatives) as beneficiaries to your asset so that they can claim your assets in emergencies and cases of death. Truzact also has a powerful algorithm to detect account activity over time and decide whether to release your assets to the beneficiary. In case of death, the beneficiary can claim the assets by using the claim feature on the Truzact app. 

Donations: This amazing feature allows you to create your own crypto donation project. It is like the crypto version of GoFundMe. Do you have a campaign or cause which you want to raise money for? The Truzact donation feature allows you to raise funds from crypto to drive your project. The app allows you to create projects, monitor donations and track progress easily. 

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Referral: With Truzact referral, you can earn $10 commision for each person you refer who makes a deposit of at least $50. This is another great way to earn passive income on the Truzact app. When you create a Truzact account, you get a customized referral link which you can share on various social media channels to get friends, family and other people to join and make some income for yourself. You can also monitor pending and active referral and also track your referral balance. 


If you want an app to help in your journey to build a healthy financial lifestyle in the crypto space, then getting the Truzact could be the first step. With its fluid user interface and plethora of features, Truzact could be your companion to building wealth on the crypto space that will last for generations. 

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