Top Flower NFT – Everything You Need To Know

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Welcome to bulliscoming media, Top flower NFT is the core digital collectible of Top flower play to earn game platform. Top flower play to earn game is an awaiting profitable play to earn game platform in the blockchain game industry.

In this article, you will get more insight into what Top flower NFT is all about and also a major overview of Top flower play to earn platform.

You will get to learn different ways to earn money on the gaming platform while doing what you love doing for fun.

What Is Top Flower Play To Earn Platform?

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Top flower play to earn gaming platform mission is focused to bring everyone an NFT farming game that is perfect, plentiful, diverse, feature-rich, and has the most game modes (2D, 3D, AR metaverse); interactivity and community are always appreciated.

According to their website, they will help you connect with other farmers to build a community, a society with a stable and long-lasting economy. From there, farmers can search, invest, and accumulate a lot of tokens, following the motto “play to earn, earn forever”.

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Top Flower Game Play

Below is the Top flower play to earn platform gameplay.


topflower farm gif

Farming is the first experience in your journey to discover and conquer TopFlower. Think of “Farm” as your home and garden, where you have a beautiful garden with lots of flowers, take care, enjoy, play with the flowers, actively interact with them to bring you a lot of Flower (F), from which you can accumulate many tokens.

Also do not forget to buy beautiful flowers for your garden, do not hesitate to spend the initial cost to decorate your garden, the richness, and beauty of your garden will bring you many periodic great prizes. Your initial rate of return is also clearly defined by the Top flower platform as follows:

  • Promotion Phase (period 1-6 months after the game is released), the payback period is 10-15 days.
  • Normal Phase (after Promotion Phase), the payback period is 30-60 days.
  • Lucky Mode, the payback time is 7-10 days. Depending on how you play the game, how you look after your farm, your interaction with other farmers, with the community, at any time, you can get “Lucky Mode”.


The top flower team always reminds you to take good care of your garden because at some point, your garden will be enough to attract uninvited “guests” (wait and see who these guests are?). You have to prepare many things, make an effort to prevent and even fight those “guests” in PVE mode.

Sometimes, you need to coordinate with other farmers to help them protect their garden and yours. In a way, you may have to compete and fight with your friends in competitions and tournaments in PVP mode.

Whether in PVE or PVP mode, remember to accumulate, prepare a lot of items (you will receive during the game, or buy them with F, with tokens) always to be the winner and bring back the valuable rewards.

3D AR Metaverse


The diverse experience in the way of playing this game is also the criterion that the Top flower team aim for, with a staff of more than 10 years of experience in 3D game making, they are confident to bring you a completely different experience, 

Experience 3D AR Metaverse. With 3D AR Metaverse, you are able to combine your virtual garden with the real habitat where you live. With this combination, you will have more differences and support in taking care of your garden. In Particular, you can collect more rare things in the 3D AR Metaverse world.

Top Flower Token (TPF)


Top flower token (TPF) Is a cryptocurrency that’s minted/created on BNB Smartchain with a total supply of 500,000,000 TPF. It’s used as an incentive for gamers in Top flower play to earn platform.

Top Flower Tokenomics

The TPF token allocation from the total supply goes thus:

  • Private Sale/ AirDrop – 12%
  • Public Sale – 2%
  • Core Team – 20%
  • Liquidity – 5%
  • Marketing – 13%
  • Play to Earn Reward – 23%
  • Stacking Reward – 22%

Top Flower Play To Earn Roadmap

To have a better understanding of any project around NFT and play to earn game, a roadmap is the major follow up with the project and also a means that the team uses to communicate with their community. Below is the roadmap of the Top Flower Play-to-earn game.

Version 1.0 (01/2022)

  • Offering 
  • Marketplace
  • Farming: “play to earn”
  • Mini-game (Lucky Box) 
  • Buff item 
  • Login bonus 
  • Gift box Version 

Version 2.0 (03/2022)

  • Combine flower 
  • Bee, Hummingbird,… 
  • Add more buff items
  • Play on mobile devices, PC app Version
  • Staking

Version 3.0 (05/2022)

  • Visit others’ farms
  • Stealing 
  • Season 
  • AR 
  • Ranking (Top) and small rewards (small tokens) Version

Version 4.0 (08/2022)

  • New items support farming 
  • PVE mode Version 
  • Version 5.0 (10/2022)
  • AR Metaverse 
  • AR hunting pet 
  • Web farming update 
  • PVE mode update Version 

Version 6.0 (12/2022)

  • Pets help the farm 
  • Multi ranking and big reward (big token) 
  • Web farming update 
  • PVP mode version


TopFlower NFT play to earn platform is a universal game that can be played on all platforms, preferably mobile devices – A game for everyone. The game is expected to at least bring joy to most fans of the farm simulation genre.

It’s worth saying that the team try our best to build a healthy entertainment community together, grow together, and earn players’ income.

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