Tifi Token – Is Tifi Token A Good Investment?


Welcome to Bulliscoming Crypto and Finance media, After the Tifi token did its fair lunch on one of the top launchpad(pinksales) on March 31st, 2022, the price of the token moved and did 200x in just two months after launch.

Due to the pump in price, a lot of people fomo and bought tifi token, while some made a lot of money from the token, some made losses due to buying high and selling low with the fear of missing out.

Tifi token reflection reward raise to 400%+ for last 48 hours due to huge pump of transaction volume, the more the transaction the more the burn

However, a lot of investors are eager to know what Tifi token is and if Tifi token is a good investment. Thus, this article details such information.

What Is Tifi Token?

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TiFi token is a creative decentralized crypto token that forms the answer for allverse finance – the money environment for the space that joins metaverse and universe. It acquainted another arrangement with the digital currency world that animates individuals to involve TiFi tokens for exchange, trade, and venture across the metaverse and universe.

TiFi Token (Symbol: TIFI) is created by TiFi, which is a Silicon Valley-based company. It is the first step of TiFi towards the Allverse journey. The token is running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and provides several attractive features that encourage people to invest and trade with the token itself, and also make TiFi Token a great wealth generator.

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Token-back reward is the most innovative feature of TiFi token. It stimulates token holders to use TiFi tokens to purchase merchandise by providing “token reward” back to consumers, which functions similar to cash reward credit cards.

Besides token-back rewards, all TiFi token holders can earn reflection as holding interests. Reflection is a way to reward cryptocurrency holders without staking. The token rewards are reflected in real-time as the balance of the holder’s wallet for every transaction that happens. The amount of the reflection reward is calculated based on the transaction volume and amount of tokens the holder owns.

TiFi token is an anti-inflation cryptocurrency. The decentralized smart contract of the TiFi token burns tokens automatically by subtracting a tiny portion from the total supply whenever a transaction happens. Meanwhile, the reflection reward and future staking interests are taken from a small portion of the transaction fee, so the total supply of TiFi tokens will never grow while every token holder earns.


Is Tifi Token A Good Investment?


A lot of investor/holders begged to know if the Tifi token is a good investment, thus before concluding if it is a good investment or not, let’s have a clue of what the team has to offer in TiFi Allverse.

TiFi Bank

Tifi bank is a Decentralized Exchange platform that enables customers to exchange cryptocurrency smoothly and earn more rewards!

NFT Voucher

They want to make every digital asset in allverse have its value. And users can use TiFi NFTs to claim real-world products.

TiFi Token

Tifi token is a decentralized token that encourages trading and HODLing by earning rewards.

TiFi Apps

Tifi apps provide the best user experiences to explore TiFi Ecosystem, and bridge the metaverse and the universe, by providing real-world product shopping and an NFT exchange platform.

Therefore, the total supply of Tifi tokens is 999,360,396,138,036 and the Max Supply is 1,000,000,000,000,000 with a market cap of $36,873,537

The project looks promising and it is more like a hype due to how the telegram community is been organized by the Admins & Community moderators.

However, before investing in any cryptocurrency, make sure you fully understand the volatility of the crypto market and invest with money you can afford to lose.

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The bulliscoming team is not a partner or an ambassador of the Tifi Community. Thus, this article is only to pass information and not to be used as investment advice.

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