The Futbol Coin (TFC) has a unique monetization strategy centered around in-app premium targeted advertising. Businesses can target TFA users in all geographies worldwide at specific times.

This is useful for bars and restaurants with TV who can target fans in a certain locations for a big match on a Thursday.

The Futbol coin has Instagram-style ads embedded gently in the flow of social posts, allowing delivery of video and display ads that get the full attention of the TFA user.

The only payment thefutbolcoin accepts from advertisers for running ads to targeted audiences within the app is TFC. The advertisers must get TFC from TFA users by offering them goods and services for TFC tokens.

What is the Futbol Coin (TFC)

The Futbol Coin (TFC) is a Digital Asset like Bitcoin used as the only way to pay for ads within The Futbol App (TFA). TFA users can earn the token within the app and spend at merchants who want to access our userbase.

This is their way to share ad revenue with their users.

While there are millions of avid football fans who follow live scores for dozens of matches per day, there are billions of fans who are supporters of major Clubs and players who are interested in the social side of being part of a Club.

These social-oriented fans do not download live score apps, they follow Clubs and players on social media (Instagram, Twitter and

Football passion is driving a large part of the attention to worldwide social media, yet there is no world-class social app experience centered around football and being part of a fan community.

The Futbol Coin Review

Football is the most popular sport in the world with over 4 billion fans and 265 million players. Digital attention to football is spread across news and video sites, live score apps, apps from professional Clubs, and social networks.

On social media, multiple football players are among the top ten most-followed people on the planet with hundreds of millions of followers.

Google, Twitter, and Facebook earn massive revenue from the attention that is given to football, yet their offerings are not even primarily built around the sport.

No social/discussion app dedicated entirely to football has yet captured even a fraction of the time on-site spent on social networks, and there is no app that the 265 million players around use to deliver live scores, video highlights, and news for their recreational Clubs to their friends and family.

By putting do-it-yourself live scores and video highlights for recreational Clubs together with social networking and discussions for the 6000+ professional Clubs and hundreds of thousands of pro players into a single easy to use app, TheFutbolApp (TFA) has the potential to be the primary place where the billions of fans and hundreds of millions of players turn for interaction with the
the sport they love.

TheFutbolCoin (TFC) becomes the token that monetizes that attention to football and enables a digital economy around the sport to benefit all participants.

The futbol coin is a highly desirable ad space that must be purchased with TFC, and so their advertisers must get this TFC from their users by offering them goods and services via the app in exchange for the token.

The users can mine the token from their daily use of the app, and use it to upgrade the app or pay for goods and services in establishments accepting TFC via our in-app TFC wallet.

Products of The Futbol Coin

The Futbol Coin (TFC) wallet

Every user of TheFutbolApp is automatically given a secure TFC wallet, and each validated user gets 1 TFC for activating their wallet.

The Futbol App (TFA)

Advertisers must use TheFutbolCoin (TFC) to run ads in TheFutbolApp (TFA) and they can get this TFC by making goods and services available for purchase within the TFC wallet which is linked to or embedded within the TFA app.


Because they are using TFC as a tokenized buying method for a purchase, we needed the speed, stability, and low cost of the transfer. An additional benefit of Stellar is the automatic listing of TFC on StellarTerm Decentralized Exchange.

The Futbol Coin Details

  • Token Name: The Futbol Coin
  • Symbol: TFC
  • Base Platform: Stellar
  • Project Type: Utility Token
TFC advatanges over BTCTFCBTC
Value from use as exclusive way to buy tickets
for certain football clubs
Value from use as exclusive way to buy ads
within TFA
Is usable and understandable to hundreds of
millions of people
Meant to share digital wealth of Football with
Clubs & fans?
Limited SupplyYesYes
Secure, Stable and Proven BlockchainYesYes
Can be used as a secure store of wealth?YesYes
How many potential holders1 billion (approaching
1m now)
70 million (7 million

Note: that TFC is already available on exchanges, you can find TFC on Interstellar, Bittrex, Latoken

The Futbol Token Price

The Futbol Coin price Feb 17th is currently $ 0.443201 with a 24-hour trading volume of $ 1,712.11 across 1 exchange. The Football coin TFC price is up 7.11% in the last 24 hours. 

The TheFutbolCoin price prediction sentiment is currently n/a. TheFutbolCoin reached its highest price on February 9, 2021, when it was trading at its all-time high of $ 0.455663.

The Futbol Token Price in Naira

The futbol token tfc price in naira is 168.97 Nigerian Naira as at Feb 17th.

Using TFC within the app ecosystem

  • Advertisers must use TFC to run ads in TFA.
  • Advertisers get TFC by making goods and services available for purchase within the TFC wallet which is linked to or embedded in the TFA app.
  • TFC can also be used to purchase goods and services from participating vendors within TFC wallet (similar to WeChat pay) or for items in TheFutbolApp store such as tickets, merchandise, and other goods supplied by organizations who want to reach our community with offers or get TFC when selling their products.
  • TFC can also be donated to youth wishing to participate in football via our crowdfunding system or used by recreational youth players/coaches/parents to list their club and roster within the app and enable live scores and video highlights for their club.

How to get TFC

The Futbol Coin (TFC) Price Prediction: Is the Futbol Coin a Good Buy?
  • TheFutbolApp – Within the app, there are 500 million tokens to be earned by taking actions that are valuable to The Futbol App community such as posting relevant content, participating in discussions, and inviting friends
  • StellarTerm Exchange and LATOKEN Exchange- On these exchanges you can trade the TFC instantly
  • Soon on Bittrex Global Exchange
  • By placing goods or services for sale – vendors and partners can sell their products in our store or wallet

TFC available on Crypto Exchanges

TheFutbolCoin is already listed on crypto exchanges where it can be purchased and traded.

TFC is currently listed on:

  • Latoken
  • Interstellar
  • And soon on Bittrex Global!

Final Verdict

The Futbol Coin platform is creating a multifunctional solution in the blockchain world. Their ideas and work done is inspiring.

The project has a great future as they have created a solution to problems faced in the footballing sector.

TheFutbolCoin is definitely going to be a dominant currency in the world of soccer.

This is a project with huge potentials and is really comment the team for a job well done.

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