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Terra Luna Price Prediction: Is $LUNA a Good Investment?

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Welcome to bulliscoming Terra Luna price prediction.

What Is Terra (LUNA)?

Terra is a blockchain protocol that uses fiat-pegged stablecoins to power price-stable global payments systems.

According to its white paper, Terra combines the price stability and wide adoption of fiat currencies with the censorship-resistance of Bitcoin (BTC) and offers fast and affordable settlements.

Development on Terra began in January 2018, and its mainnet officially launched in April 2019. As of September 2020, it offers stablecoins pegged to the U.S. dollar, South Korean won, Mongolian tugrik, and the International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Rights basket of currencies — and it intends to roll out additional options.

Terra’s native token, LUNA, is used to stabilize the price of the protocol’s stablecoins. LUNA holders are also able to submit and vote on governance proposals.

Who Are the Founders of Terra Luna?

Terra was founded in January 2018 by Daniel Shin and Do Kwon. The two conceived of the project as a way to drive the rapid adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency through a focus on price stability and usability.

Kwon took on the position of CEO of Terraform Labs, the company behind Terra.

Prior to developing Terra, Shin co-founded and headed Ticket Monster, otherwise known as TMON — a major South Korean e-commerce platform.

He later co-founded Fast Track Asia, a startup incubator working with entrepreneurs to build fully functional companies.

Kwon previously founded and served as CEO of Anyfi, a startup providing decentralized wireless mesh networking solutions. He has also worked as a software engineer for Microsoft and Apple.

Terra Price Prediction 2021

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Feb 2021$39.47 USD61 %
Mar 2021$32.79 USD33.78 %
Apr 2021$31.88 USD30.06 %
May 2021$32.06 USD30.81 %
Jun 2021$36.74 USD49.89 %
Jul 2021$40.63 USD65.74 %
Aug 2021$38.25 USD56.03 %
Sep 2021$40.01 USD63.21 %
Oct 2021$37.25 USD51.97 %
Nov 2021$36.66 USD49.55 %
Dec 2021$32 USD30.56 %

Terra Price Prediction 2022

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2022$41.07 USD67.54 %
Feb 2022$45.03 USD83.7 %
Mar 2022$38.42 USD56.73 %
Apr 2022$46.99 USD91.71 %
May 2022$42.54 USD73.54 %
Jun 2022$47.8 USD95.01 %
Jul 2022$45.37 USD85.08 %
Aug 2022$48.01 USD95.88 %
Sep 2022$48.11 USD96.27 %
Oct 2022$39.36 USD60.58 %
Nov 2022$41.74 USD70.29 %
Dec 2022$40.68 USD65.95 %

Terra Price Prediction 2023

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2023$52.06 USD112.37 %
Feb 2023$60.55 USD147.03 %
Mar 2023$56.99 USD132.48 %
Apr 2023$61.02 USD148.94 %
May 2023$47.12 USD92.22 %
Jun 2023$60.25 USD145.81 %
Jul 2023$51.7 USD110.9 %
Aug 2023$42.19 USD72.13 %
Sep 2023$48.64 USD98.42 %
Oct 2023$50 USD103.99 %
Nov 2023$47.67 USD94.49 %
Dec 2023$60.03 USD144.91 %

Terra Price Prediction 2024

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2024$67.99 USD177.37 %
Feb 2024$58.63 USD139.19 %
Mar 2024$70.24 USD186.57 %
Apr 2024$57.12 USD133.01 %
May 2024$60.46 USD146.66 %
Jun 2024$62.13 USD153.47 %
Jul 2024$62.94 USD156.77 %
Aug 2024$54.4 USD121.91 %
Sep 2024$49.08 USD100.24 %
Oct 2024$56.28 USD129.61 %
Nov 2024$67.68 USD176.12 %
Dec 2024$69.27 USD182.58 %

Terra Luna Price Prediction 2025

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2025$80.1 USD226.77 %
Feb 2025$71.23 USD190.57 %
Mar 2025$77.24 USD215.09 %
Apr 2025$81.35 USD231.89 %
May 2025$75.14 USD206.53 %
Jun 2025$80.4 USD227.98 %
Jul 2025$81.74 USD233.47 %
Aug 2025$62.55 USD155.17 %
Sep 2025$84.95 USD246.56 %
Oct 2025$79.36 USD223.74 %
Nov 2025$73.23 USD198.74 %
Dec 2025$70.02 USD185.67 %

Terra Luna Price Prediction 2026

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2026$83.17 USD239.29 %
Feb 2026$94.7 USD286.32 %
Mar 2026$77.85 USD217.58 %
Apr 2026$87.65 USD257.57 %
May 2026$87.46 USD256.81 %
Jun 2026$97.8 USD299 %
Jul 2026$97.17 USD296.4 %
Aug 2026$97.31 USD296.98 %
Sep 2026$80.27 USD227.45 %
Oct 2026$76.51 USD212.13 %
Nov 2026$86.22 USD251.74 %
Dec 2026$75.08 USD206.31 %

Terra Luna Price Prediction 2027

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2027$85.86 USD250.27 %
Feb 2027$85.98 USD250.75 %
Mar 2027$89.03 USD263.21 %
Apr 2027$88.05 USD259.21 %
May 2027$98.95 USD303.66 %
Jun 2027$108.63 USD343.16 %
Jul 2027$92.45 USD277.17 %
Aug 2027$101.59 USD314.44 %
Sep 2027$94.7 USD286.32 %
Oct 2027$96.1 USD292.03 %
Nov 2027$94.61 USD285.95 %
Dec 2027$91.69 USD274.06 %

Terra Price Prediction 2028

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2028$109.13 USD345.22 %
Feb 2028$102.48 USD318.05 %
Mar 2028$116.62 USD375.77 %
Apr 2028$118.17 USD382.08 %
May 2028$107.28 USD337.67 %
Jun 2028$104.63 USD326.84 %
Jul 2028$105.96 USD332.25 %
Aug 2028$103.16 USD320.84 %
Sep 2028$98.43 USD301.57 %
Oct 2028$104.37 USD325.78 %
Nov 2028$102.39 USD317.71 %
Dec 2028$115.47 USD371.07 %

* Our predictions are made on the basis of Historical Data. We are not responsible for any profit / loss.

What Makes Terra Luna Unique?

Terra seeks to set itself apart through its use of fiat-pegged stablecoins, stating that it combines the borderless benefits of cryptocurrencies with the day-to-day price stability of fiat currencies.

It keeps its one-to-one peg through an algorithm that automatically adjusts stablecoin supply based on its demand.

It does so by incentivizing LUNA holders to swap LUNA and stablecoins at profitable exchange rates, as needed, to either expand or contract the stablecoin supply to match demand.

Terra has established a number of partnerships with payments platforms, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.

In July 2019, Terra announced a partnership with Chai, a South Korea-based mobile payments application, in which purchases made using the application on e-commerce platforms are processed via the Terra blockchain network.

Each transaction is subject to (on average) a 2%–3% fee charged to the merchant.

In addition, Terra is supported by the Terra Alliance, a group of businesses and platforms advocating for the adoption of Terra.

In February 2019, the company announced that e-commerce platforms from 10 different countries, representing a user base of 45 million and a gross merchandise value of $25 billion, were members of the alliance.

How Many Terra (LUNA) Coins Are There in Circulation?

Terra has a supply of 1 billion tokens. If this number is exceeded, LUNA is burned until it returns to the equilibrium supply level.

New LUNA tokens are minted through the protocol’s algorithm, as needed, in order to maintain the price of Terra stablecoins.

LUNA was first made available for purchase in a private token sale for initial investors, which included the investment arms of major exchanges such as BinanceOKEx, and Huobi.

The sale concluded in August 2018, and as a result, Terra raised $32 million. Of the 385,245,974 LUNA minted for the sale, 10% was reserved for Terraform Labs, 20% for employees and project contributors, 20% for the Terra Alliance, 20% for price stability reserves, 26% for project backers, and 4% for genesis liquidity.

How Is the Terra Network Secured?

The Terra blockchain is secured using a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm based on Tendermint, in which LUNA token holders stake their tokens as collateral to validate transactions, receiving rewards in proportion to the amount of LUNA staked.

Token holders may also delegate others to validate transactions on their behalf, sharing in any revenue generated. Terra also offers additional guidance to validator nodes on the best practices for helping to keep the network secure.

In May 2019, shortly after Terra’s mainnet went live, blockchain verification and penetration testing firm CertiK completed a security audit of the network.

It examined its economic model to test against market manipulation, its architecture, and its coding language.

CertiK found that the “modeling and mathematical reasoning” of the Terra network were “considered sound,” although it would not comment on the blockchain’s performance.

Where Can You Buy Terra (LUNA)?

Terra’s native token, LUNA, is listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges — including Huobi, Bitfinex, and Upbit — where it is available to be traded against fiat currencies, stablecoins, and other cryptocurrencies.

Are you interested in buying LUNA or other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin? Bulliscoming has a simple, step-by-step guide to teach you all about crypto and how to buy your first coins.

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