Tales Of Ragnarok Play To Earn – Everything You Need To Know

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Welcome to bulliscoming media, if you have been eager to know what Tales Of Ragnarok is all about or you want to get more insight into how the game could help you to make money while playing a game built on blockchain; then, this article is a must for you to read as I will be explanation in details what Tales of Ragnarok is, its utility token and the gaming model.

What Is Tales Of Ragnarok?

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Tales of Ragnarok play to earn is an NFT strategy game with Play-to-Earn rewards. Players will take roles to summon unique gods (over 100K+) and plan offense and defense strategies to fight against the others.

Players can upgrade empires to increase capabilities, collect and leveling gods with unique random god combination over 1,000,000+ characters, use skill cards to fight against the enemy, and develop a battle strategy to conquer the Ragnarok wars.

They’re inspired and learned from the master of the industry like mobile strategy game, “Clash Royale”, and the ranked #1 GameFi “Axie Infinity”. Their team comes out with the ideas and improvements for the game with friendly UI/UX for the new players to enter, extending the player’s lifetime with game economics and gameplay.

The game system is designed to balance both the ecosystem and benefits the players through the diverse Challenge-to-Earn models below:

  • Unique God – It is an NFT with a random combination system which means players have 100% ownership to sell or buy in the Marketplace.
  • Virtual strategy Battle (PVE) daily fight for getting reward with god enemy.
  • Ragnarok Arena Challenge (PVP) fight against other players to gain Leader-Rank and rewards.
  • Quests such as Special Events, PvP Quest, Daily Quest and more to come.
  • Exploration Mission (Staking) to gain more reward and sell or upgrade gods.

Tales of Ragnarok will be launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). With the supportive ecosystem, low gas cost, fast transaction finality, and growth rate of GameFi on BSC, they expect to be the part of the new gaming era by leveraging the existence of BSC.

Ragnarok Arena Challenge (PvP)

Real-time intense battles

tor PVP

Fighting with other players, Challenge with your god’s tactics, Know how strong you are? Let your empire land in “Ragnarok Arena.”​

The arena hosts one season every week. Gods from all over the world flock here with the strongest teams, fighting each other to find the best. The highest-ranking teams will receive top-rank rewards when the arena is over.‌

Fighting in “Ragnarok Arena” doesn’t consume god energy. You can play unlimited time to claim up to the top of Leaderboard for a better rank reward!


WP Leaderboard

Ranking players by God’s level and skill. This ranking system will make more competition between players to become #1 and get exclusive rewards only from this challenge. 

The leaderboard is divided into two classes, World-class and Country-class. Top players of World-class are eligible for season special rewards (each season has different ranking conditions and extra prizes). Besides, there are two different types of leaderboards.

  • God Ranking calculates from God’s level and God’s class which technically calculate from all God’s levels and class. 
  • Trophy Ranking calculated from Empire Battle Mode wins trophies. 

And soon, more new types of ranking will come out, including more battle matches for further experience and fun for all players.


  • Experience points (EXP)
  • Ranking rewards (Gods box, Weapon box, $TOR, etc.)

Tales Of Ragnarok Utility Token

WP Tokenomic chart

Tales of Ragnarok Token ($TOR) is a governance and in-game resource token. The token will be used as an incentive for Play to Earn players and Game economic utility usage like spending to upgrade god, recharge power and more things to come. 

$TOR is also designed to be a governance token that will lead the game to be community-driven and revenue distributed to holders and let the community decide the future of a games.

Tales of Ragnarok Token ($TOR) is a BEP-20 token for the Tales of Ragnarok. TOR holders will be able to stake tokens and earn multiple benefits from the revenue sharing to in-game utility.

Their goal with $TOR is to distribute the incentives between the players and the ecosystem to grow exponentially together. The team has designed the use-cases for $TOR for long-term value and to balance demand and supply.

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Tales Of Ragnarok Marketplace

WP Market

Tales Of Ragnarok marketplace is designed to offer a great user experience to Buy, Sell, and Auction Gods and Weapons within the game with a secure system.

  • Gods

They created the most accessible filter and category for players to find god with specific criteria. Players can search through price, parts, level, rarity score, and much more to find a god that matches precisely the needs.

  • Weapons

Want to find any defensive or mightiness weapons that match with god? They also designed the weapons marketplace to support the complex searching with robust criteria matching on the backend for you!

  • Medium of Exchange

In the Marketplace, TOR or USD is used to exchange items because someone may want to trade into Stable coin, but needs $TOR to continue to make more trade in the game. 

Buy & Sell in the market will cost a small fee and keep in treasury and distribute in the economy like special events, campaigns, return to the holders, and more to build an ecosystem healthier.

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