About T3 – The Development Of Internet Technology (PoHL)

T3 is an easy-to-use and high-performance cloud collaboration infrastructure for Web3.0. It connects storage, computing, bandwidth, and other distributed network resources in a verifiable way, and is managed and traded efficiently by the free market.

In this process, T3 has practiced a large number of blockchain extension technologies, such as state channel, state fragmentation, verifiable storage, and computational verification, to achieve high scalability of composition and layering, so as to provide multi-party trust and support the unlimited transaction, storage, and download requirements.

At the same time, it also supports zero-knowledge proof and secure multi-party computing technology and realizes multi-party collaborative cognitive computing while protecting user data privacy.

Features of T3coin Aidrop

  • T3coin Heco chain airdrop
  • To participate you will need to have Houbi wallet to get àn address
  • Then go here to claim 200T3 before launching after 8days
  • https://www.t3coin.one/?ref=ISCS
  • Don’t recommend yourself, or you will be disqualified from airdrop and set your address as unable to trade. 
  • Please send your link to your friends on the Internet. Inviting your family is considered cheat.

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