Starlight NFT Review – Why You Should Invest In Starlight NFT

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Welcome to bulliscoming media, the NFT space has seen explosive growth lately and many projects have been launched with the interest of NFT. From digital art to P2E platform and Metaverse platform are integrating NFT to enhance their usage and utility case – although, some NFT project was created to dump on the investors (Rugpull).

Starlight NFT is yet another NFT project that’s considered to be the next big project in the NFT space.

Starlight NFT has been in the headlines – which indicates a very great interest in the project within the NFT communities.

If you’ve been wanting to know more about the Starlight NFT project and you want to know if it’s a good NFT project to invest in, then you need to read this article as you will be getting more information about the project and its future potential.

What Is Starlight NFT?

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Starlight NFT claims to be the world’s first fully immersive and interactive NFT project – set to launch in April 2022.

10,000 rooms onboard the Starlight interplanetary ship will be offered to validnt spacefarers who leave Earth and travel into the void of outer space. Compete against other holders to win NFT skins, and other exclusive digital loot. 

As it was mentioned earlier, 10,000 rooms available inside Starlight will be offered to those brave enough to leave Earth and travel into the void of outer space. 

Accommodations include a rest area, workstation, space view, and recreational area. 

The first 2000 rooms minted will be .1 ETH, increasing by .05 ETH every 2000 minted, until the last batch of 2000 to complete the 10k collection size. Price will start at .1 ETH -> .15 ETH -> .2 ETH -> .25 ETH -> .3 ETH.

Simply put, Starlight NFT is a collection of 10k room NFTs inside the Starlight interplanetary ship. Each is uniquely generated to ensure no other room is like yours.

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Ideation Behind Starlight NFT

Earth, far in the future, a scientist has discovered a serum that can prevent aging and cure all diseases. The World Government considered this serum a threat to humanity and decided to hunt down all Eternals, a name given to people who used the serum.

Chaos erupted. Soon a deadly battle between the World Government and Eternals formed. The Eternals were outnumbered and soon realized that their only way to survive was to leave Earth.

A massive interplanetary ship, called Starlight, was built by the World Government to explore new planets and possible habitats. Before the scheduled launch date, 5000 Eternals stormed the space city and made their escape.

Starlight NFT was inspired by this for anyone to join the Eternals and the other passengers of Starlight on their journey of finding a new habitable planet to live on. Alien encounters, planetary stopovers, and new galaxies will be in store for anyone brave enough to come aboard.

Why You Should Invest In Starlight NFT

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The crucial question that may be hovering through your mind is why should you invest in Starlight NFT? – does it worth investing in?.

Truly, one of the important things to note when investing in any NFT project is the potentiality of the project to give amazing profit in the long term – and the utility or rarity of the NFT project is what should be considered to justify whether it’s a good NFT project to invest in or a project to avoid.

Let’s check out the utility of Starlight NFT below:

  • Starlight NFT will be used to access the Starlight metaverse space (Metaspace) and access the VR walkthrough of the environment.
  • It can be used to access in-game battles.
  • Holding Starlight NFT will enable you to be the first on the battlefield with early access to games and modes as they release.

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Starlight NFT project is a project with great future potential, considering the utilities mentioned above that it possesses, it could be a good NFT project to invest in.

However, this is the best time to hop into the project as it’s still in its infancy stage, and more products are yet to be launched.

This article is for informational purposes only, it should not be considered investment advice.

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