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How To Earn Free Passive Income With SCCI.club Platform

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What if you could find an online platform that would allow you to earn free money while doing some activities?

That’s exactly what blockchain protocols have come to offer. And of course, we’ve seen many projects implementing this concept with blockchain technology.


Blockchain products are one of the hottest trends in the world right now. They’re also becoming more popular as every individual seek ways to earn digital tokens as a side income, that can be exchanged for real money on cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Bybit, or Huobi Global.

The blockchain industry is growing rapidly, with new protocols being developed every day.

SCCI.club is yet another blockchain platform that utilizes the power of blockchain technology applications to facilitate free platforms that offer incentives to users.

The platform allows users to make money while doing financial activities.

While most blockchain platform offer incentives to their users, users also need to buy some in-built token on the platform to activate earnings for their activity and also enhance their experience on the platform.

SCCI.club comes with a new and intriguing dimension by offering users a completely free platform to enjoy the benefits of blockchain applications.

This article will look into the details of SCCI.club to let you understand what the platform is all about and how you can make income from the opportunity it poses. 

Before I elaborate on the earnings opportunity on the platform, I suggest there’s a need for you to understand blockchain platforms or protocol, thus I’ll commence the article with the introduction to blockchain products.

What Is Blockchain-Enabled Platform?

Blockchain-based platform are a new kind of protocol – that is powered by smart contracts. These kinds of platform allow users to perform activities and earn rewards in a decentralized way.

Blockchain product is a decentralized protocol that allows you to earn crypto tokens by trading, staking or investing. The developers are given the ability to create a blockchain-based reward system.

The users receive rewards in the form of cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

The main advantage of this type of platform is that it provides freedom to users and an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency.

In addition, blockchain platform can be used by anyone on mobile devices and PCs — which poses a no barrier to entry into financial activities.

What Is SCCI.club And How To Earn From It?

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SCCI.club is a newly launched blockchain platform that allows users to trade, invest and trade on the platform and earn rewards without spending a dime.


It utilizes simulated currency to achieve a fully equipped free blockchain platform.

It works in a way that users convert their profit accrued from the simulated currency to real money such as valuable NFT, cryptocurrency, etc.

Instead of players buying native currency or any token required to start earning on the platform, SCCI.club blockchain platform offers simulated currency as an alternative.

However, the project is still in the development stage and it’s currently offering double the simulated currency for early users who will test the platform functionality when it launches.

This is where the opportunity comes in because you get the chance to earn virtual currency that can be converted to valuable NFTs from the reward you make.

According to the platform, when you have over 25,000 ST$_USD, you can trade them for Rewards Points. Your Rewards Points can be redeemed for Real Life Rewards which could include real tokens, coins, and NFTs. It is crypto’s first play-to-earn simulated trading game with no purchase required. The Rewards Program works just like a credit card or airline rewards program.

To register on SCCI.club, simply head over to the website registration page and register an account with your email.

Final Thought

Blockchain-powered products or platforms are a lot different from traditional ones. They are very more intriguing, but they’re also more complex and sometimes require technical know-how than a traditional platform.

The first thing to understand about blockchain-enabled platform is that they are not just about decentralization. They’re also about earning tokens, which can be traded for other cryptocurrencies or used for other purposes.

However, a blockchain platform like SCC.club is more appealing to people who want to make money and build wealth because you don’t have to spend any money on the platform itself; all you need is an internet connection and time on your hands.

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