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Roobet Is A Scam – F. Arcadia and M. Ambrozewicz On Roobet Review

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Welcome to Bulliscoming Roobet Review, an online gambling casino platform that has lot of positive and as well striking opposition whether or not Roobet is a scam or real.

What is Roobet

Roobet review

Roobet is an unverified crypto gambling site with nothing but a trail of negative feedback. If you have deposited money with Roobet and you suspect that they are not being honest with you, it may be possible to get your money back. We’ll be shedding light on whether they’re a scam in the coming paragraphs.

In this Roobet Review we will also be featuring some publication and claims for and against Roobet, and in the end we will let you know If Roobet is a scam or a real casino gambling platform.

This research (Roobet Review) is originally published By: Fiorenzo Arcadi and Michael Ambrozewicz

Roobet Review by Fiorenzo Arcadi and Michael Ambrozewicz

I was intrigued by a new online gambling site Roobet.Com. One of my workers seems to be degenerate gambler; he said he lost $20,000 in 3 months. He showed me some Youtubers winning $50,000 to $200,000 frequently. One streamer won $100,000 per day for 6 days in a row, which is mathematically impossible. is rather unique because it shows young adults are not very good at distinguishing credible information, and are astonishingly naïve. uses Youtube affiliates as viral propaganda of influencers to promote and sustain losers on their platform.

Roobet.Com clearly states their VIP program is by invitation only. “We understand what our players want, and most importantly, we make it happen.” That means if one is a content creator they collect more commissions and win frequently. That means they have to show loyalty to the brand. is a very small and tight third party casino that cannot afford to lose $3000. streamers is a cheap way to advertise their platform. You may see huge wins, however, its mostly fake money given to them.

It keeps everyone happy including the pathological gamblers creating the content. Youtube pathological gamblers are staged affiliates to attract losers. Roobet.Com has the worse RTP of any online gambling site in the world. If a loser does win, good luck withdrawing large sums of money. A message will appear, your account has been suspended due to violation of terms and conditions.

The Dutch Caribbean Island of Curacao is accused of offering no checks and balances on online casino licenses. Most of the politicians in Curacao are connected to scam online operators and money laundering.

Curacao keeps advocating casinos are the least expensive with no regulations and low annual fee. Roobet.Com has serious lack of safeguards tracking underage players. They only take virtual currency, and there is no such thing as legal age.

Players are well aware that the licensing standards in places like Curacao don’t mean much compared to licenses from other, more discerning jurisdictions. Casinos licensed by Curacao have suddenly gone rogue, stolen money, and disappeared. Curacao doesn’t intervene in disputes between players and operators. From the player’s point of view, a license from Curacao is meaningless.

Roobet.Com follows the story of a donkey, where the most effective way to make him move and continue his path was a carrot dangling infront of his nose and jabbing him with a stick from behind. The carrot becomes a sign of a reward.

Roobet uses streamers on youtube to dangle the carrot to get more idiots to bet on their platform. Everyone of the streamers promoting Roobet lives in a one bed room apartment

Roobet.Com affiliates streamer, have become drug dealers producing underage pathological gamblers. It is based on recruiting new losers as a pyramid. Their marketing scheme is based on affiliate streamers to deliver the losers. Roobet.Com has no problem with underage teens that change VPN and age requirements to keep some form of revenue coming in.

With the phenomenal growth of gambling sites, Internet gambling is likely to confer health risks for adolescent students because they are frequent Internet users who are not protected from irresponsible advertising, scam sites such as ROOBET.COM and promotional activities.

My employee started working at 16 years old. He is now 17 close to 18, I was shocked he blow all his money on a gambling site.

Bulliscoming on Roobet Review

From our observation on Roobet, we discover the following factors that we consider high risk.

The violations that Roobet makes are listed below:

I would like to point out that Roobet does not have a license for Europe nor are they allowed to accept players from the European Union. Roobet is a total Scam

1) There is no KYC procedure.

2) On Roobet play kids who are 15 years old are on youtube playing.

3) Roobet has a license that is supposed to be in malta the problem here is they do not have a license for Europe it is a sham license.

4) Withdrawals on Roobet without KYC procedure.

5) None is available at the address of Roobet.

6) Roobet is money laundering as soon as you deposit more than 250 euro and do not pay taxes in the country where the money comes from.

7) Roobet does not respond to customers, they mute customers if you talk the truth.

8) The chat customer support sits at home, not in the office. ( There is no office)

9) Roobet does not have control over players when a person creates an account and they and says in the chat that he is from the EU, they banned only after that.

10) Roobet pays YouTubers they play with fake money so they attract customers.

11) Community chat is manipulated if you lose they make sure you will stay here and telling you I lose also a lot but I am sure you will win next time big.

12) When you ask Roobet you have a license the answer is always yes we are legal blah blah. They come with no rights based on your living Country.

13) Roobet employees report that the deposit addresses are checked before playing and that their balance is thereby known.

14) Roobet has its bots on the internet, they try to talk everyone down and easily manipulate you.

All this is Roobet it is a scam with no control. It is simply all manipulated. They do not act according to any court. They have no supervision. They have no board of directors in the company. The employees are all under a fake name.

Get your money back just follow these steps:

1) Save your Ethereum or Bitcoin wallet address so that the transactions can be tracked.

2) Go to the Website: Report illegal content on the Internet

3) Choose your country and paste your e-mail.

4) Enter all your transactions-ID you have made to Roobet deposit wallets.

5) Don’t lose your Wallet you made the transaction.

6) Track the wallet where is going your money safe on a document.

7) Europol will get to you back per E-mail.

8) Send them all the Transaction id and you are Done.

Europol will stand up for you. They will make sure that arrests are made. The money you have will be confiscated and will serve as evidence for the court. The court will be able to assign your money. If you do not do this, the money will go to the government because you have not reported it. If you need help I am here to cover your transaction and losses send me a message.

Is Roobet a scam

We re in support with the claim of Fiorenzo Arcadi and Michael Ambrozewicz that Roobet is a scam.

Despite what any Roobet review has told you, Roobet is a confirmed scam. We don’t recommend gambling with them. If you are already involved with Roobet we recommend you immediately cease depositing any amount of funds with them, in particular if they are asking for a fee to withdraw your money. DO NOT PAY IT.

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