Retract Finance: Everything You Need to Know


Recently, yield farming has been faced with the challenges of high transaction fees on the ethereum blockchain.

They have come with a solution to these challenges. Farmers would be able to farm and harvest their products at little or no cost. Hence, the need for a Binance chain.

What is Retract Finance


Retract Finance is an aggregator built on Binance smart chain with a 5% reward & 1% burning emission. Redesigned to maximize profit.

Similar to RFI with a 1% fee. Retract Finance works by applying a 6% fee which is 5% to each transaction & instantly splitting that fee among all holders of the token & 1% automatically burns which continuously reduces the total supply of Retract Finance.

How does Retract Finance Works?

For each transaction made, 6% of it gets burnt. 1% is totally burnt, while the aggregator splits the remaining 5% to all holders according to the amount if RTF token they hold. The 6 percent burn mechanism is actually a 1% burn and 5% reward to holders.

Every holder is automatically a farmer. Sounds weird right?

Good. Let’s explain. For every RTF token you hold, you get a share from all 5% burn on transactions without performing an additional task. The token you hold gives you the privilege of earning from all transaction burn.

For instance, let’s look at a scenario where total holders equals 1000

  • Mathematically, T= 1000

Where T represents total holders.

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For we to have 1000 holders, there must be transaction equal to or greater than 999.

  • Let us represent Total transaction with Tr.

Therefore, Tr ≥ 999

  • Let Mr Leu represent the very first holder (Genesis holder).

For all 999 transaction that gave birth to 1000 holders, there exist 6% burn. 1% burns completely, while 5% is split among holders. Mr Leu benefited from all 5% burn made from 999 transactions which gave birth to 1000 holders.

  • Let us represent Mr Leu with X
  • Let us also represent no of coin which Mr Leu holds as V
  • X =V – V/100 + [Tr¹ + Tr² + Tr³ +Tr⁴..+Tr(T)]0.05

The earlier you hold RFT, the higher your stake and higher your profit from transaction burns. Being the first to purchase our presales gives you the opportunity to earn from all burns initiated by subsequent buyers.

Token Specification


  • 5% Airdrop
  • 30% Private/Presale
  • 10% Liquidity
  • 10% Farming reward
  • 40% Burn mechanism
  • 5% Marketing/Development

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