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Purchasa Token – Is PCA Token The Next 100× Gem?

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Welcome to bulliscoming media, this article is a must for you to read if you have been looking and searching for a cryptocurrency that will give you a huge return on investment (ROI).

There have been a variety of coins/tokens that skyrocketed in price thus, giving the early holders of the cryptocurrency a very huge ROI (Return-On-Investment). This kind of cryptocurrency is usually referred to as “Gem” in crypto slang, hence, most crypto investors are fond of using the slang “Gem” to have a discussion on or ask which cryptocurrency is the next to bring 10× to 100× ROI.

Purchasa token (PCA) is yet another new undervalued cryptocurrency that is considered to be the next 100× gem. As we know, investment decisions on a certain cryptocurrency shouldn’t be made without prior analysis.

Hence, I am thrilled to write this article to give you more insight into the details of the Purchasa project and the token (PCA), you will also get to know why the PCA token is the next 100× gem in the crypto space.

What Is Purchasa?

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Purchasa is a project launched to disrupt the E-commerce industry, Purchasa is an E-commerce social platform built using blockchain technology.

The ecosystem bridges the gap between sellers and consumers through digital marketing, cryptocurrencies, and peer-to-peer transactions.

With an Android and iOS app currently deep in its development roadmap and the website ready for release in early 2022, the protocol will offer a unique profit-sharing model to stakers, discounts at checkout for consumers, and reduced transaction and advertising costs for merchants who utilize cryptocurrency.

Let’s check out what Purchasa want to offer in the E-commerce industry;

  • Purchasa will allow brands, businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives to tell their stories, they will be able to post content, photos, and videos, showcase what makes them unique.
  • Purchasa will also allow anyone to sell, rent, and share anytime, anywhere and on any device, products can be listed on the Purchasa marketplace.
  • Purchasa will also have book services as they believe that businesses can generate leads and more customers for any service that they offer through both online and offline booking systems.
  • The platform will also enable brands, businesses, etc to grow their team by looking for staff and hiring new team members in the job classified.
  • It also allows anyone to sell training material, educational content, and courses

What Make Purchasa Unique?

The reason to make any blockchain project a choice over the existing traditional industry project is solely based on the uniqueness and revolution that the blockchain project possesses.

Purchasa can be an E-commerce platform of choice because it offers what the traditional E-commerce platform lacks, let’s check out.

As it was mentioned earlier, Purchasa allows brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs to sell their products seamlessly. It also enables consumers to explore through search, find reputable brands both local and abroad.

It also enables consumers to book services, buy and rent products, look for work and enroll in training programs.

So what makes the Purchasa platform to be more appealing is the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) implementation into the project, unlike traditional E-commerce platforms, Purchasa enables users of the platform to have the governance right to vote on the direction of the ecosystem.

Purchasa also enables sellers to get lower transaction fees, and discounts on the advertising network, and consumers will get a 5% discount on checkout.

Furthermore, both sellers and consumers will receive the utility token (SHOP) as a reward for usage on the platform.

What Is PCA Token

PCA token is a Bep-20 token deployed on the BNB Smartchain on Dec. 14, 2021, it has a total supply of 250 million PCA.

It is the governance token on the Purchasa platform that’s used to vote on proposals.

Is PCA Token The Next 100× Gem?

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The future value of a cryptocurrency cannot be justified by its current price action but by the use cases that will drive massive demand for the token. Hence, we will be checking out the use cases of PCA token that will make it to be considered the next 100× gem.

Like it was mentioned earlier, the first use case of PCA token is that it’s used to vote on any proposal in the Purchasa ecosystem. The modification or any newly added features will be governed by the users (notably PCA holders)

Furthermore, PCA token holders will be able to stake and earn an Annual Percentage Yield (APY). The holders can also participate in a unique profit-sharing model where 25% of all profit generated on the platform will be used to purchase PCA on the open market, and distributed to PCA holders, based upon staking value.

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As an experienced crypto analyst, my perspective toward PCA token is that it’s the next 100× gem and will be a good investment you would ever make because a governance token with a well-structured tokenomic will always perform well.

PCA Price Prediction 2022

As you’ve known use cases of the PCA token that might make it to be considered the next 100× or a good investment, you may want to know the PCA price prediction.

Purchasa token undergoes the public sale of $0.025 and was listed on Pancakeswap at the price during public sale likewise. It gains momentum due to much demand from the community thus, the price increases by over 100% within 48 hours of listing.

The price plummeted a little after the spike in price and it settled at the $0.025 price level (which is also the public sale price). Then after a few weeks, the token skyrocketed again to over $0.06 amidst the Purchasa payment gateway announcement by the team. The current price at the time of this writing is $0.053 and the market capitalization is over $1M.

The possible PCA price prediction in 2022 is $1 because it will garner many crypto investors’ attention after the Purchasa platform beta launch and the current Purchasa token holders are optimistic about the project.

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Purchasa is a good project as it is one of its kind to create its virtual shopping world according to the whitepaper. In the future, we see a platform where all brand pages will have their virtual shop, where they can sell, teach, and share content. 

Purchasa vision is to create an arena in the E-commerce landscape where the needs of both sellers and consumers are prioritized and the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency peer-to-peer transactions are leveraged to the benefit of all users.

However, this article is only for informational purposes and shouldn’t be considered investment advice. Join their channel or visit their website to conduct further research.

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