Is Prime Ape Planet NFT Worth Buying Now?

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Have you heard about the Prime Ape Planet NFT, do you think the Prime Ape Planet NFT is worth Buying now?

If you are sitting on the fence, here’s a clue of what the Prime Ape Planet NFT is all about

Prime Ape Planet NFT

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Plenty of apes came before. But most were mere chimpanzees without any real form or function in the Metaverse. The Primus Ethereum Mammal, also known as the Prime Ape, is different.

Their adaptive power makes them the only living creature equipped to show up in their full 3D forms… no matter what’s expected of them. If the stakes are survival and making their mark on mainstream culture – the Prime Ape is ready.

They look and play great both on the screens of movies and games. And even during real-time meet-ups in the Metaverse. Their appearance makes it clear they’re the real leaders of the urbanized jungle.

The results of evolution are millions of years in the making. As the Prime Apes’ story unfolds, other habitants of the Metaverse jungle can’t help but turn their heads and wonder in awe…

How to Join Prime Ape NFT

Successful entrepreneurs, celebrities, marketing veterans, and world-renowned digital artists are now working together to help answer that question.

At the end of December 2021, all fates will be decided.

As that’s the date the Prime Ape Planet sends out its first-ever VIP invitations.

And you’d be wise to snatch one for yourself and everyone you care about. Because once this collection of 7979 unique NFTs mint?

But early supporters of the project will be handsomely rewarded.

As masters of digital art, the art team behind Prime Ape Planet has enjoyed success in the “Old World.” Their work has always gained mainstream recognition and adaptation.

They’ve worked on titles such as The Lion King, Godzilla, and countless other animations… For industry household names including Marvel, Disney, and MGM among others.

Prime Ape Planet will be the project to plant their flags in the Metaverse.

Is Prime Ape NFT a Good Investment

7979. That’s the unique number of Prime Apes our team has committed to creating. By prioritizing art quality over quantity, we make sure you will be happy with the art you mint. As a result, the demand for Prime Apes will soon tower over the supply.

Look at the buzz generated by over one hundred thousand people all keen on getting their own Prime Apes. Consider the background of our artists. They have each achieved great things in the world of digital art.

Then ask yourself – is this team of artists, crypto visionaries, and Metaverse icons a team you’d want to be part of?

If it is, you’ll be happy to know they are right there with you for the long haul. Supporting your decision with a helpful community, transparent decision making, and regular updates.

Do Prime Ape NFT has Utility?

Yes! Prime Ape Planet is one of the only projects in the NFT space that offer a wide array of utilities.

Prime Apes will get to partake in exclusive real-life events. They’ll help us make donations to charity that protects Prime Apes in tropical rainforests.

AND all the Prime Ape models are equipped to be used in movies, games, and meet-ups in the Metaverse.

More will be revealed as the Prime Apes march ahead on the Roadmap.

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