Omichprime Review: 5 Good Reasons Not To Invest in Omichprime

Omichprime Review

Goodday and welcome to Bulliscoming Omichprime review.

In this professional Omichprime Review, we are going to give you 5 Good Reasons why you should not Invest in Omichprime.

It is good to read reviews before joining any platform so that you know about the Merit and Demerit of the platform you are about to join, and that’s why we took our time to analyze Omichpime.

Omichprime Review – How Does it Work

Omichprime Review

OmichPrime claims to be one of the best business platforms in the world, that’s fully registered and has complete documents as required by the regulating government body.

Omich Prime also claims that it has what it takes to take your financial status to the next level.

That all their plans last for 30 days after which you will smile proudly that you made one of the best decisions of your life that you joined them.

How Does Omichprime Work

Omichprime wants you to Invest in any of their packages and keep your fingers crossed while they help you grow your money. No daily tasks, no sharing of adverts whatsoever. They are happily doing the hassle for you.

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But then, they said you will earn a stipulated amount based on the plan the person you referred invested on.

They also stated that even without referrals you will be paid, that’s to say referral is completely optional so therefore, it does not affect your normal investment.

It is only an extra source of income if you wish to earn more.

How to Register on Omichprime

  • Contact any of the coupon vendors that are listed below.
  • Make payment of the plan of your choice to the account details that will be provided to you.
  • Contact same vendor to verify your payment after which a coupon code will be given to you.
  • Come back to the website, click on the “Register” link or any button that says “Get Started”
  • Fill in your appropriate details.

Omichprime Investment Packages

Bronze BR

  • For 30 Days: ₦ 10,000
  • 52% ROI

Violet VI

  • For 30 Days: ₦ 20,000
  • 52% ROI

Silver SIL

  • For 30 Days:₦ 30,000
  • 52% ROI

Gold GD

  • For 30 Days:₦ 50,000
  • 52% ROI

Maroon MAR

  • For 30 Days:₦ 100,000
  • 52% ROI


  • For 30 Days: ₦ 200,000
  • 52% ROI

Indigo IND

  • For 30 Days: ₦ 500,000
  • 52% ROI

Amber AMB

  • For 30 Days:₦ 1,000,000
  • 52% ROI

Pearl PEA

  • For 30 Days: ₦ 2,000,000
  • 52% ROI

Heist HEI

  • For 30 Days:₦ 5,000,000
  • 52% ROI

How Does Omichprime Makes Money


Omichprime claims that it makes money from investing in Branding, Forex Trading, Crypto trading, and that from this means they make money to pay members up to 52% monthly. And this sounds too good to be true.

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5 Good Reasons Not To Invest In Omichprime

We have come to the session you have been waiting for to hear the 5 Good Reasons why one shouldn’t invest with Omichprime..

1. Omichprime is a Ponzi Scheme

From analyzing how Omichprime works, we come in conclusion that it is a ponzi scheme “rubbing peter to pay paul”, and thus, it won’t last, and late investors will loose their funds heavily.

2. Omichprime is not Registered With any Regulatory Body

Omichprime claims that it is registered under the laws, but then there’s no documented proof that Omichprime is duely registered to operate as a financial entity.

3. Omichprime Founders are Anonymous

The CEO, and executive team behind Omichprime is anonymous, Why so?

They choosed to be anonymous because they surely know omichprime will crash within the shortest possible time, and thus, they want to keep their identity private.

4. Omichprime Doesn’t Make Money from crypto and Forex

Omichprime claims that they make money through forex trading, and cryptocurrency trading, but then, there’s no proof to back up their claims.

Beside, trading commodities such as Bitcoin, or engaging is Forex trading are all high risk with no assured guarantee.

5. Omichprime has no Location or Office Address

Omichprime has no office address or location, and that pose a high risk for an investment platform.

Final Verdict

Please note that this article “OMichprime Review” is an unbiased article, it sole aim is to educate the public and not to be seen as a recommendation for any platform

Investing is risk, so therefore advice to invest with what you can afford to loose.

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