MozoX Token Price, Exchange, and Airdrop: How to Buy MozoX

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MozoX is a blockchain-based solution for venues and retailers to increase and control foot traffic at offline stores.

What is Mozo

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Mozo is an all new discount app. You pay less for whatever you buy. At your local favourite store. To get your discounts, you need Mozo-Tokens.

Mozo-Tokens are airdropped free at various designated hotspots. To use, open the Mozo app, turn on Bluetooth, search and buy what you fancy.

Then, go to the store, show your QR code and pay less.

How Does Mozo Work

Mozo provides retailers and venue operators the ability to control and increase their foot traffic.

By issuing Mozo Tokens as a reward for visiting, browsing (discovery), and purchasing, customers are incentivized to go where you direct them.

Customers can accumulate Mozo Tokens and redeem them for deals, discounts, and promotions. To learn more about Mozo and how it works, continue reading.

Mozo can benefit any venue looking to optimize and increase their foot traffic.

This means Mozo can help an individual “mom and pop” stores and big retailers to much larger venues such as malls, stadiums, and even whole countries through tourism.

Consumers benefit by now having a cross-merchant, tradeable, and redeemable token right in their digital wallet.

Mozo already has industry-leading sensor technology and mobile apps for both retailers and consumers, but all have been field-tested with tremendous results at Wanda Group, China’s leading mall operator, and 361, a leading Chinese athletic apparel and shoe retailer.

Their Indoor Positioning Software (IPS) has unsurpassed accuracy within 1 square meter and 1 second response time.

Their pilot with multiple 361° stores generated a 20% increase in in-store revenue and foot traffic.

What is a Sensor Beacon, and Why is It Important

A sensor beacon is an unobtrusive device that enables interaction and conversation with other devices, such as mobile phones.

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Their beacons utilize our world-leading IPS (indoor positioning system) technology to interact with customers using the Mozo Consumer app.

When customers visit a retail venue they can be rewarded with Mozo Tokens.

When these customers discovers items attached with one of Mozo beacons, product details and information populates on their phone in addition to any rewards issued by the venue.

These beacons allow customers to interact with stores and venues in a whole new way, allowing venues to increase foot traffic and control how they want customers to interact with their venue, products and services.

MozoX Token Price & Overview

A MozoX Token is an ERC-20 utility token, operating on the Ethereum Blockchain network.

MozoX Tokens will be used by stores and venue operators to reward customers who in turn will collect and redeem them for deals, discounts, and products.

There will be a total supply cap of 500 billion MozoX Tokens, without any further issuance or creation of MozoX Tokens in the future.

MozoX token price today March 27, is $0.00007654 with a 24-hour trading volume of ?.

MOZOX price is up? in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 0 MOZOX coins and a max supply of 500 Billion. ProBit is the current most active market trading it.

MozoX is a blockchain-based solution for venues and retailers to increase and control foot traffic at offline stores.

MozoX token is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency for all transactions across all merchants in any specific mall or store.

It is a spendable currency converted from loyalty points when you shop.

Mozo is a leader in Indoor Positioning System (IPS) technology, having successful results with China’s leading Mall operator, Wanda Group, and 361°, one of China’s leading athletic apparel retailers.

MozoX Token Airdrop – Join & Receive 10,000 MOZOX Tokens Free

Step 1: Register MOZOX Account

Register MOZOX account at:

Click on ‘Login’ at right top corner of page


Select Your country code and enter Your phone number then press on ‘Continue’

Check Your phone to get code

MozoX Token Exchange – How to Buy MozoX

Mozo airdrops digital token to all walk-in customers – of which it can be used for discount redemption or better still, to be kept and profitably traded as a digital currency in 2022.

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There, foot traffic to retail merchants, guaranteed. But the crux of using Mozo is higher sales, through bona fide footfalls.

Previously, social media platforms have been useful to make aware of the merchants’ products and services online, but none guarantee footfalls to their shopping malls, retail outlets, and other venues.


Enter code and click on ‘Continue’

Create login password and click on ‘Continue’ to finish


Step 2: Download MOZOX App

Download MOZOX App at: Android App  or   IOS App

After download MOZOX App succsessfully: login Your MOZOX account on App

You will receive 10,000 MOZOX Tokens free into Your account

Step 3: Referral Rewards Of MOZOX Airdrop 

Receive extra 10,000 MOZOX free per referral

ProBit Exchange Lists MozoX (MOZOX)


MozoX (MOZOX/USDT) Trading Pairs

  • Available for deposits starting from March 3, 2020, Tuesday, 12:00 KST.
  • Available for trading starting from March 3, 2020, Tuesday, 15:00 KST.

About Probit Exchange

ProBit Exchange is a global cryptocurrency exchange.  ProBit Exchange only lists promising, qualified, and deserving cryptocurrency projects.

ProBit Exchange boasts an order matching speed of over 1.5 million orders per second, superb security which supports hardware security keys, and a customizable user interface.

Meet MozoX CEO – Giang Phung

Giang Phung has 28 years of experience in the technology industry. He is the founder of Project MozoX, and currently, he is also co-founder and Vice Chairman of Future Data Group Limited, whose shares are listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange (HKEx: 08229), a data network and cybersecurity service company with 200 staff in 4 countries in Asia.

Prior to that, Giang was co-founder and CEO of DMX Technologies Group Limited, a premier cable TV digitization company whose shares were SGX-listed company with a market cap of US$300 Million (SGX: 5CH) with 600 staff in 8 countries in Asia.

Before then, he served as CTO of Datacraft Asia Ltd., a digital data network company whose shares were listed on SGX with a market capitalization of approximately US$3.0 Billion (SGX: DCFA) with 3,500 staff in 22 countries in the AsiaPacific region.

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Giang started his career as Product Manager at QPSX Communications Ltd., a technology start-up whose shares were listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, an inventor of DQDB protocol which forms the basis for the IEEE 802.6 standards and packet segmentation and reassembly technique for Asynchronous Transfer Mode (both of which were OEM by AT&T Bell Laboratories, Alcatel, Siemens and Ericsson for the deployment of high-speed data services across metropolitan areas).

He was a member of ITUT Study Group XVIII, IEEE 802.6 committee, ATM, and Frame Relay Forum. Giang graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering degree with 1 st class honors from the University of Western Australia, Australia, and received an MBA from the University of Louisville, USA.

Final Verdict

Nothing short of a breakthrough of Mozo Blockchain game plan, Internet of things (IOT) and Artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

MozoX is created, a utility token. A token of the future. They call it the token of discovery.

Mozo, give your retail specs and they will drive your sales. Mozo, your secret agent to reinvent brick and mortar stores, global wide.

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