Currently, there’s a new slang in the cryptocurrency world called SAPA which started in Nigeria. Of course, Nigeria is the giant of cryptocurrency in Africa. If we are not mistaken they ought to be leading the world in terms of cryptocurrency transactions and adoption.

Despite the ban of banks from interfering with cryptocurrency transactions in Nigeria, the country keeps recording even high crypto transactions day by day.

So if you are looking for the meaning of SAPA slangs in cryptocurrency, you are in the right place.

What is the meaning of SAPA

The word SAPA is the new slang in the crypto word which means Serious Absence of Purchasing Ability.

Purchasing power is the value of a currency expressed in terms of the number of goods or services that one unit of money can buy. 

This slang SAPA (Serious Absence of Purchasing Ability) sprung up during the recent crypto dips when Bitcoin dumped from $63k all-time high in April to $29k all-time low in June, and as usual in crypto, all other coins dumps when Bitcoins dumps which lead to a total price crash (blood) in the crypto market.

Anyways expert traders have forecasted that no matter how dip Bitcoin goes it will still touch an all time high of $100k this year.

How Did SAPA Start?

Normally, when cryptocurrency dips people are advised to always “Buy the Dips” so that they will be able to sell the pump. But, have you ever bought the Dip and the dip get dipper.


That was exactly what happened: you buy the dip, it get dipper, you buy again, and it gets even dipper, and then the slang SAPA meaning Serious Absence of Purchasing Ability started in Nigeria.

So when someone tells you to buy the dip again, after you have bought the dip severally and it gets dipper you just respond to the person with “SAPA”.

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