Crypto Flipping – How to Make Money Flipping Crypto 2022


The crypto flipping trading strategy is becoming one of the most profitable trading methods that is easy for most beginner traders to adopt.

crypto flipping

Making money from cryptocurrency can be done using several methods ranging from trading to investing, and some of these methods can be long-term or short-term strategies. The cryptocurrency space is filled with a lot of different ways for individuals to make massive profits by applying several viable strategies. 

One such example is crypto flipping, which can be used even by beginners who do not have much experience in the space. However, you should take a lot of caution when applying this strategy because the risks involved in crypto flipping can be huge if some level of risk management is not applied. 

What is Crypto Flipping? 

The term “flipping” is more commonly used in “coin flipping,” where coins are tossed for probability chances. However, in the crypto space, flipping crypto trade involves a strategy whereby traders buy a certain number of cryptocurrency assets at a low price and sell them once the prices are going up. 

You might wonder, how is this different from spot trading? Well, crypto flipping and spot trading are almost similar in terms of the method of application, but the difference is that flipping trading is done within a very short time interval. 

When crypto flipping, a trader might buy a cryptocurrency asset when the prices go low and then sell it off once the prices increase slightly and make a profit from the price difference. In the crypto space, the most common type of flipping trading is bitcoin flipping. But this strategy can also be applied to other types of cryptocurrency assets, not only bitcoin. 

The best way to make the most profit from crypto flipping is when it is applied to other types of cryptocurrency assets such as altcoins. It is also believed that altcoin flipping provides the most profits since their prices tend to move more swiftly than the price of bitcoin. However, before investing in altcoin flipping, there are some key criteria to take into consideration. 

How to Flip Crypto

Cryptocurrency flipping trades can be done using several strategies or methods. Although this strategy can be employed by beginner traders, it is not advisable because it requires a certain level of understanding of the crypto markets and price movements before profit can be guaranteed and also reduces the risk involved. 

Here are some ways to flip crypto.

Ensure you have a proper understanding of the crypto markets and price movement 

A level of understanding of the crypto markets with keen attention to the price movements is necessary before a profit can be made. Crypto flipping is a trading strategy where an investor buys a crypto asset when the prices are down and sells it off when the prices go back up, making huge profits from the price difference within a short period. 

Taking such swift decisions requires proper knowledge. If so, it could lead to grave losses instead. Before venturing into flipping crypto, traders at least need to have an in-depth understanding of the periods when the crypto market tends to be down and an understanding of the factors that affect crypto market price movement for better profits and risk management. 

Ability to predict the crypto market 

Crypto flipping depends largely on the ability to predict the price movement of the cryptocurrency market in particular periods. One of the best ways to make a profit from crypto flipping is to choose a coin with the potential for the price to go up within a short period and buy the crypto to sell it off for a profit. 

Doing so requires some understanding of the art of predicting the cryptocurrency markets because an inability to predict the markets could lead to serious losses. A case where a trader buys a cryptocurrency with the hope of the price going up and it goes the opposite direction instead automatically results in losses for the investor. 

Use AI crypto flipping software

Since the method of crypto flipping requires a high level of prediction and swift action, AI crypto flipping software is a great way to make profits. Manual flipping trades can be profitable for experienced traders, but there could still be the case of human errors and emotional trading. 

Due to the software’s prediction algorithm, human errors such as taking emotional decisions during trades are eliminated. Decisions are based on data collected from an analysis of the crypto market over some time. Since there are no human errors, trading decisions are dependent on data insight and not emotions, so they could be more profitable in the long run. 

Although there could be bugs in the software overall, AI is more trustworthy for making such swift and highly predicted trades. Even if AI can be profitable, the trader still needs to be patient and trust that the trades taken by the software will be profitable in the long run. 

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How do you make money flipping crypto? 

One of the most attractive attributes of the cryptocurrency space is that there are lots of opportunities and methods to make a good profit for users. Even in the case of crypto flipping, there are several ways to make money from flipping cryptos, some of which include 

Flipping Cryptocurrency

As explained earlier, flipping cryptocurrency involves the buying of a cryptocurrency asset in a dip and sell-off once the price is back off quickly. For instance, a trader can invest $200,000 in ETH when the price dips to $1,200 and sell off quickly when the price gets to $1,250, making a profit of over $8,000 in just a few hours. 

Flipping trading can be very profitable, especially for investors with large capital. However, it is also important to note that there is a risk of great losses if the price continues to dip. When flipping cryptocurrencies, most investors prefer to flip bitcoin, but investing in and flipping several altcoins can produce even more profit. The important thing is to properly research any coin before deciding to flip it. 

Flipping Crypto Art

Crypto artworks, which are nonfungible tokens, have also become a new and trending buzzword in the crypto space. The NFT industry boasts a $41 billion market with thousands of NFTs traded daily. 

This large valuation presents a variety of trading opportunities that can be utilized for making a profit, such as NFT flipping. Flipping crypto art involves buying undervalued NFT artworks for a low price and then reselling them for a higher price. 

NFT flipping can be used to make some profit, but it is not a guaranteed way to make fast money as it also has its risks. The key is to find undervalued NFTs from quality projects. 

Steps to start NFT flipping 

  1. Analyze and pick the right time to buy the NFTs, preferably when the market is down
  2. Select the right NFT project to flip 
  3. Find rare or undervalued NFT to buy
  4. Set a preferred price to sell the NFT
  5. Flip the NFT

By Flipping Crypto Domains

Crypto domains, although still under development, are beginning to gain a lot of traction in the web3 space. It is estimated that these crypto domains will become the new means of effectively communicating with the web3 space once completed.

A crypto domain is similar to a web2 website, but in the web3 space, the domain is connected to the user’s wallet and indicates ownership of that particular blockchain registry. On traditional websites, owners are expected to renew payments annually to hosting companies, but in the blockchain, payment for full ownership of the name registry is done once. 

Crypto domain flipping is not as straightforward as cryptocurrency or NFT flipping and requires a more strategic approach. But with more experience, they can be flipped for profit. 

How to Start Crypto Domain Flipping 

  1. Specialize in one or two niches 
  2. Get in early 
  3. Focus on SEO
  4. Plan exit strategy 

How Hard Is It to Flip Cryptocurrencies? 

The thing about this type of trading is that it works by taking swift and strategic decisions within a short time frame. Flipping cryptocurrency is one of the best methods to make a profit from the cryptocurrency space, but it has its risks, and it is advisable for traders to have enough experience first before venturing into crypto flipping. 

This is because successful crypto flipping has a lot to do with a great sense of prediction, the ability to take swift actions, proper analysis, and research on the particular crypto asset before buying in. It is considered to be even riskier than the other crypto trading strategies because failure to perform proper research and timing can lead to grave losses for the trader. 

Is Crypto flipping legal?

Experienced traders consider crypto flipping to be one of the best trading strategies to get good profits. It involves buying and selling off a cryptocurrency asset within a short period for profit. It is supported by several cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Kucoin, etc.

How to flip crypto on Binance

  1. Create an account with Binance
  2. Select a particular crypt asset you intend to flip 
  3. Buy the chosen crypto asset from the spot market 
  4. You can use the market order feature on Binance to set a price to automatically sell off crypto assets which will be executed once the desired price is attained. 


Every day, there are new methods of making money from the crypto space being discovered. These methods may look very juicy and attractive, but investors need to be aware that these strategies still come with a lot of risks involved and to do proper research before investing.