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Kuma Inu Price Prediction and Review 2021

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Welcome to Kuma Inu Price Prediction. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #2730, with a live market cap of not available. The circulating supply is not available and a max. supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 KUMA coins.

If you would like to know where to buy Kuma Inu, the top exchanges for trading in Kuma Inu are currently Uniswap (V3), BKEX, Uniswap (V2), and 1inch Exchange. 

What is Kuma?

kuma inu price prediction

Kuma is the native token that is used in the Kuma Breeder.

Kuma Breeder is a yield farming protocol that offers a fresh approach to farming $dKuma tokens.

The Kuma Inu community can gain from the fair distribution system which ensures that the whole community benefits from the Kuma breeder farming pools.

The Kuma token is also going to be used as a fully decentralized autonomous governance system that the community will have full control of.

They will be able to vote to control the entire process of marketing, development, and other parts of the project.

Kuma Inu Price Prediction 2021

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jul 2021$0.0000002822 USD57.59 %
Aug 2021$0.0000002484 USD38.72 %
Sep 2021$0.0000002801 USD56.43 %
Oct 2021$0.0000002387 USD33.28 %
Nov 2021$0.0000002654 USD48.18 %
Dec 2021$0.0000002935 USD63.91 %

Kuma Inu Price Prediction 2022

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2022$0.0000002929 USD63.52 %
Feb 2022$0.0000002739 USD52.95 %
Mar 2022$0.0000003443 USD92.26 %
Apr 2022$0.0000002974 USD66.09 %
May 2022$0.0000002739 USD52.94 %
Jun 2022$0.0000003343 USD86.64 %
Jul 2022$0.0000003190 USD78.11 %
Aug 2022$0.0000003048 USD70.18 %
Sep 2022$0.0000002827 USD57.88 %
Oct 2022$0.0000003410 USD90.4 %
Nov 2022$0.0000003366 USD87.95 %
Dec 2022$0.0000003578 USD99.8 %

Kuma Inu Price Prediction 2023

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2023$0.0000004345 USD142.64 %
Feb 2023$0.0000003997 USD123.17 %
Mar 2023$0.0000004020 USD124.46 %
Apr 2023$0.0000003518 USD96.45 %
May 2023$0.0000003610 USD101.55 %
Jun 2023$0.0000003632 USD102.79 %
Jul 2023$0.0000003918 USD118.75 %
Aug 2023$0.0000003936 USD119.8 %
Sep 2023$0.0000003132 USD74.9 %
Oct 2023$0.0000004075 USD127.52 %
Nov 2023$0.0000004411 USD146.32 %
Dec 2023$0.0000003349 USD86.98 %

Kuma Inu Price Prediction 2024

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2024$0.0000004272 USD138.53 %
Feb 2024$0.0000005192 USD189.91 %
Mar 2024$0.0000004604 USD157.06 %
Apr 2024$0.0000004818 USD169.01 %
May 2024$0.0000004693 USD162.02 %
Jun 2024$0.0000004367 USD143.84 %
Jul 2024$0.0000003776 USD110.84 %
Aug 2024$0.0000004002 USD123.44 %
Sep 2024$0.0000003837 USD114.25 %
Oct 2024$0.0000005008 USD179.64 %
Nov 2024$0.0000003679 USD105.43 %
Dec 2024$0.0000003705 USD106.88 %

Kuma Inu Price Prediction 2025

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2025$0.0000006142 USD242.93 %
Feb 2025$0.0000004548 USD153.95 %
Mar 2025$0.0000005785 USD223.01 %
Apr 2025$0.0000004775 USD166.66 %
May 2025$0.0000004958 USD176.87 %
Jun 2025$0.0000004823 USD169.32 %
Jul 2025$0.0000004980 USD178.05 %
Aug 2025$0.0000004557 USD154.43 %
Sep 2025$0.0000004968 USD177.38 %
Oct 2025$0.0000004589 USD156.23 %
Nov 2025$0.0000005573 USD211.2 %
Dec 2025$0.0000004736 USD164.46 %

Kuma Inu Price Prediction 2026

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2026$0.0000006776 USD278.36 %
Feb 2026$0.0000006338 USD253.92 %
Mar 2026$0.0000005524 USD208.43 %
Apr 2026$0.0000006616 USD269.42 %
May 2026$0.0000006220 USD247.32 %
Jun 2026$0.0000006350 USD254.58 %
Jul 2026$0.0000006353 USD254.73 %
Aug 2026$0.0000006805 USD279.99 %
Sep 2026$0.0000007132 USD298.24 %
Oct 2026$0.0000006006 USD235.36 %
Nov 2026$0.0000005819 USD224.92 %
Dec 2026$0.0000006359 USD255.09 %

Kuma Inu Price Prediction 2027

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2027$0.0000007503 USD318.95 %
Feb 2027$0.0000007722 USD331.19 %
Mar 2027$0.0000007708 USD330.39 %
Apr 2027$0.0000006315 USD252.63 %
May 2027$0.0000007247 USD304.64 %
Jun 2027$0.0000007136 USD298.44 %
Jul 2027$0.0000007236 USD304.04 %
Aug 2027$0.0000007031 USD292.63 %
Sep 2027$0.0000007871 USD339.49 %
Oct 2027$0.0000006522 USD264.18 %
Nov 2027$0.0000006736 USD276.11 %
Dec 2027$0.0000007101 USD296.54 %

Kuma Inu Price Prediction 2028

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2028$0.0000007946 USD343.7 %
Feb 2028$0.0000008821 USD392.57 %
Mar 2028$0.0000007967 USD344.84 %
Apr 2028$0.0000008895 USD396.71 %
May 2028$0.0000008933 USD398.79 %
Jun 2028$0.0000007630 USD326.06 %
Jul 2028$0.0000008151 USD355.16 %
Aug 2028$0.0000007623 USD325.64 %
Sep 2028$0.0000008349 USD366.2 %
Oct 2028$0.0000007437 USD315.27 %
Nov 2028$0.0000008448 USD371.72 %
Dec 2028$0.0000007468 USD317 %

* Our predictions are made on the basis of Historical Data. We are not responsible for any profit/loss.

How many Kuma Inu Coins are there in circulation?

Kuma Inu launched its v1 token on 05/12/2021 with 1 Quadrillion tokens. Originally 50% of supply was sent to Vitalik Buterin’s wallet.

25% was Listed on Uniswap, 12% was set aside as an ecosystem fund, for development and marketing, 3% was sent to their early investor Shiba Inu, and 10% was allocated as founder tokens and locked.

With 50% of their supply being sent to Vitalik, they decided to relaunch the token and instead sent those tokens to the dead address.

Who are the Developers of Kuma Inu?

The developers of Kuma Inu are anonymous, but they have developed and worked on many other successful projects like $Leash and $Shib. Shiba was also an early investor in Kuma supplying us with our initial liquidity.

About Kuma Inu V2 Upgrage

The Migration Event will be started on the 15th of June, 2021. In the interim, they want to give the entire process of migrating your KUMA tokens from v1 to v2 as simple and straightforward as possible.

The migration process of KUMA V2 is just a few easy clicks and they will explain the step-by-step process.

Keep in mind that while there will not be a time limit for migration to V2, and KUMA V1 holders can still farm dKUMA tokens on Kuma Breeder as same as before.

However, they are encouraging the community to migrate earlier rather than later.

They will be airdropping additional KUMA tokens to all people who migrate within one month from the Migration Event launch.

Migration Process

KUMA on Wallets: If you are holding your KUMA on wallets, then it’s just a piece of cake to migrate your tokens.
Click Approve and Migrate!

Kuma inu price prediction

KUMA Being staked on Kuma Breeder

As we mentioned above, you can keep farming with KUMA V1 tokens on Kuma Breeder and migrate to V2 tokens whenever you want.

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