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Kishu Inu Token Price Prediction – Is Kishu Inu Worth Buying Now?

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Welcome to Kishu inu token price prediction, in this article; we will be looking into the details of Kishu inu and its token price prediction.

What Is Kishu Inu?

Kishu Inu (KISHU) is a dog-based meme cryptocurrency that has selected the ‘Kishu’ dog breed as its mascot for its brand. The creators of KISHU do not hide that they were inspired by Dogecoin (DOGE), which was launched in 2013 and has since gained worldwide success and popularity.

The mission of Kishu Inu is to take meme coins to another level. The team aims to turn the project into something more than just a meme or a joke, and most importantly, to empower the KISHU token with the qualities of a real long-standing currency. The main competitive difference from comparable coins is that Kishu Inu is completely community-owned: the developers do not reserve tokens for the team, but rely on donations.

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Kishu Inu is a decentralized transactional network with a community focus, meaning that all decisions are made by the community. The project aims to bring certain next-generation concepts into the mainstream like non-fungible tokens, decentralized finance and participation rewards.

The dog-themed token was launched on April 17, 2021. Supporters of the digital asset and crypto enthusiasts have already named Kishu as Doge’s older brother. Interest in the currency was also fueled by a series of billboards promoting the coin in New York’s Times Square.

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Kishu Inu Token Price Prediction 2022 – 2031

2022Avg. Price $/Change %$0.00000000317$0.00000000251$0.0000000015$0.0000000015$0.0000000020940.00%$0.0000000021342.37%$0.0000000021644.29%$0.0000000020235.31%$0.0000000021543.76%$0.0000000021040.21%$0.0000000022047.19%$0.0000000020134.36%
2023Avg. Price $/Change %$0.0000000023154.60%$0.0000000025369.17%$0.0000000024664.56%$0.0000000024966.16%$0.0000000021342.39%$0.0000000023959.59%$0.0000000023858.73%$0.0000000021946.44%$0.0000000024764.80%$0.0000000024765.04%$0.0000000021946.03%$0.0000000026576.91%
2024Avg. Price $/Change %$0.0000000029597.29%$0.0000000022952.89%$0.0000000029496.30%$0.0000000026274.70%$0.00000000323115.78%$0.0000000020436.54%$0.0000000028288.31%$0.0000000026979.84%$0.0000000021040.36%$0.0000000021543.74%$0.0000000028791.95%$0.00000000306104.40%
2025Avg. Price $/Change %$0.00000000306104.36%$0.0000000027986.21%$0.0000000028590.07%$0.00000000318112.12%$0.0000000027784.93%$0.0000000027382.53%$0.00000000353135.82%$0.00000000353135.79%$0.0000000027080.52%$0.00000000362141.83%$0.00000000320113.51%$0.00000000342128.05%
2026Avg. Price $/Change %$0.0000000026778.33%$0.0000000025872.35%$0.0000000029194.20%$0.00000000324116.53%$0.0000000026375.78%$0.0000000028388.81%$0.0000000027382.10%$0.0000000027181.16%$0.0000000027885.46%$0.0000000027986.33%$0.0000000026979.96%$0.0000000027181.26%
2027Avg. Price $/Change %$0.00000000396164.55%$0.00000000413175.75%$0.00000000447198.12%$0.00000000382154.77%$0.00000000335123.61%$0.00000000339126.23%$0.00000000312108.38%$0.00000000453202.47%$0.00000000358139.08%$0.00000000308105.35%$0.00000000353135.40%$0.00000000454203.11%
2028Avg. Price $/Change %$0.00000000490226.89%$0.00000000513242.37%$0.00000000515243.45%$0.00000000593295.59%$0.00000000544262.71%$0.00000000590293.71%$0.00000000552268.24%$0.00000000494229.58%$0.00000000502234.98%$0.00000000500233.37%$0.00000000466210.93%$0.00000000494229.35%
2029Avg. Price $/Change %$0.00000000605303.51%$0.00000000650333.92%$0.00000000627318.47%$0.00000000639326.55%$0.00000000664343.09%$0.00000000673349.00%$0.00000000631320.75%$0.00000000626317.67%$0.00000000607305.24%$0.00000000637324.91%$0.00000000665343.46%$0.00000000615310.32%
2030Avg. Price $/Change %$0.00000000711374.32%$0.00000000687358.47%$0.00000000711374.01%$0.00000000705370.05%$0.00000000676350.79%$0.00000000691361.02%$0.00000000688358.74%$0.00000000718378.83%$0.00000000703368.71%$0.00000000680353.87%$0.00000000734389.67%$0.00000000727384.95%
2031Avg. Price $/Change %$0.00000000870480.44%$0.00000000766410.93%$0.00000000786424.41%$0.00000000833455.74%$0.00000000819446.61%$0.00000000800433.43%$0.00000000786424.23%$0.00000000768412.20%$0.00000000753402.65%$0.00000000889493.22%$0.00000000764409.73%$0.00000000843462.48%

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