Julswap JULD Price Prediction: Is JULD a Good Investment?

julswap juld price prediction

Welcome to bulliscoming Julswap JULD price prediction.

What is Julswap

JulSwap is Fully Decentralised and powered by Community Governance. It is the equivalent of Uniswap on the Binance Smart Chain. JulSwap offers the same Trading Engine and analytics as Uniswap and some additional features from Sushiswap.

Julswap Review

JulSwap, previously known as SwapLiquidity, is the equivalent of Uniswap on the Binance Smart Chain, it provides a better way to trade and earn on Uniswap with Ethereum, but also a DeFi which can execute a Liquidity Token Sale with a token. 

JulSwap offers the same Trading Engine and analytics as Uniswap and some additional features from Sushiswap. JulD token has an initial supply of 800,000,000 and can be minted when the Validators confirm the Minting Process!

JulSwap Price Prediction 2021

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Feb 2021$0.34194317 USD42.46 %
Mar 2021$0.39724089 USD65.49 %
Apr 2021$0.37490240 USD56.19 %
May 2021$0.39218159 USD63.39 %
Jun 2021$0.35273164 USD46.95 %
Jul 2021$0.34909201 USD45.43 %
Aug 2021$0.31576237 USD31.55 %
Sep 2021$0.35296265 USD47.05 %
Oct 2021$0.37272472 USD55.28 %
Nov 2021$0.40373993 USD68.2 %
Dec 2021$0.34251314 USD42.69 %

JulSwap Price Prediction 2022

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2022$0.46081767 USD91.98 %
Feb 2022$0.36594992 USD52.46 %
Mar 2022$0.47684374 USD98.66 %
Apr 2022$0.40665101 USD69.41 %
May 2022$0.36746248 USD53.09 %
Jun 2022$0.47119952 USD96.31 %
Jul 2022$0.36258354 USD51.06 %
Aug 2022$0.38795529 USD61.63 %
Sep 2022$0.46372488 USD93.19 %
Oct 2022$0.44547231 USD85.59 %
Nov 2022$0.46772773 USD94.86 %
Dec 2022$0.39803614 USD65.82 %

JulSwap Price Prediction 2023

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2023$0.52230740 USD117.6 %
Feb 2023$0.46420145 USD93.39 %
Mar 2023$0.46214887 USD92.53 %
Apr 2023$0.55211105 USD130.01 %
May 2023$0.44750621 USD86.43 %
Jun 2023$0.58972772 USD145.69 %
Jul 2023$0.47505760 USD97.91 %
Aug 2023$0.57222236 USD138.39 %
Sep 2023$0.46283679 USD92.82 %
Oct 2023$0.50236614 USD109.29 %
Nov 2023$0.41819958 USD74.23 %
Dec 2023$0.41849943 USD74.35 %

JulSwap Price Prediction 2024

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2024$0.61589331 USD156.59 %
Feb 2024$0.59513645 USD147.94 %
Mar 2024$0.65026886 USD170.91 %
Apr 2024$0.59856881 USD149.37 %
May 2024$0.57505510 USD139.57 %
Jun 2024$0.63669923 USD165.25 %
Jul 2024$0.50458098 USD110.21 %
Aug 2024$0.56636955 USD135.95 %
Sep 2024$0.62580809 USD160.72 %
Oct 2024$0.52044124 USD116.82 %
Nov 2024$0.70187122 USD192.4 %
Dec 2024$0.50863139 USD111.9 %

JulSwap Price Prediction 2025

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2025$0.69975183 USD191.52 %
Feb 2025$0.74967789 USD212.32 %
Mar 2025$0.72483353 USD201.97 %
Apr 2025$0.68021674 USD183.38 %
May 2025$0.65854133 USD174.35 %
Jun 2025$0.81521258 USD239.62 %
Jul 2025$0.80066415 USD233.56 %
Aug 2025$0.78077986 USD225.28 %
Sep 2025$0.74888526 USD211.99 %
Oct 2025$0.76044506 USD216.81 %
Nov 2025$0.75617206 USD215.03 %
Dec 2025$0.70629743 USD194.25 %

JulSwap Price Prediction 2026

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2026$0.75494766 USD214.52 %
Feb 2026$0.93964511 USD291.46 %
Mar 2026$0.78159889 USD225.62 %
Apr 2026$0.87883227 USD266.13 %
May 2026$0.79613315 USD231.68 %
Jun 2026$0.74322063 USD209.63 %
Jul 2026$0.86037877 USD258.44 %
Aug 2026$0.91875538 USD282.76 %
Sep 2026$0.72786298 USD203.23 %
Oct 2026$0.90163826 USD275.63 %
Nov 2026$0.82260933 USD242.71 %
Dec 2026$0.78778648 USD228.2 %

JulSwap Price Prediction 2027

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2027$0.78778648 USD228.2 %
Feb 2027$0.78778648 USD228.2 %
Mar 2027$0.78778648 USD228.2 %
Apr 2027$0.78778648 USD228.2 %
May 2027$0.78778648 USD228.2 %
Jun 2027$0.78778648 USD228.2 %
Jul 2027$0.78778648 USD228.2 %
Aug 2027$0.78778648 USD228.2 %
Sep 2027$0.78778648 USD228.2 %
Oct 2027$0.78778648 USD228.2 %
Nov 2027$0.78778648 USD228.2 %
Dec 2027$0.78778648 USD228.2 %

JulSwap Price Prediction 2028

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2028$1.01 USD322.58 %
Feb 2028$1.04 USD333.32 %
Mar 2028$1.13 USD369.98 %
Apr 2028$1.02 USD324.96 %
May 2028$1.09 USD353.8 %
Jun 2028$1.09 USD352.21 %
Jul 2028$1.08 USD350.17 %
Aug 2028$1.15 USD379.88 %
Sep 2028$0.97889419 USD307.81 %
Oct 2028$1.03 USD329.09 %
Nov 2028$1.08 USD348.36 %
Dec 2028$0.96613095 USD302.5 %

JulSwap Staking


What is JulSwap Staking and how does it work?

JulSwap Staking presents you the option to stake your crypto tokens into JulSwap’s Staking Contracts to receive live rewards for your deposited crypto, when there are rewards available for our community.

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How is the ROI calculated for each Staking Pool?

The rewards for each Staking Pool will be deposited by the project token team (JUL, OBR, VOX, etc…) into the Staking Smart Contract pool. The Deposited Rewards will be distributed to the Stakers in a predetermined timeline.

The JULb and JFT Staking pools will have rewards distributed every 7 days and the SLP Token Staking Contracts will have rewards distributed every 90 Days.


100% of the deposited staking tokens = 1.00 JULb

Remaining pool run time = 5 days

Full amount of remaining rewards = 9.96 JULb

9.96 JULb remaining rewards will be distributed in 5 days / 1 because there is just one deposited token at that time

= 9.96 JULb for 1 token / 5 days

= 1.992 JULb rewards per day for 1 deposited token

= 199.2% ROI per day

Should someone deposit 1 additional JULb into the Staking Contract today, the ROI per day will then decrease to 99.6% per day. The staking amount increases when the ROI gets smaller. The staking amount decreases when the ROI get higher, as there are more rewards available at that time.

Which Staking Pools are available for the Start?

  • JULb
  • JFT
  • SLP BNB / VOXb
  • SLP JULb / BNB

How do we pay the staking rewards?

  • JULb Staking: Each Week on Saturday or Sunday, the Just Liquidity team will buy back the given staking tokens with our Farming Fees. JULb will be bought back from the market and will be distributed into the JULb Staking Contract. The Rewards are distributed in real time and will be available to you as long as you have tokens deposited in the staking contract.
  • JFT Staking: To allow our JULb Farmers the option to stake as well, we integrated the JFT Token. Whenever you withdraw your JULb rewards from the JULb Farming contract, you will receive the same amount of rewards additionally in the form of JFT tokens, which can be used to stake. Every Week on Saturday or Sunday the Just Liquidity team will buy back tokens with our Farming Fees. JULb will be bought back from the market and will be distributed into the JFT Staking Contract. The Rewards are distributed in real time and will be available to you as long as you have tokens deposited in the staking contract.
  • SLP Token Staking: To Farm SLP Tokens you need to provide Liquidity into the selected JulSwap Liquidity Pool. For example, the SLP Staking contract JULb/BNB, you will need to provide Liquidity into the following contract:
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When you provide liquidity, you will receive SLP Tokens back which you can use to stake in our JulSwap Staking contract.

These Rewards are paid from our Marketing Budget should the Rewards come in the form of JULb. Should the Rewards come in the form of some other currency, then we are talking mainly about the rewards from the Projects themselves.

“We will stop executing weekly token burns and in turn will use these token rewards to increase our staking rewards for our community!”

How many Staking Rewards can one get weekly in the JULb and/or JFT Staking pools?

For example, Julswap has a total supply of 100,000 JUL of which 30,000 JUL are farmed and 70,000 JUL are staked. In this case, we will distribute 70% of the tokens from the buyback rewards into the JULb Staking pool and 30% into the JFT Staking pool.

How often can I claim the staking Rewards?

You can claim as often as you would like to receive the rewards without a time limit.

Minimum or Maximum Staking?

There is no Minimum or Maximum Staking Amount.

Can I lose my Tokens which I staked in the Staking Contract?

No, you can’t lose your Tokens which you deposited into the Staking Contract but the value of the tokens might change while it had been kept in the staking pool.

Will there be more Tokens available to stake in the future?

We are always working to increase our Staking Portfolio. We will continue to announce upcoming staking pairs when they become available.

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What is the Difference between Farming and Staking?

In the farming process, your deposited liquidity is used to increase the liquidity in the JulSwap interface or the Uniswap interface, which can create in the worst-case scenario an impermanent loss.

Staking means that you can deposit your Tokens into a Smart Contract which will remain there as long as you have your tokens in the staking pool. We cannot use your tokens for anything outside of the staking pool.

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