JULD Binance Listing Date: Everything You Need to Know?

juld binance listing

The disturbing question every JULD investor is likely to ask is “When is JULD Binance listing date”?, and others are likely to ask this “Will JULD be listed in Binance?

Julswap is the only Binance Smartchain project with the hghest community so far, having a telegram group of over 107k members. But yet Julswap token JULD is not yet listed on binance, there’s no official news about Juld binance listing yet.

Why is JULD Not listed on Binance Yet?

JULD Binance Listing Date

If we at Bulliscoming is CZ, the founder of Binance, we would have called upon Julswap to list their token JULD. But then, since we are not we don’t know why JULD is not yet listed on Binance. Despite their hard work and large community.

Will JULD be Listed in Binance?

Yes, JULD may not be listed on Binance yet, but we believe in a short time JULD will be listed in Binance. Here are some reasons why we believe in a short time JULD will be listed on Binance.

  • JULD has a very strong, reliable community
  • JULD is a core BSC project
  • Julswap is a top BSC swap after Pancakeswap
  • Julswap launch JULD DEX, making them independent from Binance

How to List Coin on Binance

To get your coin listed on Binance.com, please follow the instructions below to submit the listing application.1. Visit the application page and fill out the basic information about your project. Click on [Next] to continue.


2. Follow the link to complete additional information required on the Binance Listing Application Form.


Once you finished uploading all information, please tick the above box and click on [Next] to submit your application.


*Note: Binance receives a large number of applications and listings have to go through a rigorous screening process, please be patient after submitting your application.

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Is JULD a Good Investment?

Yes, JULD is a good investment. We believe JULD might in turn beat Pancakeswap to become the most reliable BSC swap. Check out our JULD price prediction

Final Verdict

In summary JULD will be listed on Binance. So it might take time, but then, Binance can not overlook a core project dominating their system.

How your thinking in this JULD project? Kindly, let us know in the comment section.

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