Is Zilliqa Coin a Good Investment? Expert In-depth Analysis

is zilliqa a good investment

So we began to do some exploration about the Zilliqa coin to know if Zilliqa is a good investment. So we will attempt to put our examination underneath

What is Zilliqa Coin (ZIL)

Zilliqa is a high-throughput public blockchain platform designed to scale to thousands of transactions per second. It is built to deliver performance, scalability, and security.

Zilliqa aims to drive the blockchain industry forward by developing the highest quality technology infrastructure which can create measurable and real-world impact.

To that end, they have sought to establish partnerships across industry verticals that have emerged as clear beneficiaries to innovative, decentralized technologies, with participation across digital advertising, financial services, payments, gaming, as well as digital entertainment.

With their platform, they hope users and businesses can leverage the full potential of decentralized technology.

The company (and platform) has its roots in academic research. The co-founders had identified scalability as one of the key issues that would potentially hinder widespread adoption of the technology.

As such, their team realized that blockchain scalability was a problem that needed to be addressed today rather than tomorrow.

Zilliqa coin is pronounced [‘zilikā’], where ‘Zi’ is pronounced as in ‘Zi[nc]’ and ‘ca’ is pronounced as in ‘[sili]ca’.

Is Zilliqa A Good Investment

The popular questions which is “IS ZILLIQA A GOOD INVESTMENT”?.

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Thought of Zilliqa Coin–

It is the blockchain stage that is intended to scale in an open, authorization less appropriated network safely. The center element that makes Zilliqa adaptable is the possibility of sharding.

What is Shading

Sharding is a mechanism in which a blockchain network and data are split into smaller divisions called shards. By dividing the network into parts, the distributed labor allows multiple transactions to be processed in parallel, resulting in higher throughput and greater operational efficiency, while preserving decentralization and security. This approach to scalability enables the network to scale as the number of participating nodes and transactions increases.

Therefore, Sharding is  dividing the organization into a few more modest segment organizations (everyone is called shard) equipped for preparing exchanges equally.

This engages the organization to deal with more number of exchanges aggregately, and that makes us feel Zilliqa coin is a good investment.

The entire thought began from conquering the impediments in scaling up existing conventions of broadly utilized Blockchain stage like Bitcoin or Ethereum organization.

The engineers behind Zilliqa accept that the issues lie in the plan of the agreement and organization conventions of those.

That is the reason just re-designing may scale up somewhat however not radically as needed to help a great many exchanges/sec and arrive at its maximum capacity.

The whitepaper of Zilliqa says –

Zilliqa is “another blockchain stage that is intended to scale in exchange rates.” As the quantity of excavators in ZILLIQA builds, its exchange rates are relied upon to increment too. In particular, ZILLIQA’s plan permits its exchange rates to generally twofold with each couple of hundred hubs added to its organization. As of this composition, the Ethereum mining network is more than 30,000 hubs. At Ethereum’s current limit, ZILLIQA would hope to measure around multiple times the exchange paces of Ethereum

Zilliqa Use Cases

Zilliqa is committed to delivering a scalable and secure platform for developers and enterprises who wish to build decentralized applications.

  • Sharding in Practice: Their unique application of sharding allows the blockchain to scale in a linear fashion. This ensures that the Zilliqa platform can scale to meet the needs of a growing ecosystem of miners and applications.
  • Eco-Friendly Dual Mining: Thanks to Zilliqa’s consensus mechanism, the ecological footprint of mining has considerably been reduced. Only 1 minute out of every 2-3 hours is needed to mine ZIL, allowing one to dual-mine other chains at the same time.
  • Blossoming Ecosystem: Over 60 project teams from over 20 countries have contributed to Zilliqa’s ecosystem. This includes individuals and teams developing wallets, explorers, developer toolkits, smart contract testing frameworks, dapps, and more.
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Zilliqa Coin Price Prediction

In a matter of 5 years, anything can happen. But as per the market trends and considering the mission and vision of the cryptocurrency, there are high hopes that it might sustain and end up becoming one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies, with a high rate of investment.

Zilliqa Price Prediction 2021

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Feb 2021$0.18154110 USD59.64 %
Mar 2021$0.15543863 USD36.69 %
Apr 2021$0.18036301 USD58.61 %
May 2021$0.18668619 USD64.17 %
Jun 2021$0.15709692 USD38.15 %
Jul 2021$0.18022626 USD58.49 %
Aug 2021$0.18438444 USD62.14 %
Sep 2021$0.19311464 USD69.82 %
Oct 2021$0.16981139 USD49.33 %
Nov 2021$0.15267550 USD34.26 %
Dec 2021$0.15700505 USD38.07 %

Zilliqa Price Prediction 2022

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2022$0.20624329 USD81.36 %
Feb 2022$0.21652258 USD90.4 %
Mar 2022$0.21395028 USD88.14 %
Apr 2022$0.22409846 USD97.07 %
May 2022$0.19737785 USD73.57 %
Jun 2022$0.20617799 USD81.31 %
Jul 2022$0.20581840 USD80.99 %
Aug 2022$0.21392129 USD88.12 %
Sep 2022$0.18802605 USD65.34 %
Oct 2022$0.17653569 USD55.24 %
Nov 2022$0.22273688 USD95.87 %
Dec 2022$0.20196704 USD77.6 %

Zilliqa Price Prediction 2023

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2023$0.20239436 USD77.98 %
Feb 2023$0.22633078 USD99.03 %
Mar 2023$0.21248153 USD86.85 %
Apr 2023$0.20749473 USD82.46 %
May 2023$0.19822379 USD74.31 %
Jun 2023$0.24942446 USD119.34 %
Jul 2023$0.20013919 USD76 %
Aug 2023$0.26040524 USD128.99 %
Sep 2023$0.23537794 USD106.98 %
Oct 2023$0.21546073 USD89.47 %
Nov 2023$0.23886109 USD110.05 %
Dec 2023$0.22398966 USD96.97 %

Zilliqa Price Prediction 2024

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2024$0.28289285 USD148.77 %
Feb 2024$0.25578268 USD124.93 %
Mar 2024$0.30813167 USD170.96 %
Apr 2024$0.25814542 USD127 %
May 2024$0.23673788 USD108.18 %
Jun 2024$0.27013704 USD137.55 %
Jul 2024$0.31075022 USD173.26 %
Aug 2024$0.26268540 USD131 %
Sep 2024$0.28803349 USD153.29 %
Oct 2024$0.32071588 USD182.03 %
Nov 2024$0.30283472 USD166.3 %
Dec 2024$0.28751098 USD152.83 %

Zilliqa Price Prediction 2025

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2025$0.28593770 USD151.44 %
Feb 2025$0.33220302 USD192.13 %
Mar 2025$0.36476114 USD220.76 %
Apr 2025$0.35281871 USD210.26 %
May 2025$0.32400991 USD184.92 %
Jun 2025$0.34647160 USD204.68 %
Jul 2025$0.35842753 USD215.19 %
Aug 2025$0.36609795 USD221.93 %
Sep 2025$0.36482377 USD220.81 %
Oct 2025$0.38395072 USD237.63 %
Nov 2025$0.34192048 USD200.67 %
Dec 2025$0.29477504 USD159.22 %

How to Invest in Zilliqa

You can invest in Zilliqa either through Day Trading, Staking or Holding. Whichever way you choose that will be best for you. Since there’s no best way to make money.

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But here’s how we invest in Zilliqa, by staking it for long term.

A crypto wallet is essentially software that stores public or private keys and engages with a particular blockchain platform to enable users to send, receive and trade cryptocurrency, and keep a close watch on their asset balances.

Storing your $ZIL in wallets that are secure, user-friendly and accessible is of the utmost importance.

Wallets come in several types such as hardware, software, desktop. Below, we share our recommendations for the top mobile wallets you can use.$ZIL Wallets

Final Verdict

ICO of Zilliqa is finished and lamentably we couldn’t take an interest in that. It will doubtlessly hit the trade at least 8-10 times higher than the ICO cost. Notwithstanding that reality, we will take our activities and get it as thought and group behind it is obviously superior to bunches of different coins existing today.

In conclusion our answer to the question “Is Zilliqa a Good Investment”, we say yes it is a good one.

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