Hyperverse is Real or Fake – Everything You Need to Know About h5 Hyperverse


In this reading “Hyperverse is Real or Fake – Everything You Need to Know About h5 Hyperverse” you are going to find out about the Hyperverse scams.

h5 Hyperverse was previously known as HyperFunds, a lot of people were confirming HyperFunds was a Ponzi scheme set out to scam and get rid of people’s funds, and immediately they notice it.

They rebranded to Hyperverse, the rebranding took place on December 5th, 2021 and they became more excited about the successful relaunching of the platform.

However, the CEO Ryan, Sam, and Steven of HyperFunds flea to Dubai which they are nowhere to be found, the act of what the CEO did makes the community members send overwhelming feedbacks and threat to HyperFunds.

After the incident, a lot of people started stuffing the net to get reviews if Hyperverse is Real or Fake, and a lot of top financial authorized companies including the SEC sensed Hyperverse as a scam.

Meanwhile, let’s dive deep to know if Hyperverse is Real or Fake.

What Is Hyperverse Investment?

Hyperverse is Real or Fake - Everything You Need to Know About h5 Hyperverse

Hyperverse investment is a newly crypto Ecosystem that aims to create Defi monetary infrastructure for users who loves Digital Currency and the project seems to be based on metaverse which might be Efforts time travel.

The team said Humans mastered interstellar traveling technology in the year 2078 AD. After the first human settlement, “HyperVerse”, built by the first group of human voyagers on the Proxima Centauri star system, mankind officially entered the age of interstellar migration.

Meanwhile, Hyperverse operates on a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) model which claims to offer passive interest opportunities and they are recruiting affiliate investors in New Zealand.

Hyperverse is not registered or licensed to provide financial services/products in New Zealand.

They claim that they focus more on the Virtual metaverse which comprising of millions of planets In the HyperVerse, players, also known as voyagers, can connect with friends, experience different cultures and lifestyles, create tokenized items, start businesses, and explore the universe.

Hyperverse Investment Plan

Hyperverse has a lot of hype as the name implies meanwhile, they are still looking forward to getting a lot of people registering on the platform and their promising investment plan (ROI) seems untrue which is 300% ROI in 600Days and their membership plans are as followed; 300, 500, 1000, 3000 HU.

As they are now running out of funds they decided to increase their ROI and they also increased the membership of plans which includes; 400, 800, 1200 or 3600 HU with a 400% return of investment and their HU token value is equivalent to $1.

Their management promises their investors a lot of benefits on the membership plan they choose to go for and there’s a referral program in which their investors can invite their friends and get a commission of about 20% on any amount their referral invests.

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Hyperverse is Real or Fake?

Hyperverse has tagged a scam operating company that intends to scam their investors in due time, the platform won’t take up to 1years before it will finally crash like a plane

Since their income is mainly from new members, when they start getting low members or people registering on their platform, they will finally fond up and do away with every investor’s money.

Those who came in late are the ones to lose and those that joined early are the ones who will benefit from the platform, the more they keep being users of the platform, the more they earn from commissions and daily rewards.

Meanwhile, a lot of investors are brainwashed with the testimony and alert from the platform not knowing that their main goal is to steal investor money.

3 Reasons Why Hyperverse is a Scam

  1. You can’t get a refund after investment apart from daily rewards till your due date of investment.
  2. They have claimed to be what does exist on blockchain technology and they are hyping it and they are making promises that it’s going to happen this year.
  3. Recently they announced that they are now merged with a company Genaro Network is the first smart data ecosystem with a Dual-Strata Architecture, integrating a public blockchain with decentralized storage meanwhile this leading-edge company hasn’t even updated its website for four or five years now, this looks like a trap to catch more people to invest on their platform.


Hope we have answered the question “Hyperverse is Real or Fake?”

It is better to use your money to learn a high-income Digital Skill that will pay off bills in the future than to invest your hard-earned money in a crooked investment scheme that won’t stand in a taste of time.

Meanwhile, they will surely fond up if investors stop investing on their platform though this is not financial advice but an educative Article to pass information.