SuperEX Airdrop: How To Unlock ET On SuperEX Exchange Platform

How To Unlock ET On SuperEX Exchange Platform

I’m super excited to share with you the Superex airdrop. In cryptocurrency systems, airdrops are often used as a marketing strategy to gain attention and new followers, resulting in a large user base.

The super token ecosystem is building the first fully decentralized digital asset exchange, ET. With an active wallet address on a superex exchange, you can claim a super airdrop.

And in this guide, you will learn about;

  • Superex Airdrop
  • Superex Coin
  • How to unlock ET on superex

Let’s get started.

Superex Airdrop

Superex is the first web 3.0 cryptocurrency exchange platform, and the largest DAO network. The new cryptocurrency exchange platform is currently rewarding users with their utility token called ET to gain popularity and a large base.

With signup, superex will reward you with their utility token worth 5 ET and you can earn more ET if you perform some certain task; follow them on social media like Telegram, and Twitter and you can invite your friends to earn more ET.

Superex Coin

Superex coin or token called ET which means Extraterrestrial Token is the utility asset of superex exchange platforms which happens to be the first web 3.0 cryptocurrency trading platform and largest DAO network.

However, tokens or coins are primarily designed to increase an exchange’s liquidity or facilitate an exchange’s platform.

And on the superex exchange platform, traders can trade ET with other assets to make profits. Traders can also hold or use ET to purchase digital assets on the Superex exchange platform.

How to Unlock ET On Superex Exchange Platform

According to the superex exchange team, you trade to unlock ET airdrop, and it’s either you perform futures or spot trading. For now, that’s the only option the superex exchange platform offers its users who want to unlock and withdraw ET airdrop.

But according to the team, they are working closely to allow users to unlock ET without trading.

However, Out of the many ways you can earn in the cryptocurrency system is by trading or holding coins.

In this chapter, you will learn;

  • What is future trading?
  • How to trade futures on the superex exchange platform
  • What is spot trading?
  • How to trade spot on superex exchange platform

What Is Futures Trading?

In cryptocurrency, futures trading is the act of trading a digital currency’s future price.

However, future trading is very different from spot trading because they operate with a price that is based on different assets.

But then;

How Do you Trade Futures On Superex Exchange Platform

Trading futures is one of the few ways you can unlock your ET airdrop on the superex exchange platform, and here is the step-by-step guide on how to trade futures on the superex.

  1. Log in to the homepage of SuperEx’s official website Click on the top navigation bar to enter the contract account of the wallet.
How To Unlock ET On SuperEX Exchange Platform
  1. Click the transfer button to transfer the funds to the Futures account.
superex airdrop
  1. Choose a Futures account, currency, and the amount you want to transfer. Click “Confirm Transfer” after confirming that it is correct.
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  1. Enter the Futures interface through the top navigation bar.
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  1. According to the situation, select “cross position”, “split position”, “isolated position” and “market price” or “limit price” to open a position, select “leverage” and enter “amount”, select “open long” for bullish and “open short” for bearish.

What Is Spot Trading?

In cryptocurrency, Spot trading is the process of buying digital assets and reselling them when they rise in value.

As a beginner, spot trading offers you a simple way to invest and profits in the cryptocurrency system.

How To Trade Spot On Superex Exchange Platform

Trading Spot on the superex exchange platform is another way you can unlock ET airdrop.

Here are the few steps to trade spot on the superex exchange platform

  1. Find Spot in the navigation bar at the top of the homepage of the official website.
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  1. Find the trading pair you need at the top left (here, take Bitcoin as an example).
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  1. After confirming that it is a BTC/USDT trading pair, select the limit order, and enter the price and amount you want to buy, that is, the order is submitted successfully. 
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(Waiting for the system to match the transaction between the buyer and the seller).

  1. You can also choose the market price commission, enter the amount, and click “Buy BTC”, that is, the commission is submitted successfully. 
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(Waiting for the system to match the transaction between the buyer and the seller).

  1. For example, if a user wants to convert BTC to USDT, he only needs to change the transaction from buying to selling.
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Superex exchange platforms are new, and they are rewarding users with their native token or coin called ET. They are rewarding users with ET airdrop to gain attention and popularity in the cryptocurrency system.

And you know, Airdrop is one of the ways to make money easily in the cryptocurrency market.

Unfortunately, the superex airdrop is currently locked and the only option to unlock and withdraw your superex airdrop is to trade futures or spots.

Now tell me, have you traded futures or spots on the superex exchange platform to unlock your ET airdrop?

What is your experience?