Graham Frame is an Internationally Recognised Master Hypnotist, Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Coach & LinkedIn Authority originally coming from Manchester, England.

Graham Frame is an expert, and the founder of

Graham Frame Early Life

graham frame

His career roles and businesses have been many and varied and he is able to bring new and exciting ideas and strategies to any situation.

Graham has been married to the love of his life for over 38 years and looks forward to many more happy years.

Although Graham is now retired he still devotes much of his time to helping others find their route to personal success and is always happy to answer questions and offer advice through his many websites or email.

Speaking engagements and training seminars may be accepted if booked well in advance.

What About Graham Frame Weshareabundance (Non – Profit Organization

The objectives of We Share Abundance are to fight poverty and suffering on a global scale while promoting equality, love, and sharing.

Weshareabundance mission is to build a community of like-minded individuals who seek more than just material abundance; a community built around service to others and so providing a path to spiritual gratification and true happiness through abundance in God.

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