Just within a 24hours price movement, Goatcoin pumps from $19 to $3,400 according to Coinmarket and Coingecko.


Goatcoin is a governance and reward token on “Goatcha” an NFT marketplace platform on BSC. And expert analysis from Bulliscoming have shown that the price is expected to break about the $5,000 in coming days, do check out bulliscoming Goatcoin Price Prediction from 2021 to 2028

However, from our technical analysis report, we discover that on Tuesday, April, 25th Goatcoin was trading at $2,500 before it dumped to $16 still on the 24hours price movement. As seen in the 24hours all-time low, and high I’m the screenshot below.


Until today before the comeback of Goatcoin, Also from the Goatcoin price chart as seen above, we can deduce that this massive dump, and then a comeback pump has occurred twice in a roll. Thereby, we feel they might be another massive dump, and then a comeback, so we urge traders to keep an eye on Goatcoin for any chance to enter in the next All-time lows.

But then, we can’t predict the day, time, or when the dump will occur, but following the trend pattern of Goatcoin, we did draw our prediction analysis. If you have a contrary analysis, do let us know in the comment section, and stand a chance to win a gift.

In conclusion, we thought this analysis will be useful for you to make decision whether or not to take the risk in investing, trading or to HODL Goat coin. And don’t forget to check out our Goatcoin Price Prediction

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