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Fox Finance Token Price Prediction, and Expert Analysis

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Welcome to Bulliscoming Fox Finance Token Price Prediction and Overview.

Fox Finance is a complete ecosystem that consists of applications built to facilitate widespread acceptance and implementation of cryptocurrency and DeFi for users of any level of experience and knowledge, while continually working on expanding the scope of circulation for Fox Finance token.

It is their goal to build a digital space that is neither restricted to nor reliant on, the Fox Finance token technology and token holders.

What is Fox Finance Token

Fox Finance Token Price Prediction, and Expert Analysis

The Fox Finance (FOX) token plays two main roles within the Fox Finance ecosystem.

  • First, it creates a solid financial foundation for holders by automatically generating interest through its embedded staking mechanisms, and
  • Second, it is a concrete representation of the amount of FOX held by each respective owner.

These two foundational use cases are intentionally independent of each other to allow for the combination of multiple streams of income simultaneously. They approached FOX with the understanding of exponential value at heart and the knowledge that passive income is the gateway to financial freedom.

This is why FOX allows you to earn profit through three distinct streams of income.

Fox Finance Token Income Streams

  • Transaction tax – 6% tax per token swap, divided proportionally to all FOX holders.
  • Liquidity tax – An additional 6% tax per swap sent directly to the master wallet. At the end of each day, they lock the amount collected in this way for the following 48 months as their way of protecting liquidity and ensuring complete budgetary transparency
  • Burning Mechanism – 1 trillion FOX will be burned every day for 50 days, at which point they will assess how they can best reward FOX holders moving forward. Additionally, the burn wallet receives tokens from the 6% redistribution tax, ensuring a continuous burn mechanic which will apply automatically throughout the lifetime of the token.
  • Secondary burn method – As a way to keep the price steady, their goal is to maintain liquidity at 10% of the circulating supply. If there is unlocked liquidity in excess of that limit at any time it will be burned.

How Does Fox Finance Ecosystem Works

Fox Finance Token Tokenoeconomic

FOX was listed on Pancakeswap shortly after its presale for public trading.

  • Initial Price: 1 FOX = 0.0000000000025$
  • Estimated Liquidity (Presale Goal Reached): 5 BNB (approx. 1250$)
  • Estimated Market Cap: 2500$

The Pancakeswap pool will be locked for the first 60 days and any amount from the liquidity tax will be collected at the end of the day and promptly locked for the following 48months. If, at any time, the total supply FOX in the liquidity pool exceeds 10 % of the
circulating supply, the liquidity tax will function as a burn mechanism instead.

At its core, FOX Finance tokens have the functionality to change long-term investing forever. FOX is fundamentally crafted to allow for a steady, predictable return with growth that far exceeds traditional fiat investing and invalidates the need for savings accounts through centralized financial institutions.

Beyond that, the FOX Finance token is the official digital asset within the FOX ecosystem. This means that it has an actual, concrete value when it is distributed as payment for completing the eco-focused projects, providing opportunities to build lasting wealth.

FOX will also allow them to develop, launch, and maintain an Ecosystem Fund. Beginning with 10% of the initial Fox Finance supply, this will be used as a method to incentivize long-term holders while also strengthening the Fox Finance ecosystem in its entirety.

In short, the FOX Finance token is the driving force behind the integrated DeFi dashboard as well as the application built on top of it.

  • FOX is the utility token for Fox Finance
  • Holders are provided rewards in real-time
  • Passionately spearheading conservation efforts enthusiastically supporting charities worldwide
  • Unique NFTs made by AAA artist

FOX Price Live Data

The live Fox Finance price today 4/18/21 is $2.25e-8 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $262,131 USD. Fox Finance is up 139.62% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #2925, with a live market cap of not available. The circulating supply is not available and the max. supply is not available.

FOX is an auto-staking token on the Binance Smart Chain, which grants rewards for its holders. 6% of each transaction goes to liquidity with a rolling 4-year lock, and another 6% goes to each holder by stake (including the burn wallet). Our goal is to create an ecosystem and community of awareness focused on wildlife conservation through our advocacy platform FOXES IN ACTION.

Since its inception, FOXES IN ACTION has performed multiple advocacy campaigns, rewarding the community for tasks such as planting trees and reducing plastic waste through reusable straws.

They have virtually adopted several foxes through the World Wildlife Fund and provided other financial donations to worldwide wildlife organizations. They recently released their official FOXNFT contract with a trading platform in alpha on the Binance Smart Chain, which will be used to sell professional art and 3D models for charitable donations.

Above all else, FOX considers itself to be a true CharityToken: they seek to use their token’s economic power to build greater communities of awareness on the Binance Smart Chain and to make an impact in the world environment through donations, action, and new and emerging blockchain technologies.

FOX Token Price Prediction 2021

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Feb 2021$1.59 USD66.25 %
Mar 2021$1.59 USD65.87 %
Apr 2021$1.37 USD43.06 %
May 2021$1.34 USD40.08 %
Jun 2021$1.35 USD41.03 %
Jul 2021$1.38 USD44.46 %
Aug 2021$1.37 USD42.89 %
Sep 2021$1.47 USD53.76 %
Oct 2021$1.5 USD56.78 %
Nov 2021$1.27 USD32.92 %
Dec 2021$1.33 USD38.72 %

FOX Token Price Prediction 2022

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2022$1.53 USD60.31 %
Feb 2022$1.57 USD64.28 %
Mar 2022$1.68 USD75.36 %
Apr 2022$1.83 USD91.1 %
May 2022$1.8 USD87.7 %
Jun 2022$1.61 USD68.51 %
Jul 2022$1.56 USD63.1 %
Aug 2022$1.66 USD73.34 %
Sep 2022$1.87 USD95.84 %
Oct 2022$1.79 USD87.08 %
Nov 2022$1.5 USD56.31 %
Dec 2022$1.52 USD58.82 %

FOX Token Price Prediction 2023

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2023$1.98 USD107.2 %
Feb 2023$1.98 USD106.73 %
Mar 2023$1.86 USD94.52 %
Apr 2023$2.34 USD144.06 %
May 2023$2.21 USD131.35 %
Jun 2023$1.81 USD89.07 %
Jul 2023$2.15 USD124.59 %
Aug 2023$1.94 USD102.25 %
Sep 2023$1.77 USD84.67 %
Oct 2023$1.73 USD81.16 %
Nov 2023$1.89 USD97.31 %
Dec 2023$1.9 USD98.32 %

FOX Token Price Prediction 2024

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2024$2.67 USD178.85 %
Feb 2024$2.49 USD160.6 %
Mar 2024$2.77 USD189.4 %
Apr 2024$2.84 USD196.94 %
May 2024$2.84 USD196.46 %
Jun 2024$2.86 USD199.3 %
Jul 2024$2 USD109.46 %
Aug 2024$1.96 USD104.36 %
Sep 2024$2.42 USD153.15 %
Oct 2024$2.66 USD178.35 %
Nov 2024$2.41 USD152.32 %
Dec 2024$2.49 USD159.72 %

FOX Token Price Prediction 2025

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2025$2.51 USD162.48 %
Feb 2025$2.85 USD197.27 %
Mar 2025$3.32 USD246.66 %
Apr 2025$3.24 USD238.4 %
May 2025$3.1 USD223.92 %
Jun 2025$3.12 USD225.76 %
Jul 2025$2.64 USD175.57 %
Aug 2025$3.1 USD223.54 %
Sep 2025$2.55 USD166.54 %
Oct 2025$2.57 USD168.3 %
Nov 2025$2.71 USD183.55 %
Dec 2025$2.81 USD193.95 %

FOX Token Price Prediction 2026

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2026$3.4 USD255.53 %
Feb 2026$3.07 USD220.89 %
Mar 2026$3.43 USD258.45 %
Apr 2026$3.77 USD294.18 %
May 2026$2.97 USD210.28 %
Jun 2026$3.38 USD252.97 %
Jul 2026$2.97 USD209.91 %
Aug 2026$3.44 USD259.57 %
Sep 2026$2.95 USD207.79 %
Oct 2026$3.69 USD285.59 %
Nov 2026$3.31 USD245.7 %
Dec 2026$3.62 USD278.1 %

FOX Token Price Prediction 2027

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2027$3.62 USD278.1 %
Feb 2027$3.62 USD278.1 %
Mar 2027$3.62 USD278.1 %
Apr 2027$3.62 USD278.1 %
May 2027$3.62 USD278.1 %
Jun 2027$3.62 USD278.1 %
Jul 2027$3.62 USD278.1 %
Aug 2027$3.62 USD278.1 %
Sep 2027$3.62 USD278.1 %
Oct 2027$3.62 USD278.1 %
Nov 2027$3.62 USD278.1 %
Dec 2027$3.62 USD278.1 %

FOX Token Price Prediction 2028

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2028$4.39 USD358.56 %
Feb 2028$4.01 USD318.78 %
Mar 2028$4.51 USD370.78 %
Apr 2028$4.42 USD362.25 %
May 2028$4.33 USD351.9 %
Jun 2028$4.39 USD358.29 %
Jul 2028$3.9 USD307.43 %
Aug 2028$4.69 USD389.63 %
Sep 2028$4.6 USD380.18 %
Oct 2028$4.2 USD338.84 %
Nov 2028$4.42 USD361.65 %
Dec 2028$4.24 USD342.97 %

* Our predictions are made on the basis of Historical Data. We are not responsible for any profit / loss.

How to Buy Fox Finance Token

Fox Finance Token $FOX is tradable on pancakeswap and can easily be accessible on most wallets. Here is a brief tutorial on how to buy on Trustwallet without any issues whatsoever.

1*syXGgP9xYd5YDh DcDSgjQ
1*syXGgP9xYd5YDh DcDSgjQ

More than a meme, better than most tokens and rewards holders and Lp providers.

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