Forsage BNB Smart Contract Review


During the reign of the smart contract project on the Ethereum blockchain. Forsage is one of the largest smart contract projects ever with Lionsshare smart contract as a rival. If you are new to the smart contracts world, kindly read this article that explains what smart contract is all about.

What is Forsage

Forsage is an international community and a global decentralized marketing ecosystem, powered by revolutionary smart contract technology built on ETH and TRX

Forsage BNB Review

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The Forsage BNB smart contract is a peer-to-peer smart contract that’s 100% decentralized. As the name implies Forsage BNB smart contract uses the Binance Smart Chain Cryptocurrency.

All you need is 0.05BNB + gas fee which could equal to 0.054BNB approximately (N5500 to N7500 in naira, and $16 in USD) to register on the platform.

Forsage BNB is decentralized this means as you earn from your marketing, you receive your profit immediately in your wallet.

Learn more in a video by Lado Okhotnikov, one of the authors of the FORSAGE idea.

Features of Forsage BNB Smart Contract

Forsage BNB Smart Contract Review

The forsage BNB contract is divided into three parts:

  1. Forsage X3 and X4 (0.05BNB)
  2. Forsage xXx (0.05BNB) optional
  3. Forsage xGold (0.1BNB) optional

Each of these parts have 12 levels, upgrading to a higher levels means you will have the tendency to make more money from your marketing, and upgrading to a higher levels is not compulsory.

The Forsage BNB X3 and X4

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  • The Forsage BNB X3 is the referral matrix, that means you earn as you refer.
  • The Forsage BNB X4 is the team matrix, which means you earn from referrals, spillovers (earning from your upline), and overflows (earning from downline).

Meanwhile, Upline means the person that referred you into the contract while Downline means the person you referred into the Forsage BNB smart contract.

The Forsage BNB xXx and xGold

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The Forsage BNB xXx and xGold is known as the global matrix. In this section, earnings can come from literally anywhere. All you have to do is to ensure that you are on a good team to get the full benefits of the Forsage BNB smart contract.

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How to buy BNB for registration in Forsage BNB

Forsage BNB works on Binance Smart Chain and requires to have BNB BEP-20 format in your wallet for registration.

There are 3 simple ways to get it.

1. Trust wallet

A decentralized wallet from Binance exchange for mobile devices.

Thanks to the integration with the Simplex provider, you can buy BNB inside your wallet using VISA / MasterCard card. Apple Pay is also available for buying crypto.

When buying from a card the commission in Trust Wallet can reach up to 12%. At the same time, the minimum purchase amount from a credit card is $50, the maximum is $20,000.

In Trust Wallet, the BNB coin of BEP-20 format we need is called Smart Chain (BNB)


Also, inside the wallet, you can buy another cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, etc.) and swap it to Smart Chain (BNB).

2. Token Pocket

An easy-to-use, decentralized wallet that supports a lot of blockchains, including BSC. The wallet has many functions: transfers, trading, conversion, asset management, DApp store, etc.

If you already have TRX or ETH on your wallet, you can swap it to BNB.

For example, TRX-BNB. The minimum limit of TRX for one swap is 1500 TRX. Maximum — 30,000 TRX.

1) Go to the Market tab, then click on the Token Swap section.


2) Then chose which crypto you want to swap (in our case it is TRX).
3) On the other side choose BNB (Smart chain)
4) Enter the amount
5) Choose the receiving address from the list.6) Click on the swap button.


3. Binance Exchange

If you have already had an account on Binance, you can buy BNB on the exchange.

A simple registration procedure and the ability to purchase cryptocurrency with fiat will allow you to buy BNB and send it to your decentralized wallet.

Over 70 BNB trading pairs are available on the exchange. The withdrawal limit per day without KYC: 2 BTC.

Binance withdrawal fees for BNB:

• BEP-20 (BSC): 0.0008 BNB
• BEP-2 (BC): 0.001 BNB

When withdraw make sure you send coins to the Binance Smart chain network BEP-20 and wallet address start from 0x…, not bnb…

Is Forsage BNB Scam, Legal or illegal?

To put it simply, itʼs neither legal nor illegal. This is because does not need to be regulated or be approved to operate online since it is free from government control due to its decentralized nature. Fact is, it is not a corporate entity or company. It does not do business transactions between parties as an MLM company would.

Forsage BNB is a system built on pre-defined codes deployed by the developers on a blockchain network, they know this as a smart contract. If you are looking for proof, start researching first about smart contracts, decentralized blockchain, and the transparency of Bitcoin.

Why Is FORSAGE BNB Not A Ponzi?

“Why is FORSAGE BNB smart contract not a Ponzi scheme?” – Some of you have grown tired of answering this one! We’ll break it down for you! You get the answer and we get a like, deal? Let’s go!

What is a Ponzi scheme?

A Ponzi scheme – is a planned fraudulent operation that has an obvious outcome. It’s a bubble that will inevitably burst for a number of reasons:

  • Firstlyin a Ponzi scheme, old participants get paid with the money from new participants. Sooner or later the scheme operator decides to pull it to keep their profits. It’s mathematically impossible for this scheme to go on forever anyway.
  • Secondly, a Ponzi scheme is always centralized! Every pyramid has an operator who can push the proverbial button to stop payouts and claim all the money. Once that happens, the pyramid is done.
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Why is FORSAGE BNB not a Ponzi scheme?

FORSAGE doesn’t have a single thing in common with the scheme above:

  • All transactions are made between users: from wallet to wallet;
  • The FORSAGE smart contract balance is always zero; 
  • FORSAGE doesn’t have an administrator who could terminate the project;
  • FORSAGE is 100% decentralized;
  • Investment math doesn’t apply here, what’s more, there is no investment to speak of.

Does FORSAGE have a product?

Yes! The requirement of a material product is an obsolete stereotype, because when you become a FORSAGE community member, you get a product — a digital one, like an application or a game. Having bought it once, you can sell it an unlimited number of times! You don’t have to meet a monthly quota like in multi-level marketing projects with material products.

Do old FORSAGE participants earn money from new participants?

No. If you don’t do anything and simply sit around waiting, there is no way to earn money with FORSAGE. The platform is built on blockchain technology, works without human intervention and will continue working no matter what happens. It doesn’t matter if you joined the community half a year ago or just now — you have all the chances of earning a great income!

Let’s sum it up:

  • FORSAGE is fully decentralized, it doesn’t have an administrator who can decide to close down the project;
  • The smart contract balance stays empty, and all transactions are made between participant wallets;
  • FORSAGE has a product, but it’s a digital one that can be sold an unlimited number of times;
  • Doesn’t matter when you join the community — if you work, you get paid;
  • Nobody can intervene in the platform’s operation. If you invite a new participant — you get paid directly to your wallet.
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How to Join Bulliscoming Forsage BNB Power Team

bulliscoming forsage bnb power team

Hi, I am Johnmiracle Ejikeme, founder of, a pro blogger and a network marketer. I have created Bulliscoming Forsage BNB Power Team to help newbies earn from Forsage bnb, and also to connect leaders to grow a big team on Forsage BNB.

At Bulliscoming Forsage BNB Power Team, we don’t do the followings:

  • False marketing
  • Convince people to join our team
  • Beg people to join our team
  • Compel people to join our team

Rather, we educate you How Forsage BNB is all about and how it can change your financial status if done properly and with the right team.

To join our team for more clarification click this link .. HR- Bulliscoming Forsage BNB Power Team Whatsapp or contact any of the Bulliscoming Forsage BNB Team Leaders.

N/B; Each Bulliscoming Forsage BNB Team Leader has its separate community, so we are the largest Forsage BNB Smart Contract Network, it will be a loss on your end not to be a part of us.

Bulliscoming Forsage BNB Team Leaders and Contacts

bull forsage

Click on the link to contact – Bulliscoming Forsage BNB Team Leader Bro Titus

Final Verdict

A lot of lives were changed in 2020 through smart contracts, and thus a lot of people lost money in the game due to they weren’t up to the task.

So before joining any smart contract project ensure you read our article (Truth and Lies about Smart contract) to get a full knowledge of how it works.


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