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Elastic BNB: XBN Price Prediction, and Expert Analysis

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Elastic BNB XBN’s mission is powering Defi Apps on Binance Smart Chain. XBN utilizes the power of BSC’s Smart Contract to achieve its goal: 1 XBN = 1 BNB

What is Elastic BNB ($XBN)?

$XBN is a cryptocurrency like BNB which runs on Binance Smart Chain, its price target of BNB. $XBN is using Artificial Intelligent technology to balancing its trading pool and increasing its price. XBN pool automatically adjusts every day to optimize its earnings by investing in other Defi tokens. $XBN’s goal is to reach a price target of 1 $BNB with just 6.5 million supply while $XBN Holders can benefit not just from one but many different Dapps to be released every quarter

Elastic BNB Review

As you have known, XBT (elastic bitcoin) is an elastic coin tracking Bitcoin price and will be rebased to be equal BTC in 100 days. Currently, it has been running rebases for 2 weeks and increased the price ~ 8x but many users do not like their coin to be negative rebasing.

Also, launching Elastic BNB (XBN) running on Binance Smart Chain, which has a very cheap transaction fee and that will be tracking 0.001 BNB, which means 1 BNB = 1000 XBN when rebasing.

Therefore, Elastic BNB vision and mission is to be equal value with BNB

Is Elastic BNB a Good Investment?

Yes, Elastic BNB is a good investment, a coin that is created to brace up with the current price of BNB. But then, investing in cryptocurrency comes with risk, and thus invest with what you can afford to lose.

Can XBT and XBN be swapped?

  • in beginning, they did allow XBT to be swapped into XBN, simply by sending your XBT to XBT Liquidity Pool address: 0x8A531FAFAeee93BF59695e95C596D26030603Cc0, after the transaction confirms, they will send back XBN to your Trust Wallet within 24 hours. There will be 2 swap periods: (1) 1 XBT will be exchanged for 3 XBN for the first 500 000 XBN (2) 1 XBT will be exchanged for 2.5 XBN for the next 500 000 XBN.
  • in the future, the elastic bnb team will develop an automatic bridge that can help users swap between XBT and XBN easily.
  • XBT will stop rebase for 1 week for anyone who wants to swap to XBN to have enough time.

Why XBN?

  • It will likely have both positive & negative rebases from the beginning, which many users will love.
  • Because the transaction fee on Smart Chain is much cheaper on ETH chain, we will deploy many Dapps on Smart Chain which will utilize value for XBN
  • We will apply to Binance Launchpad to expose more users, which will increase value for both XBN and XBT.

What is XBN Tokenomics and Distribution Plan?

There will be 6 500 000 XBN to be minted and be distributed as follows. The elastic BNB Team will have a more detailed post about XBN Tokenomics after this post.


Pre-Sales & Exchange?

  • They will lauch 2 pre-sales sessions, each which 500 000 XBN: Session #1: 0.033$ = 1 XBN, Session #2: 0.037$ = 1 XBN
  • They will launch the trading pair for XBN on PancakeSwap right after pre-sales is done. The starting price is 1 XBN = 0.001 BNB
  • All tokens which are not sold will be burned, all the Liquidity Pool will be added into PancakeSwap and burned if needed.

Elastic BNB XBN Price

Today’s 4/11/2021 Elastic BNB XBN price is $2.6968, which is up 14% over the last 24 hours. Elastic BNB’s market cap is unknown. 24-hour XBN volume is $2.24M. It has a market cap rank of 1837. Elastic BNB is traded on 1 exchange, with the top exchanges being PancakeSwap ($2.17M). Elastic BNB had an all-time high of $3.6207 7 days ago. Over the last day, Elastic BNB has had 0% transparent volume and has been trading on 75 active markets with its highest volume trading pairs being BNB ($1.66M), BUSD ($436,362), and HELMET ($13,938).

Elastic BNB USD (Historical Data)

DateMarket CapVolumeOpenClose

Elastic BNB Price Prediction 2021

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
May 2021$2.02 USD57.71 %
Jun 2021$1.79 USD39.98 %
Jul 2021$2.06 USD61.31 %
Aug 2021$1.69 USD32.3 %
Sep 2021$1.96 USD53.34 %
Oct 2021$1.85 USD44.5 %
Nov 2021$1.77 USD38.02 %
Dec 2021$2.11 USD65.18 %

Elastic BNB Price Prediction 2022

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2022$2.01 USD57.41 %
Feb 2022$2.33 USD82.1 %
Mar 2022$2.39 USD86.84 %
Apr 2022$2.39 USD86.76 %
May 2022$2.52 USD97.23 %
Jun 2022$2.12 USD66.05 %
Jul 2022$2.34 USD83.08 %
Aug 2022$2.42 USD89.03 %
Sep 2022$2.4 USD87.58 %
Oct 2022$2.06 USD61.3 %
Nov 2022$2.38 USD85.96 %
Dec 2022$1.96 USD53.11 %

Elastic BNB Price Prediction 2023

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2023$2.73 USD113.23 %
Feb 2023$2.36 USD84.36 %
Mar 2023$2.34 USD82.92 %
Apr 2023$2.41 USD88.02 %
May 2023$2.6 USD103.06 %
Jun 2023$3.03 USD136.41 %
Jul 2023$2.96 USD131.03 %
Aug 2023$2.44 USD90.95 %
Sep 2023$3.06 USD138.79 %
Oct 2023$2.51 USD96.17 %
Nov 2023$3.13 USD144.27 %
Dec 2023$2.53 USD97.48 %

Elastic BNB Price Prediction 2024

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2024$3.69 USD188.42 %
Feb 2024$3.73 USD191.84 %
Mar 2024$3.33 USD160.23 %
Apr 2024$3.08 USD140.53 %
May 2024$2.8 USD118.44 %
Jun 2024$3.7 USD188.95 %
Jul 2024$3.2 USD149.96 %
Aug 2024$3.56 USD178.45 %
Sep 2024$3.27 USD155.54 %
Oct 2024$3.54 USD176.87 %
Nov 2024$2.66 USD107.63 %
Dec 2024$2.79 USD117.73 %

Elastic BNB Price Prediction 2025

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2025$3.65 USD185.48 %
Feb 2025$4.05 USD216.16 %
Mar 2025$3.55 USD177.34 %
Apr 2025$3.37 USD163.32 %
May 2025$3.7 USD188.77 %
Jun 2025$4.29 USD235.52 %
Jul 2025$4.34 USD239.35 %
Aug 2025$3.4 USD166.04 %
Sep 2025$4.39 USD242.98 %
Oct 2025$3.51 USD174.31 %
Nov 2025$3.67 USD187.06 %
Dec 2025$3.54 USD176.74 %

Elastic BNB Price Prediction 2026

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2026$4.67 USD264.76 %
Feb 2026$4.86 USD279.51 %
Mar 2026$5.02 USD292.49 %
Apr 2026$3.84 USD200.1 %
May 2026$4.84 USD278.59 %
Jun 2026$5.06 USD295.63 %
Jul 2026$4.53 USD253.81 %
Aug 2026$4.94 USD285.86 %
Sep 2026$4.86 USD279.84 %
Oct 2026$4.32 USD237.33 %
Nov 2026$3.87 USD202.6 %
Dec 2026$3.89 USD203.75 %

Elastic BNB Price Prediction 2027

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2027$5.47 USD327.5 %
Feb 2027$5.65 USD341.23 %
Mar 2027$5.55 USD334.07 %
Apr 2027$4.55 USD255.91 %
May 2027$4.75 USD271.56 %
Jun 2027$5.44 USD325.34 %
Jul 2027$4.83 USD277.13 %
Aug 2027$4.59 USD258.74 %
Sep 2027$5.4 USD321.71 %
Oct 2027$4.89 USD281.95 %
Nov 2027$5.36 USD318.92 %
Dec 2027$5.09 USD297.41 %

Elastic BNB Price Prediction 2028

MonthAverage Price ($)Change (%)
Jan 2028$6.11 USD377.54 %
Feb 2028$5.16 USD303.39 %
Mar 2028$6.14 USD379.63 %
Apr 2028$5.67 USD343.25 %
May 2028$5.62 USD338.94 %
Jun 2028$5.15 USD302.63 %
Jul 2028$6.09 USD375.86 %
Aug 2028$5.38 USD320.27 %
Sep 2028$6.01 USD369.43 %
Oct 2028$6.38 USD398.64 %
Nov 2028$5.98 USD367.62 %
Dec 2028$5.87 USD358.51 %

* Our predictions are made on the basis of Historical Data. We are not responsible for any profit / loss.

How to Earn Elastic BNB by Adding Liquidity

  1. Add liquidity on PancakeSwap 

Paste XBN contract address: 0x547cbe0f0c25085e7015aa6939b28402eb0ccdac if needed.

1*H42S 4mGFpi45MfQG RbCw

2. Lock Cake-LP token on

2.1 Choose Binance Smart Chain

1*JeuBQxTRabjX4Ske1b 4Kg

2.2 Choose Liquidity Tokens

1*nAkZNDRY aPbk3KIL3lOiw

2.3 Paste following address0x9a0cf2f3b8f8643f5cc694afef7caf636ccbf209

1*zEQ 72zMlYiugYZrS8n8IQ

2.4 Approve and Lock LP Token


2.5 Screenshot My Locks to prove that you have finished like below

1*qC mDeYkoe87tLYmWJyH3w

About XBT Governance

XBT learns the Governance model from AMPL and will upgrade when needed.

The XBT protocol is governed through a series of sequential steps, each representing increasing levels of consensus from the community. Proposals and ideas are surfaced on Telegram or Twitter and are finalized when they are deployed on-chain. The progression of increasingly binding consensus can be seen below.


The highest level discussions may surface ideas in many places including (but not limited to) the Telegram and Twitter/Reddit. When it appears that there is enough general support, a champion may formalize the idea by submitting an XBT Improvement Proposal (XIP) or Configuration Change Proposal (XCCP).

Proposals (XIPs / XCCPs)

XIPs and XCCPs are formal documents that describe the proposed change to the protocol or protocol configuration.

Targeted Discussion

Each proposal has a dedicated github issue where outcome-driven discussion takes place. The goal at this step is to finalize any unresolved issues and formalize off-chain consensus. Everything will be documented at XBT Github

On-chain Signaling

If the previous step did not arrive at obvious consensus, sentiment may be gathered in a non-binding way via on-chain signaling from token holders. This provides more insight into the likelihood of the outcome of the final binding vote.

Technical Development

Requirements are implemented in code, launched on testnet, and audited for security.

Binding Vote / Deployment (work in progress)

System changes are currently controlled by a multi-sig contract. This will eventually be replaced by generalized voting from token holders.

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