Dollar Future Airdrop: 25000 worth of DLF for Claim

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Welcome to Dollar Future Airdrop. Dollarfuture is a cross-chain decentralized platform that offers decentralized exchange (Dex), Farming, and Liquidity features. The Dollarfuture Dex allows users to swap one token for the other based on provided liquidity with almost zero fees.

The platform satisfies an existing market demand for token transactions in a more efficient manner with the best user experience possible. The Dex launches in less than one week – Monday 5th of April 2021. The Dex also hosts a lottery section, liquidity pools, voting, and an IDO platform for launchpads.

Dollar Future Tokenomics

The Dollarfuture platform also hosts a Yield Farming section that allows users to farm DLF tokens by staking liquidity on the DLF platform. With only a 500,000 token supply, the total farming period of the DLF token will take 4.5 years to conclude.

This will involve a period of halving rewards during the farming process to preserve and promote the value of the DLF token across all its platforms.

Dollarfuture boasts over 50,000 members across all its social media platforms. DLF is in a unique position to make an indelible impact, aiming to create a native Bitcoin Dex.

With Billions of Dollars in Bitcoin being transacted daily, a decentralized exchange comes as a refreshing welcome against the centralized crypto exchanges currently in use. It gives a new meaning to the phrase “becoming your own bank” as users will be able to trade bitcoin right from the comfort of their wallets.

Their unique blockchain aims to support nodes designed to host the Bitcoin Dex comfortably and secure its transactions with an advanced cryptography system.

How to Participate in Dollar Future Airdrop

Dollar Future Airdrop Roadmap

Finally, the DLF mobile wallet for IOS and Android is set to be released in the month of May. It will allow users to deposit tokens of all kinds and across all blockchains. The DLF Dex will also be integrated inside the mobile wallet and allow users to trade on the DEX and earn loyalty rewards in the process. Users will also be able to buy DLF and another crypto with FIAT from inside the wallet.

The process of this development and timeline has been stated in our whitepaper and on our website. The DLF team is public and has held several zoom meetings with the community members with information and pictures published on the website.

dollar future airdrop
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With so many use cases for the DLF token, the project has started on a path to become of the largest protocols while offering enjoyable rewards for both its users and investors.

Disclaimer: We always try to provide you authentic and 100% free airdrop project or free signal channel. Please do your own research before joining/investing/presaling to any airdrops project or any channel.

Do your own research.

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