Divs Exchange: 1st Exchange to Reward Users with the Exchange Fees.

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Divs are working immensely to promote crypto adoption by making the process easier, scalable, and with user incentives. By designing Divs around just this they have delivered an easy to use exchange interface using a trusted API provider. 

The API links together multiple centralized exchanges into one easy to use interface and rewards users with the majority of the exchange fees. 

With Divs, website and project owners can easily integrate the exchange into any website or app. Thus providing their users with the exchange experience, giving an easy on-ramp into their ecosystem. 

What is Divs Exchange


Divs is an easy to use cryptocurrency exchange that rewards you Tron 0.5% of the total exchange volume is distributed to the Divs token holders as tron rewards.

Divs was created to bring change in the industry by distributing the majority of the exchange fees back to the users as weekly rewards. Exchange fees are distributed as Tron rewards and claimable by the DIVS token holder who stakes. 

This allows uses to receive rewards based on the amount they have staked and the total weekly exchange volume. 

This game-changing principle of rewarding users with the exchange fees not in the Divs token, along with other tokenomics like weekly buybacks and then permanently locking it in liquidity, will separate Divs from everything else on the market. 

Divs Exchange API

With Divs exchange API they can deliver an exchange interface that links together larger centralized exchanges like Binance, Okex, and others into one easy to use exchange interface. 

This gives users the benefit of using multiple exchanges without the complexity, as users only need to select what coin/token they would like to exchange, the amount, and then send them to the provided address. 

Divs API provider will then perform the exchange and send the coins/token to an address you provided.

They used centralized exchanges for their large liquidity, speed, and variety of tokens. This ensures users get the selection they desire at the best price, even on large trades, as they search multiple exchanges giving you the best rate possible. 

Features of Divs Exchange

  • Low fees from 1% with no sign-up registration needed
  • Using trusted 3rd party API for processing exchanges (like Binance, Okex)
  • Exchanging is easy and completed in as little as 5-30 minutes
  • Over 200 of your favorite coins/tokens to exchange from
  • Become a token holder and receive weekly rewards in Tron

Divs Exchange Staking and Rewards

Divs brings a new concept to rewarding exchange members by distributing tron rewards based on the total amount of volume the Divs exchange is experiencing. 

Divs tokens act as your exchange memberships. By staking Divs your membership is active, allowing you to receive fees that come from the exchange as Tron rewards or unstake at any time to stop receiving rewards. 

divs reward

Stakers earn exchange fees according to their percentage of the staking pool. Exchanges fees equivalent to .5% of the total exchange volume get distributed as Tron rewards to the Divs token holders who stake. 

Users can benefit from these systems by staking enough Divs tokens to fit their needs. Those who make larger exchanges pay more in fees than those who don’t, therefore, those who exchange more will want to stake more Divs tokens to receive more Tron rewards at the end of each week. 

Staking enough Divs token could earn you even more in rewards than you are paying in exchanges fees, making exchanges virtually free and then some. 

Divs Staking Reward Distribution

Rewards are distributed every week on Monday at 00:00 am UTC in Tron to the Divs token holder who stakes. After each exchange is made, divs receive the profit in the form of Bitcoin. At the end of each week, they exchange the Bitcoin for Tron using the Divs exchange, sending the Tron to the staking contract a week early. 

This will allow everyone to see their rewards for the next week according to their percentage of the staking pool. Then one week later a Bot will call the function to distribute the rewards to the stakers accordingly, allowing stakers to claim their rewards.

To be eligible for the weekly rewards, users need to have their Divs tokens staked before the rewards are distributed every week. 

There’s no lock or wait period when staking, and users can withdraw their tokens at any time or leave them staking for the following week. 

After the rewards are distributed for the week, they then take last week’s accumulated fees and exchange them for tron, sending the tron rewards to the staking pool for next week’s distribution.

The Pinnacle of DIVS Token

DIVS token has a finite supply, rewards in Tron, and distributed exchange will be the pinnacle to Divs. By generating rewards in another cryptocurrency other than the official Divs token allows users the possibility to receive rewards without the DIVS token supply inflating. 

This also gives users the ability to buy more DIVS tokens with their weekly Tron rewards. Compounding their DIVS token and creating positive price movement. 

As the DIVS exchange gets integrated into more projects it’s coverage and volume will also scale, as do the number of project owners who will need to buy DIVS token to earn the Tron rewards in all these fundamentals will bring excellent sustainability to the Divs ecosystem and exchange integrated partners at large. 

Is Investing in Divs Token A Good Investment

Investing in Divs is a good investment because they are providing a cryptocurrency exchange service with anonymity and zero transaction limits. Allowing users to choose from over 200+ of their favorite coins/tokens to exchange from, with 3 easy steps and finished in as little as 5- 30 minutes.

They are making exchanging crypto easy by searching for the best rate across major exchanges and without you needing to creating an account or log in. 

Plus you get weekly rewards in Tron as a Divs token holder, you get .5% of the total Divs exchange fee volume every week for being a divs holder who stakes. 

Final verdict

Divs, the first exchange to reward users with the exchange fees have changed the old concepts of the exchange rewarding users to personally exchanging large amounts of cryptocurrency only to discount future trades.

Instead, divs exchange tally up the majority exchanges fees equivalent to .5% of the total exchange volume and distribute it to the Divs token holders who stake. 

This allows users to buy DIVS tokens and earn exchange fees as weekly rewards in Tron. Staking enough Divs token could earn you even more in rewards than you are paying in exchange fees, making exchanges virtually free and then some. 

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