Dinoland NFT – Everything You Need To Know

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Welcome to Bulliscoming media, Dinoland NFT game claimed to be the most fantastic NFT Game which is packed full of content to entertain gamers and allow them to earn from their efforts while playing the game.

In this article, we would be discussing what Dinoland NFT is, how the play2earn features work, the Dinoland token and their roadmap.

What Is Dinoland NFT?

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Dinoland NFT is a 3D metaverse NFT play-to-earn game where you can collect, battle, evolve, breed, and trade Dinos.

Dinoland Game will bring you to the land of “genuine” Dinos. The dinosaur here has a funny, lovely, friendly shape but don’t lower your guard — they all have full strength when fighting against the Monsters that attack their land.

Story Of Dinoland

If you feel strange that a dinosaur is still alive, then you will be even more surprised and overwhelmed when participating in this legendary Dinoland world.

In the current era of mankind, dinosaurs are long extinct. However, there are adventurers who never  accept the obviousness. They believe that dinosaurs still exist and are enjoying life peacefully somewhere on earth.

So over thousands of years, there have been countless explorations by men, and  lately findings using satellite technology and hundreds of other modern advanced technologies in search of mysterious unexplored lands where humans cannot step their feet on.

However, no one ever knows that there is a land completely separate from the world, a land that cannot be reached and cannot be seen, a land that is always green and wide. It is called Dinoland. 

In that land, deep in a mysterious undiscovered forest, hidden buried dinosaur eggs are slowly hatching. 

Dinoland Game will bring you to the land of “genuine” Dinos. 

The dinosaur here have an adorable and friendly feature but don’t lower your guard – they all have full strength when fighting against the Monsters that attack their land.

The mission is to train your dinosaur to be the best and defeat Darkie Monsters to bring peace to Dinoland.

Dinoland Play-To-Earn

Below is the list of different ways to earn in Dinoland NFT game.

  • Join Battles

Train your Dino to defeat Darkie Monsters or other players. Win the battles and claim DNL as reward.

The higher rarity or higher level your Dino is, the higher reward you can get for winning.

  • Trade on Dino NFT Market to boost your collection

Dinoland is a crypto NFT game – which means that you own your minted NFTs (Dino). In Dino NFT Market, you can buy eggs and trade Dinos easily. You can search Dinos that have been listed by other players, as well as list your own ones. 

In the Dino NFT Market, all transactions are using DNL tokens.

  • Liquidity Rewards

Battling is very important, and so is providing liquidity for new users to access the ecosystem. The creatures on the Dinoland need farming to complete the mission bringing the Dino Era back.

While farming, a liquid pool will generate DNL tokens. You can also spend DNL to raise the strength of the squad and be ready to leave the Monster Army behind.

Choose your favourite pools to bring the Dinoland ecosystem to everyone!

Dinoland Token


DNL – Dinoland token is a cryptocurrency that’s minted on Binance Smart Chain, DNL is a functional multi-utility token which will be used as the medium of exchange between participants on Dinoland in a decentralised manner. The goal of introducing DNL is to provide a convenient and secure mode of payment and settlement between participants who interact within the ecosystem on Dinoland without any intermediaries such as centralised third party entity/institution/credit.

It is not, and not intended to be, a medium of exchange accepted by the public (or a section of the public) as payment for goods or services or for the discharge of a debt; nor is it designed or intended to be used by any person as payment for any goods or services whatsoever that are not exclusively provided by the issuer. DNL does not in any way represent any shareholding, participation, right, title, or interest in the Company, the Distributor, their respective affiliates, or any other company, enterprise or undertaking, nor will DNL entitle token holders to any promise of fees, dividends, revenue, profits or investment returns, and are not intended to constitute securities in Singapore or any relevant jurisdiction. 

DNL may only be utilised on Dinoland, and ownership of DNL carries no rights, express or implied, other than the right to use DNL as a means to enable usage of and interaction within Dinoland.

In particular, DNL provides the economic incentives which will be distributed to encourage users to exert efforts towards contribution and participation in the ecosystem on Dinoland, thereby creating a mutually beneficial system where every participant is fairly compensated for its efforts. DNL is an integral and indispensable part of Dinoland, because without DNL, there would be no incentive for users to expend resources to participate in activities or provide services for the benefit of the entire ecosystem on Dinoland. 

Given that additional DNL will be awarded to a user based only on its actual usage, activity and efforts made on Dinoland and/or proportionate to the frequency and volume of transactions, users of Dinoland and/or holders of DNL which did not actively participate will not receive any DNL incentives.

DNL is the native token which gives effect to the “play to earn” nature of the game, and will be distributed to reward players for engaging with the platform, for example defeating monsters and achieving rankings.

DNL may also be spent by a user to acquire Eggs and NFTs within the gaming ecosystem, or access a variety of exclusive features such as upgrades or exclusive content.

Dinoland itself is claim to also be a blockchain protocol that, by design, does not offer any resources for utilisation, so in order to provide users easy access to DNL for the project to run efficiently, users would need to be incentivised to become liquidity providers and stake their digital asset pairs (e.g. USDT/DNL) into decentralised market making pools to provide the necessary liquidity for transactions. 

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As compensation for opportunity costs, these liquidity providers which help to promote adoption of Dinoland by staking or including assets to liquidity pools in exchange for LP tokens would be rewarded with DNL, according to each user’s relative contribution after various adjustment and correction parameters.

Dinoland Roadmap

  • Q3/2021

Design Game play

Design Game characters and items

Complete whitepaper

Design website

Develop and test basic game (Market & PVE)

  • Q4/2021


Launch Dino NFT Market

Launch Defeat monsters (PVE)

Upgrade characters and items for metaverse area.

  • Q1/2022

Launch Dinos Love

Launch Liquidity Rewards

Game interface upgrade

Launch PVP

  • Q2/2022

Game interface upgrade

Launch PVP

Ranking leaderboard

  • Q3/2022

Apps of iOS, Android, MAC and PC

  • Q4/2022


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