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Welcome to Bulliscoming Crypto and Finance Media, on the 17th of May 2022; Dia partners with the telos foundations and a lot of people bought dia crypto upon partnership and this make the price of dia crypto soar from $0.39 to $1.07, a lot of crypto enthusiast made a lot of profit along with the pump.

On the 19th of May 2022, Dia crypto also announces partnership with Dopex, and the price of Dia pump due to the effect of it partnership, some investors also made some profit before the price dip to $0.56 which was its current price at the time of writing this article.

If you want to know the Dia crypto price predictions, what Dia crypto is, who owns the Dia crypto, and if Dia is a good investment, this article entails such details

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What Is Dai Crypto

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DIA (Decentralised Information Asset) is an open-source oracle platform that enables market actors to source, supply, and share trustable data.

DIA aims to be an ecosystem for open financial data in a financial smart contract ecosystem, to bring together data analysts, data providers, and data users.

In general, DIA provides a reliable and verifiable bridge between off-chain data from various sources and on-chain smart contracts that can be used to build a variety of financial DApps.

DIA is the governance token of the platform. It is currently based on the ERC-20 Ethereum protocol.

The project was founded in 2018, while the token supply was made available to the public during the bonding curve sale from Aug. 3 through Aug. 17, 2020, where 10.2 million tokens were sold.

Who Owns Dia Crypto?

The DIA association was co-founded by a group of a dozen people, though Paul Claudius, Michael Weber, and Samuel Brack are the leaders.

Claudius is the face of the project and its lead advocate, sometimes also mentioned as a CBO. He has a master’s degree in international management from ESCP Europe and a bachelor’s in business and economics from Passau University.

Apart from working on DIA, he is also a co-founder and CEO of BlockState AG and c ventures. Before crypto, he had worked as a director for a nutrition company called nu3.

Michael Weber is DIA’s Founder and Association President. He holds degrees in management from ESCP Business School and economics and physics from the University of Cologne, Germany.

He has worked in several banks and financial institutions before turning to crypto, where he founded such projects as Goodcoin, myLucy, and BlockState.

Samuel Brack serves DIA in the role of CTO. Like both Claudius and Weber, he shares the same position at BlockState. He has a master’s degree in computer science from the Humboldt University of Berlin, whereas of January 2020.

Dia Crypto Price Prediction

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Presently, DIA (DIA) is ranking #449 with a price of $0.58 in the entire crypto market, which includes $72.4 Million (72,401,614 DIA) circulating supply, and $175.58 Million (175,583,746.13 DIA) total supply.

As of the time of writing this, its maximum supply is $200 Million(200,000,000 DIA), its market capitalization is $41.67 Million ($41,667,292.87), and its fully diluted market capitalization is $115.1 Million ($115,100,453.08).

2022Avg. Price $/Change %$1.42$1.42$1.09$1.18$0.58$0.8649.87%$0.8243.04%$0.7938.09%$0.7937.51%$0.7632.00%$0.8038.16%$0.8039.67%
2023Avg. Price $/Change %$0.9158.05%$0.8445.94%$0.8242.87%$0.9462.86%$0.9158.90%$1.0277.19%$1.0073.34%$0.8445.92%$0.9157.26%$1.0378.28%$0.8242.17%$0.8140.59%
2024Avg. Price $/Change %$0.9462.51%$0.8446.40%$1.16100.73%$1.23113.24%$1.18104.25%$1.21110.58%$0.8344.59%$1.0276.72%$0.8953.90%$0.9768.93%$1.0582.32%$0.9768.84%
2025Avg. Price $/Change %$1.27120.08%$1.18104.91%$1.15100.06%$1.35133.75%$1.22111.47%$1.40142.49%$1.1295.06%$1.21110.90%$1.26118.22%$1.32128.88%$1.29124.83%$1.33130.26%
2026Avg. Price $/Change %$1.1294.51%$1.23113.02%$1.0479.86%$1.23113.77%$1.21109.90%$1.17102.95%$1.20108.92%$1.26119.11%$1.0378.17%$1.25117.33%$1.1396.25%$1.0887.71%
2027Avg. Price $/Change %$1.91231.62%$1.86223.15%$1.96240.45%$1.22111.74%$1.96240.55%$1.62181.39%$1.32128.97%$1.99246.51%$1.38140.53%$1.48157.78%$1.68192.61%$1.76205.72%
2028Avg. Price $/Change %$2.10265.48%$1.98243.90%$2.11267.42%$1.97242.72%$2.22285.29%$2.27294.75%$2.23288.15%$2.12268.83%$1.94237.65%$1.93235.59%$1.80212.52%$2.21284.57%
2029Avg. Price $/Change %$2.42320.06%$2.53339.22%$2.50334.60%$2.46328.06%$2.45326.38%$2.42319.84%$2.42321.13%$2.58347.98%$2.33305.13%$2.44323.85%$2.46327.74%$2.48330.11%
2030Avg. Price $/Change %$2.87397.90%$2.87397.90%$2.67364.12%$2.80386.11%$2.81388.49%$2.68365.19%$2.81387.83%$2.82389.90%$2.79385.65%$2.60351.97%$2.68365.37%$2.78383.32%
2031Avg. Price $/Change %$2.95412.10%$3.03427.03%$3.24462.93%$3.32476.40%$2.98417.52%$3.13443.85%$3.17451.09%$2.96414.57%$2.97416.19%$3.07434.30%$3.44496.90%$3.36484.36%

Is Dai Crypto A Good Investment?

A lot of crypto enthusiasts begged to know if Dia Crypto is a good investment, this was due to the recent pump in price where Dia soar from $0.39 to $1.07 and dip to $0.56.

Before considering if Dai is a good investment let’s take a grasp on its use case and see why Dai is unique.

  • DIA aims to become the Wikipedia of financial data. It specifically addresses the problem of dated/unverified/hard to access data in the world of finance and crypto, especially Defi, while proposing to solve it via a system of financial incentives for users to keep the flow of open-source, validated data streams to the oracles up and running.
  • The current design of oracles, DIA argues, is non-transparent, difficult to scale, and vulnerable to attack.
  • The DIA governance token will be used to fund data collection, data validation, voting on governance decisions, and incentivize the development of the platform.
  • Users can stake DIA tokens to incentive new data to appear on the platform, but access to historical data through DIA is free.

With all this Use case of Dia crypto, it might be a good investment but do your diligence before concluding if it is a suitable coin to invest in.

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If you would like to know where to buy DIA at the current rate, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in DIA stock are currently Binance, OKX, KuCoin, Huobi Global, and Hotcoin Global.

Kindly take note, that none of the bulliscoming associate is a financial adviser.

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