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Crypto Bounty – Everything You Need To Know And Sources For Crypto Bounties

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Welcome to Bulliscoming Crypto And Finance Media, Crypto bounty is another way of making money from cryptocurrency aside from trading and investing in a crypto coin, a lot of individuals still find it difficult to leverage on blockchain and crypto sphere due to one or two things. there are a lot of ways to leverage this blockchain industry and make a lot of cash from it if you want to learn the process and implement what you learned.

Meanwhile, Crypto Bounty is one of the ways to make money from cryptocurrency and it involves zero to no risks, all is required to become a bounty hunter is just your time and the knowledge of how bounty works

Without so much ado, I will be unveiling how you can leverage this crypto bounty opportunity and how you can position yourself in becoming a crypto bounty hunter to make massive amounts of money based on your seriousness and consistency.

What Is Crypto Bounty?

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A crypto bounty refers to a reward users get for executing simple tasks in preference of helping a crypto project in marketing or writing creative content that details the project and this is somehow like the way airdrop is being done; performing little tasks and getting rewarded with a token

Crypto bounties are a significant rewards mechanism that blockchain projects use to get help from the community on specific and necessary tasks needed by the team/network.

A lot of crypto projects often do bounties to promote their initial coin offerings(ICO) to get public recognition by crypto enthusiasts and investors who will buy their ICO, all they need to do is to launch a campaign, and users who are interested in their bounty offers will complete tasks and get paid with some amount of tokens

Bounty rewards campaigns were an enormous extravaganza during the ICO frenzy in 2017 and 2018 and a lot of projects created fake tokens and offers bounties to users, after some of the suspicious activities; crypto enthusiasts became very comprehensive in participating in Crypto Bounty

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What Is Crypto Bounty Hunter?


Crypto bounty hunters are individuals pursuing various rewards programs and trying to profit from them simultaneously which is more like performing multiple Airdrops to gain massive amounts of tokens from a crypto project.

However, users who love helping a crypto project or promoting a project in reference to get some amount of tokens are referred to as a Crypto Bounty Hunter and a lot of people who do crypto bounties fall in this aspect.

Types of Crypto Bounty Campaigns

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As have explained earlier on what is crypto bounty and its campaign, I will be unveiling the types of Crypto Bounty Campaign which are as follow; Social Media Campaigns, Content Creation Campaigns, and Translation Campaigns.

Social Media Campaigns

This involves a crypto project needing users to promote their project or talk about it publicly to gain social attention and most crypto project often do this in regards to ICO.

The project only needs to see engagement e.g likes, comments, reposts, and shares, and they often require social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram e.t.c

Content Creation Campaigns

In this aspect, bloggers, writers, and video content creators are targets for creating content, and crypto projects encourage users to create unique blog posts, articles, and video content.

Most of the crypto project purpose of running this type of campaign; is to push ICO to a larger social media audience to create awareness. Rewards is determine on how lengthy, unique, engaging, and creative the content is.

Translation Campaigns

This type of campaign is similar to contents creations but this is focused on translations; this involves translating content from one language to another e.g English to Spanish e.t.c

Crypto projects often do this kind of campaign to reach a larger audience in different countries, it can be translating their Doc, whitepaper, website, or even their blog post or content.

List Of Crypto Bounty Sites

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If you want to turn a bounty hunter; hunt for bounties and participate then receive rewards after being approved by the project or if you want to turn bounty-hunting into an actual source, this will guide you through site crypto projects post crypto bounties.


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Bounty0x is a crypto bounty platform where users can find simple crypto project bounty tasks to compete and a lot of bounties are posted daily for users to participate and get rewarded.

Instead of digging through forums, blogs, and social media, you can use Bounty0x to quickly find interesting bounty tasks that match your skills.

For example, filtering by “articles” shows a list of bounties that will reward you in cryptocurrency for completing a content creation bounty.

This site allows rewarding users with different types of coin/tokens such as Eth, Wave, Vet, and other crypto project tokens, you are to set your wallet address immediately after creating your profile on Bounty0x. This platform is free to use and it doesn’t ask for any dime from users who leverage the platform.



Gitcoin is a tool to post bounties for the open-source software community.

It features dozens of software-oriented bounties from different blockchain companies and projects, including big names in the space like MetaMask and Decentraland.

What makes it an interesting platform is its focus on software-related bounties. Instead of a bunch of bounties that may not be ideal for your skillset, you will only find open-source development tasks.

The only downside is that rewards are only paid in ETH and ERC-20 tokens. This is understandable for a platform mainly focused on the Ethereum ecosystem, but it may be a bit inconvenient for individuals wanting to earn other cryptocurrencies as well.

However, Gitcoin is a great platform for developers who want to monetize their skills by contributing to open sources.

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The empowers humans to incentivize and self-organize, from freelancing to grassroots social action, and anything in between.

Whether it’s for research, content translation, or video production, the lets you create projects, collaborate, and get paid for doing great work in any domain.

Unfortunately, the also only supports ETH and ERC-20 tokens for reward payments.


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Fundrequest is a decentralized marketplace for open source collaboration. Similar to Gitcoin, it is aimed at open-source developers and supports linking bounties to GitHub issues.

Bounty Hunters can easily leave comments on requests to get answers to their questions or to share an observation.

Bitcointalk Bounties

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Bitcointalk is a cryptocurrency forum with a “Bounties” board.

The Bounties board of the Bitcointalk forum initially gained its popularity due to a lack of decent alternatives, but it is quickly being replaced by other more user-friendly bounty hunting platforms.

Although the interface is not the most user-friendly one and bounty hunters usually submit work through “google forms” and track it on “spreadsheets”, there are still dozens of bounties posted every week on Bitcointalk and it is worth checking it out.

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With the information dropped there in regards to the bounty and the list of site to get bounty from, anyone can now check out suitable site he or she would love to leverage on and make money hunting bounties but any of this company/site listed in this article is not of any relationship with bulliscoming.

Bounties involve little to no risk. some projects might pay fast or won’t take long to pay, while some don’t pay but it is better to participate after doing some research.

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