What is Coinary Token: Is $CYT a Good Coin to Buy Now?

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Coinary Token ($CYT) is a token that uses ERC-20/BEP-20 technology. $CYT can be utilized in Callisto Network/CLO and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). In the future, it is planned to integrate with Polygon Network.

$CYT aims to avoid inflation by limiting the maximum token quantity to one billion tokens (1,000,000,000) distributed over ten years in Dragonary.


This token is used as a cryptocoin/main token within Coinary multiverse, Dragonary included. Each purchase in Dragonary and other Coinary games will be done with $CYT.

Coinary marketplace will convert the cryptocurrencies received from users into $CYT, and these will be deposited in each user account selling items in the marketplace.

Every in-game purchase, breeding commission, and items fusion commission will generate a tokens burn of up to 80% of each purchase or commission, cost, and the remainder 20% will be allocated to all players.

In this way, new tokens creation will be prevented from making $CYT deflationary by default.

Coinary Token Initial distribution

Token QuantityMax Supply
Airdrop with CoinaryTV community41,000,0004.1%
Mining within Dragonary749,000,00074.9%
Team (10-year vesting)50,000,0005%

Dragonary team will receive 50 million tokens, which will remain blocked for 10 years. $CYT for the team will be unblocked daily until reaching a total of 50 million.

Generally, in the industry, other teams block tokens for 2-4 years. They trust their products, this is why they decided to block the tokens for 10 years and thus provide a feeling of tranquility to their community.

How to Mine Coinary Token

coinary token

Coinary Tokens are mined by playing Dragonary and mining $CYT will be like mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum: there will be a limited amount of coins or tokens each day.

This ensures a predictable issuance and has a limited maximum supply in the case of $CYT.

The daily maximum amount of $CYT will be distributed among Dragonary players according to the rarity of the player’s account. This is determined by the largest quantity of Rare Dragons that players hold.

Players account will be divided into 2 different types, virtual accounts (common and uncommon), and NFT accounts (rare, epic, legendary, and mythical)

‌Coinary Token Mining Distribution

Dragonary is set to be free-to-play, however, to boost the game economy, we look for a way of rewarding with more Coinary Tokens to superior rarities. So, the highest rank in rarity obtains more tokens.

Account RarityPercentage to distribute
Legendary27.5% + Bonus
Mythical35% + 3x Bonus

The percentage to distribute will be carried out among all players with the same rarity. Common and uncommon rarities will receive less to encourage progress towards higher rarities.

Legendary and Mythical Bonuses

From day 91 and on, after the game launch, Legendary and Mythical accounts will get an extra bonus to the percentage of:

  • Legendary Accounts: 10,000 CYT
  • Mythical Accounts: 35,000 CYT

This bonus will be shared out between all active accounts with these types of rarity.

Coinary Token Mining System

To mine $CYT you should accumulate Obsidian that will be obtained in each battle: it will have an established limit per day and will allow 100% of distribution among accounts with the same rarity, every 24 hours starting at 00:00 UTC.

Obsidian is restarted once rewards are shared out in $CYT to all users.


There is no specific hour to accumulate Obsidian, but players should have 100% to receive the maximum account available of Coinary Tokens.

For example, if someone has a common rarity account, the highest token amount will be 1.5%, this is, if the maximum daily amount reaches 1 million, common rarity accounts will get 15,000 $CYT.

Those 15,000 $CYT will be distributed among all players that had accumulated 100% of Obsidian in their accounts.

If there are 5,000 players with the same rarity with 100% of Obsidian, each one will obtain 3 $CYT.

Another example: suppose a player has an Epic rarity, the maximum amount they will receive will be 20% in case that the maximum amount reaches one million. In this scenario, epic rarity will receive 200,000 $CYT.

If there are 5,000 players with Epic rarity accounts, each one will receive 40 $CYT.

Daily Tokens distribution and halving

We must not forget that the Coinary Token has a limit, and more than 70% of the tokens will be given out to players.

In an effort to incentivize and reward the first players, we have created a “halving” system, quite similar to Bitcoin’s one, where the $CYT emission will be divided by half.

That means that the first players will receive more tokens for playing the game, just like it was on Bitcoin 10 years ago when a miner got 50 BTC. ¿Do you imagine getting and hold 50 BTC?

In Coinary, we are going to start distributing 1 million $CYT daily for the first 90 days after the game launch.

Final daily distribution and token halving remain as stated next:

  • In the first 90 days, maximum distribution will of 1 million CYT per day.
  • On day 91 maximum distributions will be of 500,000 CYT per day (First halving)
  • On day 181 distributions will be of 250,000 CYT per day (Second halving)
  • On day 271 distributions will be of 125,000 CYT per day (Third and last halving)

Since day 271 distributions will remain without changes for the next years until completing the issuing of tokens, expected to be in 10 years.

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