Chymall Review: Is Chymall Trading Scam or Legit

chymall review

Are you a fan of Multi-Level Marketing Business, If No, then this my Chymall Review may not be actually the kind of business you are needing?

The truth is they are so much misleading/false information about lure people into a business they are at first restraining from, and in the end, they get stuck at times lose thier money.

That’s why I have taken my time to explained to craft this Chymall Review, this article will genuinely explain to you all you need to know about chymall in the following subsections:

  • What is Chymall Trading all about
  • Is Chymall an Ecommerce company
  • Is Chymall Real or Scam
  • Is Chymall a Registered company
  • Who is the owner of Chymall and a lot more?

So endeavor to read this guide with care so you can know the disadvantages and the advantages of doing business with Chymall, and then you can then make up your mind either to do business with them or to back down.

But then, I want to advise you, don’t expect to make money a lot of money in a Networking Business by merely Investing. Never should you mistake INVESTING and NETWORKING. We are not expected to invest in a networking company but to network.

Johnmiracle Ejikeme

Many people keep making this investing and networking mistake, and in the end, they start facing issues, not making a profit, and at times no being able to secure their startup capital.

What is Chymall Trading

CHYMALL is an online shopping mall like eBay, Amazon, Jumia, Konga, etc. but with a difference. It runs on a system called New Retail.

New Retail is a system proposed by Jack Ma which allows customers to buy goods/services at both wholesale price and retail too.

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what is chy mall

In CHYMALL, You buy at both retail price and wholesale price too. However your wholesale products are sold for you while you earn a profit.

Profit earned per 10days of trade on CHYMALL is 5% of your total money

That his how chymall trading works and with this singular act of CHYMALL life is changing dramatically.

Is Chymall Trading Real or Fake

Chymall is not a scam, hence chymall trading is legit. Here are some basic facts to back up my words, before we look into the legal recognition of Chymall.

  • Chymall is not a PONZI
  • Chymall is not an HYIP
  • Chymall is not an INVESTMENT PLATFORM
  • Chymall is just a MALL (Online Shop) where you can make money on it via New Retail
  • Chymall has a presence in different countries of the world and there are over 10 Country’s currency on the App
  • Chymall has unique products and services it renders to her teaming members as such can’t be classified as a Ponzi scheme
  • Profits in Chymall are earned when you trade. If you don’t trade, you don’t earn.
  • All registered members get their products delivered to their physical address.
  • You decide to do what you please with the products.

So What is Chymall then,

Chy mall is a product based E-COMMERCE SHOPPING MALL where they do buying and selling like other shopping malls.

But then, it makes use of the network marketing business model to promote its business by rewarding customers who promote quantum energy products through our platform.

Who is the Owner of Chymall

owner of chymall


Zhang Yuan is a multi-millionaire in China and also the Governor of a Global conglomerate.

He has a Group of companies which are:

  • Qinhuangdao Hai Zhiming Commerce and Trade Co. Ltd
  • Weihsi Sairui E-commerce Co Ltd
  • Hebei Sai Chuang Ruixiang Biotechnology Co LTD
  • Qpinhuangdao Sairui E-commerce Co Ltd

Sairui Group was established in 2008 but the E-commerce aspect started in 2013 at China and a few months old in Africa with the Head Head office in Ghana.

The owner of Chymall is into Biotechnology, Construction, and E-commerce. According to Forbes, he is one of the Top 10 Entrepreneurs in China.

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Is Chymall A Registered Ecommerce Company

Yes Chymall is a registered company. Below is an image proof of their company registration and their tax payer tin number.

chymall registration
Chymall Registration

chymall Trading
Chymall Tin Number

Is Chymall Trading A Pyramid Scheme

Despite the fact that Chymall has a networking that makes it looks like a pyramid scheme. The company also proves that they are not a pyramid scheme. Here is Why:

In Sairui mall (Chymall):

  • You can earn without referring anyone by trading weekly. Trading takes just about 2 minutes of your precious time.
  • Own mobile App for trading.
  • Even if you decide to refer, you get handsomely rewarded. Lots of awards and cash, up for grabs.
  • No compulsory selling. Company sells products for you on their platform and pays you your profit. Its hassle-free.
  • No autoship. There is no compulsory buying before you earn.
  • Same day withdrawal. Sairui mall withdrawal is the fastest I have seen.
  • The trading capital can be withdrawn at any time. Note that ,when you withdraw your trading capital, u won’t be able to trade to earn weekly until you fund your capital back.
  • Withdraw earnings through mobile money, cash, Bitcoin, bank and other means.
  • African headquarters in Accra at Osu Danquah-Circle. Open for visit daily except Sundays. Sairui is an International holding company so it has many offices around the world.
  • Anyone around the world can join even if you are in space.

Take advantage of what Sairui offers, to make good money for yourself. Everyday is money day in Sairui.

How to Become a VIP Member

You become a VIP member of Chymall by subscribing to any of the following packages below:

Chymall VIP 1:

  • To join VIP1: $25 (Between N9,500 to N11,000)
  • You earn Only a referral bonus.
  • No trading on VIP1 so you can only earn when you refer people.

Chymall VIP 2:

  • Registration – #19,000
  • Trading capital #34,20
  • Total = #53,20 (140 USD)
  • Earn #7,980 monthly from trading + free product worth #57,000

Chy Mall VIP 3:

  • Registration – #38,000
  • Trading capital -#68,400
  • Total =#106,400 (280 USD)
  • Earn #15,960 monthly from trading + free product worth over #114,000*
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Chy Mall VIP 4:

  • Registration – #114,000
  • Trading capital – #205,200
  • Total = #319,200 (840 USD)
  • Earn #47,880 monthly from trading + free product worth over #342,000

Chymall VIP 5:

  • Registration – #228,000
  • Trading capital – #410,400
  • Total = #638,400 (1,680 USD)
  • Earn #95,760 monthly from trading + free product worth over $684,000

Contact Johnmiracle Ejikeme via +2349061741954 on how to register on Chymall and become an active member.

Chymall Trading Products

Some of the products of CHY MALL E-COMMERCE that are given to partners in addition to 15% earnings monthly Chymall products are Quantum energy products.

These products are available in Nigeria Service Centres including the following:

  • Slimming Patch2
  • Men’s Quantum Underwear
  • Quantum Pendant
  • Quantum Anti-Blue Ray Glasses
  • Quantum Ring
  • Anti-radiation sticker
  • Quantum Beauty Spray
  • Fuel-Saver
  • Beauty Mask
  • Foot Massager

What Other’s Says About Chymall Trading


So far so good we have discovered that Chymall is not a ponzi scheme, a pyramid scheme and neither are they an Investment Company.

So if Chy Mall is full-time into E-commerce then we know they are solid and can stand the test of time why because they have products they offer.

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