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Celsius Crypto Price Prediction – Is Celsius Crypto A Good Investment

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Welcome to Bulliscoming Crypto and Finance Media, Celsius has been dipping due to the bear season of the crypto market and it has dipped from its All-Time High of $8 and is currently trading at $1.70 which is 78.78% down from its ATH.

Celsius is a Decentralized finance(Defi) platform that rewards users for Leveraging their platform through crypto lending, borrowing e.t.c

The Celsius platform is easy to use and beginner-friendly platform users can earn while they save their crypto on its platform, the interest varies on the type of crypto and the quantity.

The bigger the amount, the bigger the profit from interest. A lot of users leverage the platform worldwide and anyone including beginners who are not interested in crypto trading can earn crypto through interest from saving on the platform.

This article details; Who owns Celsius crypto, Celsius crypto price prediction, and if celsius crypto is a good investment.

Who Owns Celsius Crypto

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Celsius initially came into being as the commodity of creators Alex Mashinsky and Daniel Leon in 2017.

Mashinsky has a long-running record in the internet evolution sphere, having worked on the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) in the 1990s and other technologies since.

Celsius is far from Mashinsky’s first corporate venture, with seven startups and 35 patents to his name, the project’s official website states.

Co-founder and COO Daniel Leon meanwhile have experience focusing on growing early-stage startups. His previous roles include being CEO of Atlis Labs, a social recommendation and discovery app which used real-time user referrals.

Celsius now has a large team of core employees, technical developers, and advisors with experience in various spheres.

Celsius Crypto Price Prediction  2022 – 2031

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A lot of users begged to know the price prediction of Celsius and presently, Celsius (CEL) is ranking #116 with a price of $1.70 in the entire crypto market, which includes $238.86 Million (238,863,519.83 CEL) circulating supply, and $695.66 Million (695,658,160 CEL) total supply.

As of the time of writing this, its maximum supply is $695.66 Million(695,658,160 CEL), and its market capitalization is $406.19 Million ($406,190,474.78), and its fully diluted market capitalization is $1.18 Billion ($1,182,975,610.92).

2022Avg. Price $/Change %$4.43$3.58$3.44$3.30$1.70$2.4041.10%$2.3337.27%$2.4242.27%$2.2431.57%$2.3135.81%$2.3839.80%$2.4443.59%
2023Avg. Price $/Change %$2.8366.22%$2.8064.48%$2.8165.08%$2.9674.15%$2.5047.14%$2.9271.93%$2.4041.00%$2.6656.47%$2.9976.09%$2.7159.38%$2.6254.20%$2.6153.69%
2024Avg. Price $/Change %$2.4041.00%$3.3798.42%$2.7058.61%$2.6555.70%$2.5650.34%$3.1685.69%$2.5147.70%$3.0076.16%$3.2389.97%$2.2230.84%$3.0076.20%$3.1585.32%
2025Avg. Price $/Change %$3.74120.09%$3.41100.42%$3.2792.46%$3.0981.44%$4.03136.81%$3.2087.90%$3.82124.89%$3.45103.04%$4.00134.98%$3.52107.10%$3.60111.51%$3.94131.91%
2026Avg. Price $/Change %$3.46103.53%$3.68116.30%$3.53107.72%$3.63113.19%$3.60111.88%$3.51106.53%$3.3697.81%$3.73119.22%$3.55108.66%$3.3395.54%$3.2993.23%$3.2389.86%
2027Avg. Price $/Change %$5.48222.41%$4.25149.80%$4.86185.60%$5.53225.21%$3.81124.03%$4.48163.49%$3.99134.65%$4.09140.36%$4.29152.37%$4.14143.41%$5.15203.09%$5.18204.58%
2028Avg. Price $/Change %$5.96250.67%$5.72236.24%$6.08257.42%$5.78240.16%$6.06256.26%$5.81241.67%$5.51223.79%$6.43278.30%$5.40217.82%$6.55285.12%$5.29211.08%$5.35214.33%
2029Avg. Price $/Change %$7.22324.68%$6.83301.81%$6.98310.49%$7.39334.72%$7.33331.17%$7.64349.32%$7.50341.15%$7.55344.00%$6.97309.76%$7.33330.94%$7.13319.27%$7.40335.43%
2030Avg. Price $/Change %$7.75355.90%$8.17380.65%$7.93366.28%$8.16379.98%$8.29387.64%$8.32389.30%$7.99369.61%$7.81359.21%$7.92366.01%$7.73354.51%$8.05373.23%$8.06374.00%
2031Avg. Price $/Change %$9.57463.00%$10.18498.54%$8.59405.15%$9.19440.31%$9.77474.38%$8.70411.48%$9.99487.20%$8.57403.75%$8.53401.58%$9.73472.09%$9.23442.84%$8.87421.84%

Is Celsius Crypto A Good Investment

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Celsius might be considered a good investment due to its products and the development of the platform, a lot of users find interest in leveraging the platform to earn its native token and other coins

Celsius aims to outperform banks at their own game by proposing financial assistance on the kind of terms that traditional financial institutions no longer offer.

These include much higher rates of returns on savings and deposits, much easier and fairer loan regulations, and automated rewards computed for each user algorithmically.

The platform also functions as a wallet via its CelPay feature and hosts its CEL token which users can leverage to increase payout value among other things.

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Celsius uses a modified proof-of-stake algorithm for its token, while broader security procedures were outlined in a dedicated presentation in June 2020, still available on the company’s website.

As with any client-orientated wallet, the risk of theft from attacks such as SIM-swapping is present if users themselves do not have adequate protections in place such as two-factor authentication.

Kindly note that none of this is investment advice. Make sure you are knowledgeable about the crypto market before taking a buying decision.

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