Blockvila Review: Is Blockvila Safe for Crypto Trading


Welcome to the Bulliscoming Blockvila Review guide, in this article we are going to provide a unique overview of the Blockvila platform, and how it works.

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What is Blockvila

Blockvila P2P (Peer-to-Peer) is a crypto trading marketplace where buyers and sellers meet each other, and buy and sell directly with each other and not directly buying from Blockvila Company.

Blockvila Provides an Escrow for more secure payments for the transactions between the buyer and the seller. To buy and sell Bitcoin or other cryptos on Blockvila, You need to sign up, Login and verify your KYC.

Once your KYC is verified you can start buying and selling from other traders adverts or creating your own advert for other traders to buy or sell to you

Blockvila Review

blockvila staking

Blockvila is a Nigeria-based crypto P2P trading platform, that has its native token Vila. Blockvila is actually working to harness the quick exchange of popular cryptos for naira, as many people face challenges and difficulty using the most popular p2p exchange in Nigeria, the Binance P2P.

From check the design of Blockvila closely related to another crypto p2p Nigeria-based platform known as The striking difference between the two is doesn’t have a token of theirs.

The more successful trade you make on Blockvila increases your reputation score.

Reputation is a good way to understand how good or bad a trader somebody is on Blockvila. 

Reputation is an aggregated score displayed on a user’s public profile. Each user can give feedback to their trade partner after completing a trade.

You need to remember that only successful trades are eligible for feedback. 

If you’ve missed the opportunity to leave feedback on a trade, you can still do it by reopening the trade later.

You can also make changes to the feedback you’ve already provided about a user.  

Blockvila staking provides a unique benefit that gives traders on the blockvila platform the ability to trade with no fees.

When you stake the VILA token, you will be able to trade crypto with no fees charged on blockvila P2P and no fees for Blockvila Academy premium courses.

What is Blockvial Trading Fees

Blockvila Charges some fees on the P2P platform.

  1. Escrow fees: 0.6% Fee is charged on the Sellers. Buyers pay no fees
  2. Withdrawal fees: 0.0005 BTC, 0.004 ETH, 10 USDT ERC20, 1 USDT TRC20 and 20 VILA.
  3. Swap fees: 0.5%

NOTE: You can trade with No fees charged if when you stake VILA token on the platform. Once you stake VILA for a minimum of 6months. The ZERO FEES will be activated and you cant trade without any fees 

Features of Blockvila

  • P2P EXCHANGE: P2P (Peer-to-Peer) involves buying coins from other traders with a secured escrow ( Blockvila p2p platform is a cryptocurrency platform for individuals, where users can interact with each other by buying and selling Cryptocurrencies.
  • P2B EXCHANGE: P2B (Peer-to-Business) involves exchanging crypto for fiat or fiat for crypto directly from Blockvila Company.
  • WALLET: Blockvila provides a reliable and easy-to-open wallet that is highly secured and provides customers an avenue to secure, hold, send and receive crypto. Blockvila supports various wallets in the crypto market and is earnestly working on providing more crypto wallets.
  • STAKING: Blockvila provides a flexible staking platform for VILA and USDT staking, which allows customers to earn more VILA and USDT tokens as a reward for locking their coins on the Blockvila platform.
  • LEADER BENEFIT: Earn 20% of the entire fee of every other traders on Blockvila.
  • BLOCKVILA ACADEMY: Blockvila is passionate about bringing change through awareness and adoption of Blockchain technology across Africa, Starting from Nigeria. Blockvila houses an academy which will teach people from the basics of cryptocurrency to professional levels. We hope to empower over one million people and create a platform to launch individuals into achieving the dreams of their future through cryptocurrency. Join millions of users from around the globe to know more about cryptocurrency today.

Blockvila Staking

Blockvila Staking Blockvila offers a staking program where users can stake supported liquidity provider tokens for impressive yields. Liquidity providers can choose to stake VILA or USDT on our staking platform.

  • VILA staking: 3 months (10%), 6 months (25%), 12 months (50%)
  • USDT staking: 3 months (8%), 6 months (15%), 12 months (30%)

The VILA staking will be halved every 2 years till the next 6 years. After 6 years the halving will stop and become stable.

Staking holders of VILA can stake their assets to earn 50% in VILA yearly depending on the staking plans preferred by the investor.

Staking VILA tokens for 6 months and above unlocks the no trading fee option. This means that those who stake their token for that duration will be exempted from paying the 0.6% trading fee on the Blockvila P2P platform. 

Staking VILA also unlock free access to our Premium Academy courses

What Benefits Come with VILA Staking

Staking holders of VILA can stake their assets to earn 30% in VILA yearly and enjoy up to 15% potential profits in USDT depending on the staking plans preferred by the investor. 

  •  Increased referral bonus based on the amount of the VILA holdings. 
  •  Trading fee discounts on blockvila exchanges. 
  •  Early access to new features (dependent on VILA holdings).

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