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Welcome to bulliscoming media, Blockstars NFT is being designed from the ground up to embrace the best of what blockchain technologies enable for gaming which are true Play-to-Earn, true ownership of in-game assets, and true ownership stake in the future Roadmap of Blockstars.

In this article, you will get more insight into Blockstars NFT and how to buy Blockstars NFT.

What Is Blockstars NFT

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Blockstars NFT is a deeply social, immersive, and engaging music management simulation game on the Solana blockchain. Blockstarsa P2E game where players will manage the bands they build and reap rewards that can be used to invest in the band members, studios, labels, and venues.

The Blockstars NFT Collection consists of 10,000 Blockstar NFTs – which enables musicians to mix and match to form bands and climb the charts in Blockstars, a deeply social, deeply immersive, and deeply engaging music management simulation game on the Solana blockchain. They can also trade it on the NFT marketplace to put together the perfect band for their favorite genre.

Blockstars is a music management simulation game, in which players put together Bands of musicians called Blockstars, who write, record & release singles, package their greatest hits into Albums, go Busking & Gigging, put in the time & effort to improve their skills and ultimately work towards the goal of earning enough money to start & upgrade their Record Label – which in turn unlocks a whole new game loop in which players sign up & nurture the next generation of Blockstar talent.

The gameplay is based on the real-world passage of time, centered around the 24-hour clock. The game is designed & balanced to allow both experienced players as well as complete beginners to compete for spots on the leaderboards, based on a variety of factors that enables competition across many varied play styles (so yes, you can of course still min-max your way to a top spot on one of the leaderboards if that’s your jam, but there will be multiple different ways to compete, win & earn).

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Blockstars Incentives

Winners of Limited-Time Events across various categories of competition earn rewards in the form of $ROCK, the game’s main SPL token on the Solana blockchain. $ROCK is used for major game actions (such as minting, buying & selling Blockstars and other in-game NFT assets, as well as determining governance structure), and is being designed to be resilient to inflationary pressures that some other Play-to-Earn games have experienced through careless economy design. There is a second, in-game currency called $ROLL that is used day-to-day for basic game actions.

All Blockstars NFT owners are given an asset pack that includes both the full 3D model as well as images optimized for use as their social media profile picture. They can use the 3D model as their avatar across the metaverse – it includes high-res, lossless renders, and T-pose .fbx files that you can animate.

How To Buy Blockstars NFT

The Origin Series will only include 110 Blockstars. Every Blockstar NFT will be unique and procedurally generated. Each Blockstar NFT will include multiple visible and hidden attributes that will have different rarities, with each exerting a unique impact on the way you play the game!

Blockstars NFT in the Origin Series cannot be purchased, the team claimed that they will be airdropping these NFTs to the most engaged early adopters and friends of the community.

Fortunately, the Blockstars NFT is yet to launch as the team said they will release their foundation Drop on Magic Eden on February 5th, 2022.

You can join their Discord channel to get updates regarding the launch of the NFT.

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Blockstars NFT Rarity

Each Blockstar NFT is a truly unique individual, with a unique personality (modeled on the ), a unique skill set, and an (initially) unknown Potential Ability, which is unlocked & discovered through gameplay. The various personality types determine not just how skilled that particular Blockstar can be – but they also determine how compatible that individual Blockstar is with every other Blockstar in the ecosystem, and therefore how good their chemistry is going to be as members of the same band.
Each Blockstar is player-owned as a unique NFT on the blockchain and is minted with a random, programmatic, pre-determined starting set of characteristics of varying degrees of rarity.

However, unlike most other programmatically-generated NFT drops that we have all become so familiar with, Blockstars NFT doesn’t just have varying degrees of cosmetic rarity. Blockstars NFT also incorporates rarity into multiple other facets, which have an impact on gameplay as well as how useful a given Blockstar will be.

Blockstars NFT Roadmap

Below is the Blockstars project roadmap.

  • Q1 2022: NFT Private and Public Sales

Releasing more Blockstars NFT to the public. These will be available in Private and Public sales.

ROCK token Private & Public sales.

  • Q2 2022: Gameplay Alpha

Finalize core game loops with the alpha release. Charts and Record

Label Community Alpha

Reveal Limited edition items.

  • Q3 2022 and Beyond

Venues, marketplaces, DAOs, and much more.


Blockstar team believe that value belongs to players and with the development of Blockchain technologies, they are now able to make that a reality.

Together, we can play and create a valuable player-to-player economy that allows everyone to benefit from their gameplay. In Blockstars, players have true ownership of their assets and play to earn – for real.

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