Bit Hole Coin Airdrop – How To Participate In BTH Airdrop

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Welcome to bulliscoming media, Bit hole project has been gaining traction in the crypto space owing to its Coinmarketcap airdrop announcement and variety of the project partnership with different communities.

This article entails information about the Bit hole project and how to participate in the Bit hole coin airdrop within a few minutes.

What Is Bit Hole?

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Bit Hotel is a Social-first Play 2 Earn NFT Gaming Metaverse, in which users will be able to use Bit Hotel tokens to participate in governance or acquire native NFTs. 

These NFTs have in-game usability and consist of characters, hotel rooms, and accessories that have their perks, and can also be traded on the open market. Users will be able to meet and chat with other players, compete on our various ever-changing mini-games, battle your way up the global leaderboard and come together in events. 

Users will be able to use their rooms to host small gatherings and use them as their social hub. 

DAOs and communities will have clubhouses; in which they can host AMA’s, organize IDOs, and do other communal activities. Bit hotel offers users authenticity, anonymity, and the reminiscence of their 8-bit upbringing.

Bit Hole Ecosystem

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Do you want to know the compelling features and products that Bit Hole possesses?  Explore what the Bit hole project has in stock for the entire NFTs/Metaverse community by checking through their ecosystem below.

  • Play To Earn (P2E)

In-game items and in-game currency can be earned by the player through completing multiplayer mini-games and challenges. Items in-game will have different levels of scarcity and will be freely tradeable through an in-game market system.

  • Marketplace

Bit Hotel will implement a marketplace where players and investors can buy and sell the NFTs. The NFT consists of different digital objects; e.q. characters, chambers, and furniture.

  • Staking

There is the possibility to stake tokens in-game. A player could, for example, invest in a bar by staking the tokens and in return, the player will be rewarded.

  • Socialize

Bit Hotel will consist of general and private rooms where players can interact with each other through text and voice-based communication.

  • Scoreboard

Bit Hotel will consist of a scoreboard with different types of tournaments. 

This scoreboard will show the top 20 players (in terms of wins) in the different mini-games, and every (week/month) the top 5 players get rewarded a rare NFT.

  • Relationships

To incentivize existing communities to set gatherings and meet up in the Bit Hotel metaverse, players will be able to proclaim in-game relationships. Being in a relationship will have perks and provide unique Rewards to players. 

Similar to breeding in other blockchain games this can become a lucrative endeavor to invest time in.

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How To Participate In BTH Airdrop

Bit Hotel is hosting its biggest airdrop to date! Tell your friends and make sure to follow the steps carefully! To participate in this massive airdrop please do the following:

  • [optional] Stake at least 100 BTH here 


Bit hotel is responsible for winner selection and reward distribution – there’s no guarantee for getting the raindrop as it’s only organized for a limited number of people.

However, the Bit Hotel coin is a token with great future potential because of its utility in the Bit hotel NFT gaming platform. BTH can be staked to earn NFT and also, users can earn BTH for relating in the Bit hole metaverse.

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